11 Things You Need to Know About Vaping Tobacco

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When you initially make the switch to vaping and retreat from traditional cigarettes, you may observe that your body feels a bit strange. After the first few days, it might seem like using vaporizers somehow makes you feel sloppier than the traditional cigarettes ever did.

Herbal Vaporizers

The truth is, these are all markers of smoking withdrawal. Vaping has been a widespread fashion nowadays, especially that a lot of people have seen this as a substitute to smoking. Because it hasn’t been a part of the public awareness unlike cigarette smoking, there is a lot that people and even smokers who need another pair of eyes to fully understand certain things.

If you’re one of those then here are the answers to some frequently asked questions in the vaping community:

1. How Vaping Tobacco Differs From Smoking Tobacco?

We’ve been again and again discussing the differences between smoking and vaping. In a nutshell, vaping does not involve combustion, unlike traditional smoking, to know more about the benefits of vaping against smoking, click here.

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Regarding smoking tobacco, I prefer to get directly onto its side effects… Bottom line, everything has to do with our health.

Smoking Tobacco vs. Vaping Tobacco

Side Effects of Smoking Tobacco:

• Lung, Heart and other grave diseases
• Elevated blood pressure and heart rate
• Chances of developing cancer
• A more unpleasant physical appearance: Discoloured teeth and foul-smelling fingers
• Harmful second-hand smoke

Benefits of Vaporizing Tobacco:

• No tar, smoke, or ash
• No toxic and deadly chemicals
• Vaping without guilt
• Vape practically anytime and anywhere
• No flare or fire

Countless tobacco smokers are not utterly convinced that vaporizing is such a big help to them but in terms of health benefits and other factors, don’t you think vaping is the smarter option?

When to Stop Vaping

2. Does Vaping Tobacco Smell?

Vaping tobacco may smell a little, especially to those who are familiar with its scent. However, nothing close to that stinky smell when you are combusting your tobacco. No more smoke stink in your house, on your clothes, in your car and so on…

Also, if you are after big clouds, well the amount and density of the vapor are pretty high with tobacco, so don’t get surprised if the tobacco smell stays for a while, but no more smoke.

3. Do I Get the Same Satisfactory Feeling When I Vape the Tobacco and Not Smoke It?

This has been the predicament of those smokers converting to vaping then coming back to smoking since they ‘don’t’ get that contentment. Also, as for some, they undergo withdrawal symptoms as they switch from smoking to vaping.

It is speculated that there could be some level of ‘desire’ for the chemicals in smoke, most especially carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide in the smoke is locking to the receptors in the red blood cells that carry oxygen, creating lower levels of oxygen in the body. The lower level of oxygen in the brain gives a subtle feeling of asphyxiation.


That ‘itch’ that you’ll struggle to scratch, that ‘craving’ you’ll scuffle to munch, that ‘longing’ you’ll write to have…

It’s true. You’ll get grouchy and frazzled for some time until you’ll find yourself wanting to ignite that stick to kill the ascending distress… but what is two weeks equivalent to a lifetime of being chemical free?

It is one hard habit to break. The people who got through this are the fortunate ones. The absolute thing for you to do is engage first with the starter kit vaporizers.

Expert Tips for Maintaining your Vape
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Just pieces of advice…

1. Think of yourself as a vaper, not as a smoker using vaporizing devices
2. Delve deeper into more exciting herbs and flavors
3. Get high-quality gadgets
4. Pledge to vaping as if it’s your wife or husband and get used to it
5. Know the stories of how smokers switched to vaping. Check them out.

4. Is It More Economical to Vape Tobacco Than Smoke It?

Alright, let’s do the math! In general, if you’re a pack-a-day smoker, it will cost you $26 per day which is roughly $728 per month and $8,736 per year. If you like to roll your own cigarettes you might have a slightly lower cost to work with.

Whereas when you purchase a vaporizer, it will cost you at a $100 -$1000 depending on the device, which you can reuse from time to time. Plus, the dry herbs which you save on with a vaporizer.

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If you surely want to get that budget down, you can pay for a reusable vape with dry herbs. Much savings, isn’t it? Well, it could save you quite an amount of money coupled with better health.

Living in a country like Australia with crazy tobacco prices? Learn how to make your own DIY nicotine-infused eJuice here and start saving for real!

5.  Can I Vape Any Type of Tobacco Or Just a Specific One?

The core advantage of vaping tobacco? The lung thump. It is very much like the definite smoking or traditional smoking making it a practical technique for those smokers that just aren’t satisfied with the vapor from vaporizers.

Conduction vs. Convection: What do they Mean for Vaping?

You can vape any type of tobacco knowing it is free of additives.

6. What Temperature Do I Need to Vape The Tobacco On?

Temperature has a vital role in the effect and taste of the vapor. Higher temperatures also give thicker vapor. Most vaporizers now are combined with temperature settings, granting the user try out different temperatures and determine the perfect temperature for their taste.

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For tobacco, users have been commonly using 125°C to 150°C (257°F to 302°F). The secret to this is to find the “best spot” for your herb.

7. Does Vaping Tobacco Help Quitting Smoking?

Although some people say that you don’t get the same sensation when you smoke tobacco than vaping tobacco, vaping is of big help to those smokers who would want to quit smoking.

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A lot of smokers have been continually shifting to vaping. Some would even say, once they have started vaping they already find the traditional cigarette disgusting. A lot of studies have been conducted which shows that vaping had a positive impact on helping people give up the deadly addiction.

8. Do I Crave for More Nicotine Using a Vape?

Do not assume vaping to be unerringly equal to smoking. And when you’re starting to vape, the changes you’ll encounter may be drastic. The longer you’ll stay apart from smoking, the more you’ll be craving for it. Nothing tastes spot on the smokes you are used to. The flavor you get from the traditional cigarette is from combustion, which cannot be copied in a vapor.

Are You Excited? Let's Unbox Your Vaporizer

My proposal is this: think of a flavor you conventionally match with smoking. For instance, you like to smoke with tea, then try using dry herbs such as lavender or chamomile for a start. That will dodge with the mental link relating the taste to smoking.

And of course, the aforementioned strategies can surely help!

9. Is there Less Chance to Get Cancer if I Vape Tobacco Instead of smoking it?

Simply, the answer is YES, YES AND YES! It has been previously said that since the vapor formed by dry herb vaporizers does not contain the harmful chemicals that the traditional cigarette does; then you’ll less likely to get cancer. Vaping is definitely a better alternative to smoking!

10. Does VapeFuse Offer Liquid Nicotine?

No. The reference is that because nicotine is classed as a Schedule 7 poison in Australia, it’s prohibited to sell it except as a licensed medication.

11. The Best Vaporizer for Vaping Tobacco? Do You Sell any Discreet Vaporizer?

Portable vaporizers and pen vapes are best for vaporizing tobacco. A portable vaporizer is quite minute and could easily fit in a pocket or purse. They are also handy when compared to cigarettes, which require you to carry lighters and other accessories around with you at all times. VapeFuse has a pretty number of vaporizers that are best for vaping tobacco!

PUFFiT 2 Portable Vaporizer
PUFFiT2 Portable Vaporizer

Were your questions regarding vaping tobacco answered? Quitting tobacco smoking is indeed one of the easiest and at the same time, toughest decisions you can make. With the help of improving technology, you can smoke and be healthy at the same time!

Never give up on vaping!

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