Wolkenkraft FX Mini Dry Herb Vaporizer

How Vaping Cannabis Helps Military Veteran to Heal

When I first heard about vaping in its early days I was sceptical. Another trend or hipster fad that I believed the medical powers that be would soon arrive at a conclusion that it was unsafe and unhealthy. The early examples I saw people using in the streets resembled a light sabre minus the light … Read more

Come and Meet Your Aussie Herb Vaping Specialists!

Calling all Aussie herb vapers! VapeFuse now has a dedicated online store and customer service team for dealing with our Aussie customers. The new Australia-specific store means that we can bring you guys a huge variety of herbal vaporizers at the best cost, with ultra-quick shipping, and expert service! Between us, we’ve personally tried and reviewed over 100 … Read more

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Want to Come Work for VapeFuse?

Hey VapeFusers! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to come and work for VapeFuse? I had the same thought myself about 10 months ago and, after a bit of research and a couple of emails, here I am! We’re currently looking to expand the team with new content creators and products testers, … Read more

The Journey Continues…Mr Naysayer

Hi, my moniker is Big Daddy Vaper, and I’m a Vaping Convert and Reformed Smoker. It feels good saying this… No, I’m not saying this because I have clouds billowing out of me and want to be an attention whore. For what it’s worth, I can’t stand those massive clouds people blow… What is the … Read more

And So The Journey Begins…AKA How I Started Vaping

I’m almost 40 and have been smoking since I was 14-15… Sitting around with the boys one night, I noted the amount of coughing and wheezing coming from most of us…. The dreaded smokers cough….  Surely this wasn’t happening to me? I mean, I didn’t smoke that heavily… Or so I thought…. But looking back … Read more