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Hey VapeFusers,

Have you ever wondered how fine or coarse you should be grinding your herbs when using your personal vaporizer?

There are a bunch of different styles of herb grinders on the market. Whether it’s constructed from alloy, acrylic, titanium or even wood, they all serve the purpose of breaking down your herbs for the sesh!

GrindeROO Herb Grinder

After a rigorous research process, we recently unveiled the new ultra-premium GrindeROO 4-piece alloy herb grinder. We wanted to design a grinder that’s for vapers, from vapers!

There’s nothing worse than a squeaky grinder, or a muzz that leaves your flower all chunky, so we tested about 50 different herb grinders before deciding on our ‘ROO.

Read on to find out some of the things we found out along the way!

S&B Acrylic Herb Grinder

Acrylic Herb Grinder

Notably the most common of all grinders among the vaping community, largely due to its low cost and weight, is the acrylic herb grinder.

Grinders like the Storz & Bickel Herb Mill pictured above are super simple to operate, and generally, consist of two or three pieces for grinding and storage.

An advantage of these acrylic grinders is, of course, the portability, however, the teeth can become quite resin stained and stick together after extended periods of use.

Pyramid-Tooth Herb Grinder

Pyramid-Tooth Herb Grinder

A less common, but none the less very effective herb grinder is the pyramid-tooth grinder. This is the perfect device for dense flower that isn’t entirely dry and needs to be separated a little wider.

The teeth are ultra-sharp and grind your flower down to a perfectly manageable size. Devices like the Arizer Solo II above work much more efficiently with properly ground herb.

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When the pieces of herb obscuring the vapor path become too large, it allows more air to pass through resulting in subsequently less vapor.

Wedge-Tooth Herb Grinder

Wedge-Tooth Herb Grinder

Similar to the pyramid-tooth grinder above, the wedge-tooth herb grinder is perfect for use with flower that is a little more dense. The precision teeth generate a perfectly consistent ground herb that’s the ideal size for a vape.

Devices like the Crave Cloud Portable Vape pictured above utilize chambers with tiny air holes to restrict the intake of tiny herb particles, so the consistent size is welcomed!

GrindeROO Premium 4-Piece Herb Grinder

GrindeROO Premium 4-Piece Herb Grinder

With the new GrindeROO, we wanted to combine a number of elements from all of the above grinders so that we could deliver you guys the best product on the market.

The GrindeROO Premium 4-Piece grinder has hybrid wedge/pyramid teeth, with perfectly sectioned crushing due to the ultra-sharp blades of a pyramid-tooth grinder on the sides of the wedges.

The top and bottom compartments are shaped for grip so you can have a smooth crush even with the most compact flowers!

GrindeROO Herb Grinder

Our GrindeROO has been designed with the avid portable vaper in mind and features a strong magnet between the lid and the tooth compartment to keep the ‘ROO together when you’re on the go.

Looking at its design, aside from the easy-grip top and bottom lids, the interior stainless steel teeth link up to the alloy herb-catching compartment underneath.

With this grinder, unlike a bunch of others, you won’t have to worry about half the flowers not falling through the top compartment due to shotty teeth!

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GrindeROO Herb Grinder

Lastly, the bottom two compartments consist of a larger-than-average micron screen for enhanced pollen collection.

We love our little GrindeROO, and know that you guys will put him to good use by making a ‘ROO yougo-toto herb crushing device!

GrindeROO Premium 4-Piece Herb Grinder & Crafty Vaporizer

Keep an eye out for the new premium GrindeROO herb grinder in the VapeFuse Store!

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