Best Gifts for the Vaper in Your Life

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Best Gifts for the Vaper in Your Life

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Many people find it challenging to give gifts. While it’s often easier to not give anything at all, you likely still want to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or Christmas. As tricky as finding the perfect gift can be, you’re in the righ›t place if the special someone in your life is a vaper or cannabis user. You may be able to treat them to some of these standout gifts:

A Beaker Bong

Beaker bongs, such as AFM beaker bongs, are bongs with flat bases that taper up into a conical shape. They typically feature glass, plastic, ceramic, silicone, and metal materials for strength and durability.

Beaker bongs differ from traditional bongs by being easy to clean and with less fiddly parts that can break easily. They also suit all different budgets. If your loved one loves experimenting with different smoking and vaping devices, a beaker bong may make the perfect gift.

Vape Shop Vouchers

You may know that you’d love to give a loved one a vape-related product, but that doesn’t mean you’ll know what they like. Rather than gifting something with a receipt so they can exchange it, you may like to provide them with a voucher instead. Most reputable vaporizer stockists offer gift vouchers and cards. Learn where your loved one shops and pay a visit to make your purchase.

New Vape Cartridge Flavors

Many vapers want to try new vape cartridge flavors, but they’re afraid of spending their hard-earned money on something they may not like. As a result, they continue buying a ‘safe’ flavor, even with hundreds of other options on the market.

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If you’re familiar with your loved one’s device, consider buying different vape cartridge flavors for them to try. They may discover their new favorite without needing to make the risky investment themselves.

Vape Apparel

Buying vape products for a vaper can sometimes be challenging. You might not know what they like or already have. The selection of vape products can also be overwhelming when you’re not a vaper yourself. However, you typically can’t go wrong with vaping apparel.

T-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, and other merchandise with leading vape brands or fun vaping slogans may appeal. Your loved one may even appreciate vaping educational books and guides to help them refine their vaping knowledge.

A Dry Herb Vaporizer

We’ve come a long way from traditional smoking and vaping. We can now explore many different dry herb vaporizers like pens and pipes. Dry herb vaporizers provide vapor by heating ground cannabis flower to release the terpenes and cannabinoids. If your loved one hasn’t yet explored these innovative products, they may be thrilled to receive one as a gift.

Subscription Kits

Remembering to buy new coils, e-liquids, and other consumables can be frustrating. It’s sometimes not until you run out of something until you realize you need to buy it. That can often be avoided with subscription kits.

Many vape businesses offer subscription-style services and send products at specific times each year for convenience. This may be a gift option when you know what your loved one typically buys often.

As challenging as gift-giving can be, it doesn’t have to be hard when you’re buying for a vaper. Any of these gift options above may appeal to that special someone in your life. 

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