When to Stop Vaping

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When to Stop Vaping

Vaping has become a popular practice for a lot of people, especially since cannabis and CBD oils have become legal in many parts of North America.

What’s more, people are using vaping wands as replacements for traditional cigarettes and it seems that everywhere you turn these days, someone is pulling out a vaping wand and inhaling some kind of great-tasting mixture.

Regardless of what you put in your vaping wand, there are some signs and symptoms to watch out for if you’ve been using it for a while. Like all substances, the oils that are used in the vaping wands need to be controlled and monitored so that people don’t get sick from using them.

Even still, some people find that they need to stop vaping after some time. Here’s how you can know when it’s time to stop vaping, try something else, or quit altogether.

If you are getting the shakes

In some cases, vaping pods contain not only nicotine, but caffeine. Caffeine is known to increase heart rate, cause muscle spasms, poor sleep, and even irritation. People who get the shakes often associate it with needing to vape more, but it can be caused by the increased intake of caffeine, as well as nicotine.

It’s a cycle of chicken and egg: did the vaping cause the shakes or are you shaking because you haven’t vaped in a while? The only way to find out is to stop using it for some time to see if the symptoms persist or decrease.

If you are always thirsty

One of the problems with using a vaping wand is that it can dry out your mouth. If you find that you are always reaching for a glass of water, or worse, a cup of coffee to wet your whistle, you might be adding to an increased caffeine problem we mentioned above, and also causing yourself to become more thirsty.

The Dangers of Vaping While Driving

Coffee is known to dehydrate people, despite having water in it as one of the main ingredients. Every body reacts differently to substances, including coffee, so if you are always thirsty since you starting using a vaping wand, consider cutting back the amount you use, the frequency with which you use it, and also reduce your coffee intake and drink more water.

If you are having nosebleeds

In some cases, people experience more severe side effects of vaping, including dry, cracked nostrils which can lead to nose bleeding. This can also be true of the lining of the mouth. If your lips or corners of your mouth have become dry and cracked, it might be time to reduce your use of vaping pods and oils.

While there’s no guarantee that these symptoms are caused by vaping, an easy way to tell for sure is to simply reduce your use. Trying to mask the problem with other substances or treatments doesn’t make the symptoms go away.

It’s better to eliminate the suspected cause of the issues first and then work your way down habits from there.

If you have bad anxiety

It’s no secret that nicotine can cause anxiety, despite what millions of people think while relying on cigarettes to calm their anxiety. The nicotine in cigarettes can actually make your anxiety worse or cause it to trigger if you’ve never had an anxiety problem before.

Vaping can have the same effect if you’ve never smoked before but have taken up the habit of using vaping wands.

Is Vaping Water Possible - or Even Alcohol?

Matt using Vape Pen

You might feel better in the moment after using a vaping tool, but over time, you might find that your anxiety is heightened and getting worse. Vaping more doesn’t make you feel better and find that you notice you are feeling worse afterwards.

Paying attention to this kind of feeling is important for anyone who uses vaping wands.

If you have trouble sleeping

Because of the caffeine levels found in some – not all – vaping pods, you may need to change the kind of pod you are using, brand, or flavor so that you don’t interrupt your sleeping patterns.

What’s more, you might find yourself craving vaping oils early in the morning or late at night, which will also contribute to interruptions in your sleep.

When we don’t sleep properly, we are thirsty, hungry, sluggish, more likely to vape or smoke other nicotine products, and consume more alcohol. There are lots of reasons why your sleep may be disrupted, but it’s an easy thing to do to cut down on the amount of vaping you do to see if your sleep may be improved over time.

Vaping can be a lot of fun and it’s quite enjoyable for millions of people. It also helps people quit smoking cigarettes and decrease the amount of health risks they may have had while smoking traditional cigarettes.

The best way to know if it’s time to stop using vaping wands is to pay attention to your body signals. If something doesn’t feel right, investigate it. Make small changes to help improve your health and always know the source of your vaping pods and verify the information.

Using a Bubbler With a Vaporizer Can Improve Your Vaping Experience

Clean your vaping wand regularly and make sure there are no defects in it to ensure that you are getting the best possible vaping experience and not putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

Have you ever had to stop vaping? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

Evan Kaden

Evan Kaden

Easily entertained by the simpler things in life, Evan spends most of his free time enjoying the outdoors with his Golden Retriever, Skeeter. As a freelance writer and marijuana activist, he’s thankful for the many opportunities he’s been given to express his passion for the cannabis industry.

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