Why the ALD Amaze WOW is Better than the PAX 3

By Joe LaGrasso
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Why the ALD Amaze WOW is Better than the PAX 3

The ALD Amaze WOW vaporizer is a small vape that’s incredibly inexpensive and delivers a bit of a punch! The PAX 3 is a premium expensive vape that in my opinion doesn’t stand up to its price.

While price is often an important factor when purchasing a vaporizer, US companies often use marketing to their advantage to put price premiums in place, where they aren’t really warranted.

ALD Amaze WOW - black

This cheap vaporizer can hold around 0.2g of herbs and vapes them quickly and efficiently. I can generally finish a chamber within 10 minutes or so.

Which I could NOT do with the PAX 3. The WOW provides a lot more visible vapor which is what I always look for in a good quality vaporizer.

Pax 3

This vape has a nice digital display which the PAX 3 does not. The PAX 3 has you use their app on a smartphone to change temperature setting defaults, which doesn’t interest most portable vapers whatsoever.

The WOW’s screen also tells you how many puffs you have had during your session, day, week or month which is a pretty cool feature!

ALD Amaze WOW - digital display

The battery of the WOW for me was acceptable, I got about 50 minutes or so of use per full charge cycle which was around 5 full chambers.

The PAX3 does last longer than this at around 90 minutes, but it would not consume nearly the same amount of herbs and as a result, I’d rather have 50 minutes of effective use.

Both use magnetic charging which is pretty cool to see.

ALD Amaze WOW - magnetic charging

The vapor quality of the WOW is pretty good. The mouthpiece can get a little hot if you’re hitting it constantly, but not enough to make you worry.

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The PAX 3’s vapor quality is probably better and tastier, but I don’t rate it as you barely get any visible vapor while on the WOW, you’ll get plenty. For the price of the WOW, the vapor quality is fantastic!

ALD Amaze WOW - silver

Ultimately the Ald Amaze WOW  is a great entry level vaporizer that delivers incredibly well on its price. It can be used as a daily portable vape with no problem, the battery will get you through the day until you come home.

It’s designed quite well and fits easily into a pocket. I’d 100% recommend the WOW to anyone who’s never had a vaporizer before to see what all the fuss is about!

Ald Amaze Wow Portable Vaporizer

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