The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Your First E Cigarette Starter Kit

Most first time buyers usually do not have the faintest clue where to begin when attempting to buy a vape kit. Every e cigarette starter kit on the market today comes with some features that are similar to all other kits available.

In an attempt to buy an e-cigarette vape kit, they can be certain about, most beginners end up buying a costly kit when they could have bought an effective one for much less. This unnecessary loss of cash could be avoided if they had a guideline that would enable them to analyse the different options in the market.

These guidelines will not only include the Dos and Don’ts, but it will also provide more information regarding the suitability of different e-cigarette kits on offer.

The Size of the Kit

Beginners have the benefit of choice when deciding which size they consider suitable. There are two prevailing sizes in the market today that include Tank and Microcig. Individuals who choose to buy a Vaporiser Tank will have to contend with the settings and cartridges it comes with, which can be quite tedious.

Nonetheless, given that beginners are often after convenience and portability, then the Microcig becomes the more practical choice. Once you have had sufficient experience vaping with your e-cig, you will begin to know what works for you and what does not. At this point, you can begin diversifying.

How often it is used

Given you will want to know how long you can go on smoking with a particular e-cigarette starter kit, it is advisable that you make your selection before purchasing.

Vaping e cigarette

You should expect nothing less than 300-400 puffs with a high capacity battery and 200-250 puffs with a standard battery. Avoid buying from vendors who give you a higher figure, when you could easily get a better deal. If you are an individual who vapes a lot, then a starter kit with a high capacity will be the better option for you.

Where it will be used

Where you choose to use the kit has a bearing on whether you buy a high capacity battery or settle for a simple USB charger. If you are an individual who is constantly on the move, then a high capacity battery would be the ideal choice for you. This choice also applies if you prefer to vape outdoors rather than indoors.

On the other hand, people who prefer to do their vaping indoors then using a USB charger will be sufficient enough, as they will always have a source of power close within reach. You can also carry the USB charger with you so you can charge it whenever you have a power bank or a laptop with you.

What do the online reviews say?

In the process of slimming down your choices to find out which is the most suitable for you, you might end up with a shortlist that makes it hard for you to settle on one. In such scenarios, checking out what the online reviews on these specific kits have to say will help you to make your decision much faster. This information is very important as it will provide you with insights you never knew before, which will help you dodge a bullet.

Stylish vapor sitting in cafe. Modern handsome man with laptop outdoor.

The most difficult part is always making the appropriate first step and deciding on your preferences for an excellent vaping experience. However, once you have decided turning back will be nearly impossible.


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Chris Steven / Vapourlicious

Chris Steven / Vapourlicious

Vapourlicious began in 2011 after our founder decided to give up cigarettes and hunted for an alternative. After finding e-cigarettes and falling in love he decided to open a small shop in the corner of an indoor market. From that day grew the national company you see before you today. With shops covering both Wales and England we have grown from strength to strength. We currently have over 12 shops, both our own and very successful franchises of the Vapourlicious brand.

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