#VAPINGSAVEDMYVOICE: Vaping On Throat Cancer

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We’re not surprised if we hear things such as “smoking causes throat cancer”. However, we get queries from vapers whether vaping can be harmful and if it potentially can cause throat cancer.

When making the preliminary shift from smoking to vaping, new vapers may undergo petty side effects as they become accustomed to vaping. This is because when we stop smoking, our bodies go through major changes during a readjustment period.

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One of the side effects involves throat irritation- which will be our focus all throughout this article.

Vocal cords are also severely affected by the traditional smoking and even vaping- Yes, I won’t keep that as a secret. However, you can find out how to modify your vaping style to minimize such risk.

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Just about any element introduced to the body can cause reactions or unexpected results – whether it’s swallowed, inhaled or even just touched.

Some studies would tell vapor contains “toxins” that are harmful to the body. But we have to take into account that the risk is relative. Reading all those risks with regards to vaping make us terrified. Yet, always remember that these “toxins” are mostly present in insignificant concentrations, extensively smaller than that of the traditional tobacco smoke. In other words, most of them won’t essentially affect you.

Vapor can cause stern vocal cord soreness by drying out the mucous. As a result, this causes inflammation of the vocal cords which hinders them from working normally. This makes one’s voice hoarse.

Irritation of the vocal cords can cause improper vibrations. As a result, it has an undesirable impact on one’s ability to speak or sing.

  • The following are several side effects that may crop up while vaping. Keep in mind that these side effects tend to be temporary.
  • Dry skin
  • Dry mouth and throat: Most Common
  • Rash/burning sensation on face
  • Itchiness
  • Puffy/dry eyes
  • Minor blood nose issues
  • Excess phlegm
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Nevertheless, these side effects are highly compensable.

Let’s focus on the most common side effect: dryness of mouth and throat: it can be easily rectified by increasing water intake.

Or a more effective solution to that? Water bubbler!

Water Bubbler is a water tool for a vaporizer. It is usually made of glass and is filled with water when being used and put on top of the vaporizer’s chamber. It works like a water filter for the vapor as it passes through when you take a draw. This process conditions the vapor and makes it smoother and cooler with the added moisture.

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Will Vaping Awaken Cancer Cells?

On a phony level vaping looks like smoking, and that’s enough to frighten us. The concept of vaping causing cancer is kept on as a subject for impending researches. In spite of that, we already know that vaping is far, SAFER THAN SMOKING!

Tobacco contains over a thousand chemicals present in cigarette smoke which, clearly, may cause cancer leading to millions of preventable death each year.

Ease the Side Effects of Cancer Through These Herbs

Uh huh! Vaporizing can aid in the reduction of the killer cancer’s side effects!

One of these herbs is the controversial Medical Cannabis. Countless people all over the world who use this herb for therapeutic purposes, such as the pain linked to cancer treatment. It can also reduce anxiety and depression.

Cannabis Edibles
Bear in mind to use medical cannabis only under the management of an eligible medical professional and vaporize only within the advisable temperature range.

  • Best temperature for vaping Medical Cannabis: around 175 – 200°C (347 – 392°F)
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To complement your herb, you may add chamomile or peppermint to achieve delightful results improving the taste and aroma.


  • Best temperature for vaping Chamomile: 255 100°C to 125°C (212°F to 257°F)
  • Best temperature for vaping Peppermint: 255°F or 124°C

Check out the other herbs’ benefits here!

Is It Safe to Vape Whilst in the Progress of Treatment for Cancer?

When you have cancer, you may come across the adversity of why can’t you just stop that dependency you’re in?

Let me state two situations:

  • Case number one:
    You have cancer, you’re undergoing chemotherapy, you have been smoking and you’re not into vaping… then it’s time to switch to vaping as it is a better choice.

Just be careful in setting up your device. Thoroughly clean your equipment as this can harbor germs around you.

  • Case number two:
    You have quit cigarette smoking, you’re diagnosed with cancer, you’re about to start vaping as an alternative to smoking to fill in that “emptiness”… then it’s probably NOT a good idea just to block up your cravings.

Why is this so? While you are being treated for cancer, your immune system is relentlessly suppressed. In other words, you become susceptible to infections. It has been mentioned above that smokers-becoming-vapers may come in contact with some side effects (i.e dry mouth, excess phlegm, etc) when they shift into vaping.

Generally, normal people could just cope with such side effects. But for someone with a repressed immune system, a plain sore throat could lead to rigorous infection; excess phlegm could proceed to pneumonia.

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Don’t beat yourself up too much with regard to vaping. I suggest a nicotine replacement for this matter.

All things considered…

If using vaporizers has instigated you to experience the side effects, there are ways you can do to remedy it.

  • Check your nicotine concentration. It might be too elevated. Experiment with it and see how your body adapts.
  • Scrutinize your vaping method. If you are inhaling deeper or more often than that of the traditional cigarettes, you could be hurting your throat.
  • Hydrate yourself while vaping. Drink water to appease your throat, and consider consuming beverages that can moisturize it.

With all these, you can now say #VAPINGSAVEDMYVOICE!

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