How to DIY e-Juice [VIDEO]

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Hey VapeFusers,

I recently taught you guys how to safely use liquid nicotine so that you can quit smoking and make your own DIY e-Juice.

I had a couple of questions about how to do it so I decided to make a video tutorial so you can, once and for all, see how it’s done!

All you need for your DIY e-Juice

Smoking is still a worldwide epidemic, however, anti-smoking campaigns and increased tobacco tax are making it more and more difficult to keep up the nasty habit.

Mixing your own blend is a low-cost alternative and can be super effective in quitting smoking. The following video outlines all of the materials you’ll need, and steps you’ll need to take in order to create your own unique e-Juice or e-Liquid.

To consume your e-Juice blend, you’re going to need a vaporizer that comes with a liquid tank or some other kind of liquid atomizer. A number of these products, like the CloudV Slim vaporizer, can be found in the VapeFuse online store.

You can get really creative when you’re mixing your own e-Juice! If you’ve got a few different flavors that you think would mix well together, try adding a few drops of both and see what you can come up with.

Making DIY e-Juice

If you’re living in a country with liberal cannabis laws and you’re really looking to get creative, you can add some of your favorite cannabis concentrates into the mix and make your own distillate charged e-Liquid! 

To do this, simply combine 1 part cannabis concentrate to 2 parts e-Liquid and heat over a double boiler until properly combined. Then simply add the mix to the tank of your favorite e-Cigarette and you’re good to go.

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DIY e-Juice - filling up the tank

While nicotine rich e-Liquids themselves can still be addictive, it’s a far healthier alternative to smoking. If you or anyone you know is trying to quit smoking, tell them to give e-Cigarettes a try!

And while you’re at it, tell them to check out this post so they can start saving money! Check out the Quit Smoking section under Health & Lifestyle in the VapeFuse blog to learn more.

Using CloudV Slim Vape Pen

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