Storz & Bickel Crafty and Mighty Portable Vape Comparison

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Storz & Bickel Crafty and Mighty Portable Vape Comparison

The same family, the same parents, quite identical brothers, they are the Storz and Bickel Crafty and Mighty portable vaporizers. Let’s have a closer look at these two cloud heros to see why they are so popular among vapers…

Difference between the size of the Crafty and Mighty Portable Vaporizers

The first and foremost difference by first sight is in their size.
The Mighty is 80mm in width while the Crafty is 57mm wide only. The full dimensions of the Crafty are 110mm x 57mm x 33mm and 135g. The Mighty is 140mm x 80mm x 30mm and 235g.

Crafty and Mighty Portable Vaporizers

So, why is that? The difference is largely due to the Mighty having two inbuilt batteries, on each side of the heating unit. While the Crafty only has one battery.

The other reason for the size difference is that the Mighty has a digital display and 2 buttons to adjust the temperature up and down and to perform other functions (such as changing between Celsius and Fahrenheit). With the on and off button on the side, the Mighty has 3 buttons, while the Crafty has only an on and off button… more on this later though. First, let’s have a look at how they compare in their temperature settings.

Temperature Settings and Displays on the Crafty and Mighty

The available temperature range is the same for both, the Crafty and Mighty. They both can be set to any temperature between 40-210°C. There are differences in how you set the temperature though.

mighty-vaporizerThe Crafty comes with the preset temperature of 180°C (356°F) and with the boosted temperature of 195°C (383°F).
To be able to adjust the preset temperature on your Crafty, you’ll need to connect it to your smartphone, using the Crafty app. The app is available at the Apple Store or at Google Play for free of charge.

Once you have downloaded the application, you can connect your Crafty to it via Bluetooth.
Using the app on your smartphone, you can increase or decrease the preset temperatures, based on your personal preferences.
That is only one of many cool things that you can do though. On the top of the set temperatures, your app displays the actual temperature, so you can monitor as your unit is heating up and cooling down.

Crafty Portable Vaporizers

You can adjust the brightness of the light on your Crafty as well. It also shows you the battery charge level and lets you know as the battery is getting low.

The Mighty does not have an app. But it comes with an inbuilt digital display, where you can see the actual and set temperature as well as the battery charge.

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Mighty Portable Vaporizer

You can adjust the temperature easily by pressing the +/- grey buttons.

Swapping between Celsius and Fahrenheit

If you want to change your temperature settings on the Crafty from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa, then just tap the +/- icons on your phone’s screen simultaneously.


On the Mighty you can swap between Celsius and Fahrenheit just by pressing both buttons (the + and – temperature buttons on both sides of the display screen) at the same time.

The Difference between operating the Crafty and Mighty Portable Vaporizers

Switching on and off the devices is basically the same on the Crafty, as well as on the Mighty. You just press the little orange button on the side to turn on the vaporizer.

The Crafty comes with a LED display, which helps you identify when the unit is heating or reached the preset temperature. You would only rely on the LED if you don’t have the Crafty app.

If you are using the app, and have your Crafty connected to your smartphone through it, you still have to press the orange button on the device to turn the Crafty on. Once it’s turned on, you can monitor the device on your phone, heating up to the preset temperature.

crafty-vape When you want to go up to your booster temperature, you have to double-press the orange on/off button manually.
If you are a Mighty owner you’ll see on the digital display how the temperature is changing. And just play with the +/- buttons on the vaporizer to set your desired temperature.

The Storz & Bickel portable vapes come with auto shut off mechanism to preserve battery life. The Crafty will turn off after a minute of non-activity, while the Mighty waits for 2 minutes. Non-activity is determined by the chamber temperature.


Every time you draw on the vaporizer, the chamber temperature drops a little. The reason for that is you kind of ‘ventilate’ the chamber by breathing the hot air out of it and replacing it with outside temperature air.
If you want to extend the time the Crafty or the Mighty is on while you are not drawing, simply press the on/off button, so it is sensing activity and won’t initiate the automatic switching off.


Both of these vaporizers, the Crafty and the Mighty has a vibration function to let you know when the device is heated up to the preset temperature. The Mighty responds with a short double vibration when the set temperature is reached.

The Crafty responds with a short double vibration when the preset temperature is reached and also when you activate the booster and it reaches the booster temperature.

Stainless Steel Cooling Unit Set for Mighty and Crafty


The Mighty comes with double battery as I mentioned above.
They both have inbuilt lithium-ion battery(s). The only difference is that the Crafty has one, while the Mighty has 2 of those batteries. Otherwise, they are both the same design, keeping the battery away from the heating chamber. Storz & Bickel has done this, so the batteries don’t get heated during the session which helps extending the batteries’ life.


Both devices need about 2-3 hours to fully charge. The Crafty comes with a standard USB cable charger with the 5 pins on the mini end. I like this as if I happen to forget my charger at home (happens to the best of us), I can still source a standard USB cable to charge the device.
The Mighty has a proprietary charger and doesn’t work with a standard USB cable.

Generally speaking, a fully charged Crafty battery lasts about 45 – 60 minutes. While the Mighty battery lasts about 1.5 – 2 hours or so, depending on how often you use your device and what temperature you vape your herbs on.

The other advantage of the double battery is that the Mighty heats up twice as fast as the Crafty.
The Storz & Bickel Portable Vaporizers come with pass-through charging mechanism, which means you can use the Crafty or Mighty while they are on the charger.

crafty-vaporizerThere is a little difference, which is good to be aware of though.
You need to partially charge your Crafty, just about 20% or so, to be able to use it on the charger. So, if your Crafty battery is completely flat, you’ll need to wait a little while (20 – 30 minutes) before you can use your device.

If you are a Mighty owner, you are good to vape while it is on the charger, even if its battery is fully drained.
I personally prefer vaping off the charger to preserve the batteries 😉

Based on the manufacturer’s advice, using the vaporizer while it’s charging may shorten the life of the battery. So if you’ve got the time, you might be better off waiting before you continue vaping.

What’s in the Box and Available Accessories

The Mighty and Crafty kit basically come with the same inclusions in the box.

You’ll get some extra O-Rings, screens, and a liquid pad. You can use the liquid pad for concentrates, as well as to reduce the amount of dry herbs that you wish to fill the chamber with.

The filling aids are interchangeable for the Crafty and Mighty, they are exactly the same.

crafty-portable-vaporizerThe cool thing about the Crafty and Mighty is there is a dosing capsule included in the kit. I am a huge fan of these little pods. They make it so much easier to carry my portable vaporizer around and about, saving me time and hassle with preparing my herbs.
We just published an article on the dosing capsules, check it out here.

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You can also grab an additional car charger for a few extra bucks. This is cool as you can charge your portable while you are driving.
If you are about to travel, you may want to consider getting a Crafty Power Bank too. So you can recharge your Crafty and phone at the same time.

Both, the Crafty and the Mighty come with the same size of coarse and normal screens, as well as with liquid pads. These vaporizers are very modular and easy to replace all parts. The mouthpiece is the same on both devices and both of them come with a grinder as well as with a filling chamber, which is awesome.

Is there a Difference Between the Chambers of the Mighty and Crafty Vaporizers?

The aluminum chambers are exactly the same for both of these vaporizers.
As mentioned above, the filling aids are the same too, so they fit on both devices.

You can even swap the cooling units around, they screw onto each other. I can’t see reason doing so though, other than demonstrating that their chambers are exactly the same.


Both devices can fit about 0.3 grammes or so dry herbs, depending on how fine you like to grind your herbs

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Crafty and Mighty is the same, just simply incredible. You’ll be definitely amazed at what these small guys can do. They are portable vapes, but really there is not much difference in vapor quality compared to the big desktop ones.


They use convection and conduction heating mechanisms and also come with a plastic mouthpiece. No reason to be concerned about the taste, the mouthpiece is really just there to deliver the vapor. The device is made out of food-grade materials, and won’t affect the taste of your vapor.

There’s one difference though, the Mighty comes with a slightly bigger cooling unit, which helps the vapor to cool down a little bit more. Having said that, the vapor produced by the Crafty isn’t really affected by the size of the cooling unit in my view.

Difference in Portability of the Crafty and Mighty Vaporizers

The Crafty is a real pocket vape. It easily fits in your palm, it is pretty lightweight and cool to carry around.


The Mighty is more so a cordless home vape in my view. I wouldn’t really take it too far out of my home on a regular basis. When it comes to portability, I recommend small and discreet vapes.

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Also, a seemingly small difference at the start, but I found significant over time is this: The Crafty is a ‘standing device’ by design. It stands perfectly fine on its own.

If you flip the packing tool around and use that as an ‘aid’ it stands better, but still flips very easily.

As opposed to that, the Mighty was designed to be sitting on its back.

If you flip the packing tool around and use that as an ‘aid’ it stands better, but still flips very easily.

No big deal. However, when it comes to filling the chamber up, it makes so much sense for the vaporizer to stand upright. In other words, the Mighty needs to be held in one hand when filling the chamber, while the Crafty simply stands upright.


Both, the Crafty and Mighty requires a bit of a cleaning regularly. Recommended to clean the screens and chamber after each use, just using the cleaning brush included in the kit. You also do need to clean the cooling unit every now and then, and it can be a bit of a job.
Taking the cooling unit apart is easy, but you carefully need to clean all corners and screens. Some rubbing alcohol and Q-tips will definitely help in this process.

One of the very few things that I dislike about these two ‘bad boys’ is that they are not easy to clean. For regular users, it can become an issue at some point.


The Storz Bickel portable vaporizers come with a 2-year limited warranty. They are not the cheapest vaporizers out there, but worth the investment, as they always deliver great quality, clean and awesome clouds.

The products are made in Germany and backed by a reliable manufacturer’s warranty.

Final Thoughts on the Storz & Bickel Crafty and Mighty Portable Vaporizers

Storz & Bickel really paid attention to details when they designed these two portable vaporizers.
It is not easy to choose which one to get, by the end of the day it does come down to your personal preference.

I hope I was able to share some useful information about them and it helps you to decide which one to choose.

Are you still hesitant about which vaporizer to get and need a hand with finding an AWESOME Vape for Your Lifestyle? Check Out Our Vaping Guide and let us help you to choose the best vape for you.

Do you own a Crafty or Mighty?
Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section below or if you have any questions.




I have been vaporizing herbs for many years and working for VapeFuse in Australia and Europe. I try every vaporizer and fortunate enough to have this as part of my job. I feel like I am living the dream. I love to hear from other vapers, so always feel free to comment on my posts. Keep on vaping.

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