Are You Excited? Let’s Unbox Your Vaporizer

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Are You Excited? Let’s Unbox Your Vaporizer

Believe it or not getting a vape is like getting your Christmas present.

Waiting for the order confirmation and then for the postie to deliver the package. That excitement on your face when you actually open up the box and oh yeah, it’s love at first sight.

Well, we collected all of our unboxing videos for you here, to give you a glimpse of what’s inside the box, while you are waiting for your vaporizer. Hopefully, this will help you relax as you await delivery or maybe, even add up more to the excitement.

So, let’s check the vapes one by one to see what’s actually in the package >>

Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer

The Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer comes with custom and hand made glass parts, so these pieces might slightly vary box by box, however, it does not change or affect the great vaping quality produced by the Air.

The Arizer Portable Vape glass parts are interchangeable, so if you own an Air or a Solo or both you can get all types of glass tubes (long, short, straight and curved, with or without the tube) for these vapes and they will all perfectly fit into both Arizer portable vapes.

The Arizer Air comes with a carrying bag where there is space for the vaporizer as well as for two smaller glass stems.
For your info, there are two 60mm stems, with and without tip in the Arizer Air box, however, you can get the longer tubes as spare glass tubes, such as the 90mm and 110mm for your Air, but, only the 60mm and 70mm tubes will fit in this carry case.

Also, as you can see in the video, mesh screens are not included in the Arizer Air kit, but they are available for purchase separately at VapeFuse.

For more info visit our Arizer Air vs Solo Portable Vaporizer blogpost.

Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer

The Arizer Extreme Q box includes lots of bits and pieces, for example, the tube with the glass elbow and mouthpiece, the balloon bags, the Cyclone Bowl which is generally the chamber, stirring tool, remote control and so on. The Extreme Q comes in a medium size cube box, without much reference to its content.

The Arizer Extreme Q box includes a 3’ long Silicone Whip, however, you can upgrade it to a 6’ or 9’ long tube, and you can choose between Silicone and PVC material.

Just a friendly reminder, there are two Cyclone Bowls included in the box and the glass pieces are fragile, so make sure to open the box with care.

Learn more about the Extreme Q Vaporizer, click here.

Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo vapes are packed up in a small cube carton box. It includes the Solo device, the parts, such as the glass tubes (a straight one and a curved one), the power adapter, stirring and packing tool.

Starting 2017, Arizer now offers mesh for the Arizer Solo and Air vaporizers, but, there are no screens included in the box just yet… However, if you want to get 4 x mesh screens for your Arizer portable, then click here, they are quite inexpensive and will make your vaping experience even better.

As mentioned above you are free to use the Air tubes with your Solo as well, if you need some extra stems, click here.

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You can find more information about the Arizer Solo here.

CloudV F17 Portable Vaporizer

The latest vape from Cloud Vapes comes in a relatively small box, which includes the device itself, a dabbing and cleaning tool, as well as a charger. The F17 comes with a pretty unique charger, the magnetic charging points are located at the bottom of the vaporizer.

The F17 also comes with a magnetic steel mouthpiece, which can get pretty hot during vaporization, so be careful.

To find out more useful info about the F17, check out our F17 User Review.

Cloud Galaxy Portable Vaporizer

The Cloud Galaxy is available in two different colours, Blue and Black. Like any other CloudV boxes, this one includes the portable vaporizer, the necessary small bits and pieces and a retractable USB charger.

The only thing that needs to be replaced every now and then is the plastic mouthpiece.
The Galaxy is available only here at VapeFuse. So hurry up, just a few left!

CloudV Diamond Portable Vaporizer

The Cloud Diamond comes with a digital display, both in Black and Silver colours. The device heats up to 224°C and it comes with an inbuilt battery.

Look at its small box, it’s just like a real Diamond inside.

CloudV Phantom Mini Portable Vaporizer

The Phantom Mini comes with a cleaning tool, packing tool and a USB charger, which is interchangeable and can be used for the Phantom Premium vaporizer as well. The Mini is available in 6 different colours, and comes with a one-button mechanism and with one preset temperature.

The CloudV Mini and Phantom Premium can be upgraded with a Glass Globe and Aqua Bubbler for an even smoother vaping experience.

Are you interested to know more about the Phantom Mini? Click here.

CloudV Phantom Premium Portable Vaporizer

The CloudV Phantom Premium is the biggest vaporizer in the CloudV family, however, it still belongs to the category of vape pens. The Phantom Premium vape pen is available in 8 different colours, including the pretty cool and very popular WOOD look.

The cool thing about the Phantom Mini and Phantom Premium portable vapes is that you can upgrade your unit with a Glass Globe or with an Aqua Bubbler, both accessories come with a pretty low price tag.

The only part that needs to be replaced every now and then is the plastic mouthpiece, which comes in both lock and non-lock versions.

For more info check out our Phantom Premium User Review.

CloudV Terra Portable Vaporizer

This is your last chance to get a CloudV Terra to add to your collection since Cloud Vapes do not offer this vape for sale anymore. VapeFuse has still got a couple left of these sought-after portable vapes, the Terra is available in Purple, Red and Light Blue, comes with one button mechanism, and the temperature can be set to 190 and 210 Celsius.

The vaporizer got a rubbery texture and comes with a replaceable plastic mouthpiece.

Crave Air Portable Vaporizer

One of the newest vapes at VapeFuse. The Crave Air comes with a wide chamber, magnetic bottom lid and magnetic mouthpiece. The charging method of this vape is very similar to the F17, as it comes with a magnetic charger too. There are two magnetic charging points located on the side of the vape and you just need to place the vape on the charging dock, plug the USB cable in and wait till it gets fully charged. The Crave Air comes in three colours, Black, Silver and Gold.

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Stay tuned though, the Crave Color is coming soon 🙂

Check out the Crave Air User Review for more info.

Flowermate Portable Vaporizer

If you are a fan of the dosing capsules, then the Flowermate is the right choice for you. It comes with a dry herb capsule as well as a liquid/waxy cart. Both are included in the box, so you don’t need to get them separately. The Flowermate range comes with a Borosilicate glass mouthpiece and with inbuilt battery.

The really cool thing about the Flowermate is that it is just so easy to carry around without worrying about breaking the glass mouthpiece. Why? Because the Flowermate units come with an inbuilt storage compartment for the mouthpiece and can be accessed at the bottom of the vaporizer. This storage space also doubles as air path when the device is being used.

The Flowermate is available in different sizes, there is an analogue as well as a digital version.

Not convinced yet? Check out the Flowermate User Review.

FocusVape Adventurer Portable Vaporizer

The ‘crazy’ cool vape, the FocusVape Adventurer comes with an inbuilt water attachment. If you are after a smooth and crispy vaping experience from a portable device, then this is the vape for you. You can access the bubbler by pressing and removing the lid from the bottom of the vaporizer. Once the water attachment is filled in and placed back to the device, just put the Pyrex glass mouthpiece on the top of the device and enjoy vaping.

The box includes the Adventurer, power adapter with a USB end, mouthpiece, cleaning and packing tool.

Check Out the FocusVape Adventurer User Review to learn more about this cool vape.

FocusVape Pro Portable Vaporizer with Bubbler

The FocusVape Premium and the FocusVape vaporizers are quite similar vapes in look and with regards to their vaping quality. The FocusVape comes in a stitched skin while the FocusVape Premium comes with leather texture and digital display.

The FocusVape Premium Pro box includes an Aqua Bubbler as well, which fits perfectly on the leather skin. There is a spare glass mouthpiece included in the package which is pretty handy. Don’t we all love having some extra parts on hand especially glass pieces?

For more info and videos about the FocusVape Premium PRO, click here.

FocusVape Portable Vaporizer

The only difference between the FocusVape and FocusVape Pro in regards to the pieces included in the box is that this analogue FocusVape does not come with an aqua bubbler. Also, there is a battery wall charger included in the FocusVape kit, which is pretty handy if you are around and about, but do not have a USB port to charge your battery.

A replacement Pyrex Glass Mouthpiece also comes with this stitched skin vape, in case you break one.

Click here to learn about the differences between the FocusVape Premium Pro and the FocusVape.

Iolite Original Butane Powered Portable Vaporizer

And here we are, the butane powered Iolite Original, the campers’ dream. This box includes a lot of bits and pieces. The long cleaning pipe, the moisturiser thingy, the mouthpiece extension and extra mouthpiece tip.

Wolkenkraft FX+ Dry Herb Convection Vaporizer Review

You need to purchase the butane gas separately and just like the Phantom Premium, the Iolite Original comes in 8 cool colours.

Before you go ahead and get an Iolite Original, check out our User Review.

PUFFiT 2 Portable Vaporizer

The PUFFiT 2 vape is available in two colours, Blue and Black. It comes in a small colorful box that contains the PUFFiT 2 portable vaporizer unit, the extra screens and stirring tool. Hurry up though, this is your last chance to get a very discreet PUFFiT 2, since these cool vapes are no longer being made, so it is your lucky day today. Get one now and extend your vaporizer collection.

If you’ve got a Blue PUFFiT 2 but you are after a Black one, no probs, VapeFuse’s got the PUFFiT 2 housing available for purchase in both blue and black colours.

PUFFiT X Portable Vaporizer

What a discreet vape this is… Probably the most discreet one that you can find on the market. You can use it on festivals, or at work during breaks, just puff one and refresh your mind! It’s a pocket-size vaporizer and very easy to maintain.
The PUFFiT X comes in three colours Purple, Green and Grey. The box includes the unit, aluminium cap, the extra screens and stirring tools as well as a charging stand and a carrying case.
Like the PUFFiT 2, this is your last chance to own the PUFFiT X, so click here and get yours today!

Not sure if this vape is really for you? Check out our User Review and learn more about the PUFFiT vape.

Storz&Bickel Crafty Portable Vaporizer

The Storz&Bickel Crafty comes in a relatively small box that includes the portable vaporizer, the cooling unit, mouthpiece and the USB charger and adapter. You’ll also get a grinder as well as a dosing capsule, both are included in the kit, which is quite cool! I personally do love the little dry herb/liquid carts.
Just for your info, there is a liquid pad included in the box, however, there is no special, small liquid mesh pad with the Crafty, which suits the dosing capsule, you need to get that one separately.

Did you know that you can also use the liquid pad to reduce the size of the chamber? Just fill the chamber up with your favourite dry herb blend put the liquid pad on the top of it and enjoy vaping, no waste! Pretty cool hey!

For more info check the Crafty User Review.

Storz&Bickel Mighty Portable Vaporizer

The Mighty is the big brother of the Crafty vaporizer, basically, it comes with the same bits and pieces, the only difference is in size,  the Mighty is twice as big as the Crafty due to its double battery. The cooling unit, mouthpiece, grinder and dosing capsule are included in the box as well as the power plug.
The Mighty is a dry herb vaporizer, but using the liquid pad it is suitable for vaping high viscosity liquids and wax as well.

What are the main differences between the Crafty and the Mighty? Check this out.

Storz&Bickel Volcano Desktop Vaporizer

And here we are, one of the biggest boxes, couldn’t even fit in in the video 🙂 The Volcano Digit and Classic comes with the basics. There is the unit itself in the box, a grinder, the power adapter, an extra air filter and cleaning brush.

The Journey Continues… Out and About! Why I Finally Purchased a Portable Vape…

And of course, the new Easy Valve Starter Set comes along the Volcano Heating Unit in a separate box, which includes the valve and the balloons.

For more images and videos on the Volcano stationary vaporizer, click here.

Vapir NO2 Portable Vaporizer

The Vapir NO2 V2 is a handheld vaporizer, which comes with a digital display. All essentials are included in the box, such as the vaporizer, the silicone tubes, and mouthpieces, the extra screens, packing and cleaning tools. The Vapir NO2 comes with replaceable battery and the temperature can be adjusted between 65 and 204 Celsius.

For more useful info, visit our VapirNO2 User Review.

Vapir Oxygen Portable Vaporizer

This is your final chance to get an Oxygen Mini since Vapir no longer manufactures this handheld vape anymore. The Oxygen Mini looks like a pen without the heat cover, which is there to protect your fingers as the vaporizer body gets hot during heating. There are also extra mouthpieces and screens included in the kit.

Vapir Prima Portable Vaporizer

The Vapir Prima comes in a very pretty box, including a US charger adapter, however, there is an Australian version included in all boxes too. You’ll find herb scoops, cleaning tool, and packing tool in the box, as well as the vaporizer unit itself with the battery. The Vapir Prima is available in 4 colours, Black, Blue, Orange and Silver.
Which one is your favourite colour? I would go for an Orange one for sure!

Check out our Vapir Prima User Review and get yours today!

VapirRise2.0 Ultimate Desktop Vaporizer

If you are after both, the whip and balloon vaping experience then here is the VapirRise2.0 Ultimate for you. The box includes all the bits and pieces that you’ll need, such as the tubes, and bags, the chamber, both for dry herbs and liquids. There are also extra mouthpieces included in the kit and a hot grabber to protect your fingers from the heat when you remove the chamber from the vaporizer unit.

The VapirRise2.0 Ultimate is a perfect stationary vape to enjoy your group sessions since it comes with a multi-user adapter with separate valves, that can accommodate up to four people, what a party vape!

Head over to our VapirRise User Review and learn more.

WOW Portable Vaporizer

The Ald Amaze WOW vaporizer comes with a magnetic charging cable, a cleaning tool, and dabbing tool. It is available in Black and Silver and comes with a digital display for a very very affordable price. The mouthpiece has a modular design with dual housing and it is made of plastic. The unit also features a fully adjustable digital temperature control. The battery level and number of puffs are also displayed on the LCD screen. This is a must have vape! 🙂 It will just simply wow you!

If you are still hesitant to get a WOW, check out our User Review.

Well, hope you like what we put together. If you don’t find your vape here, please let us know in the comment section below and we might feature that one next.

Vape on…

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