All You Need to Know About Whip vs Balloon Vaporizing

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All You Need to Know About Whip vs Balloon Vaporizing

Reaching that point, where you have to choose between your well-loved traditional habit of smoking and the healthier alternative of vaping can be a very stressful situation. But then you know you can’t just continue living the old way if you love yourself and your family or your partner. After all, your life is at stake here.

Having access to the right information and option is a big help to get you moving forward though. Good for you if you’ve already found that path and are well on your way to a new smokeless you. You might have enjoyed a whole lot of portable vaping to kick-start that journey and now, planning on taking it to the next level which would be desktop vaporizing. Yes, if you’ve been vaping with portable devices for a while now, then maybe it’s time for you to move on to a more sophisticated vaporizer for a more satisfying, relaxing pastime, especially when you are at home with your loved ones.

But just in case you are still stuck and can’t figure out whether to switch to vaping or not, we have made an in-depth piece on how vaporizers work to get you moving and start making the right choice for your dear life.

Choosing a Desktop Vaporizer

A desktop vaporizer might cost more than a portable vaporizer but the vapor quality you get is just outstanding and you are not limited to the power source compared to a portable device. It is indeed an investment but definitely a good one. As you are investing for your health and for a good, clean habit that in general occupies much of your precious time in your whole life to keep everything in balance.

And one big factor you will be faced with when choosing a desktop unit is the method of inhalation.

Why this is important? This is how you get all the goodness out of your material and having the right option to inhale the aroma will determine your satisfaction.

Whip and Balloon

There are two options available with the method of inhalation for desktop vaporizers.

Whip vaporizing uses a long plastic or silicone tube that gets connected to the top of the chamber where the vapor will be coming from and the other end is the mouthpiece where you inhale. Available tube lengths vary to offer more mobility to the users.

Balloon, on the other hand, uses a polyester plastic that is tied on one end and comes with a mouthpiece on the other that gets connected to an adapter to access the chamber. The plastic gets filled up with vapor through forced air convection and once full, it can be removed from the adapter ready for vaping. Vapor can be stored for 10 minutes or so in the balloon bag.

Aside from the material used, there are a few more factors that differentiate one from the other.

Pros and Cons


  • Mobility – limited to the length of the whip tube. If you want to move or vape at a further location, you will have to carry your desktop unit as well, which can be heavy and inconvenient and there’s the power cord to consider too. Not a good idea to not vape farther than your whip tube can reach. 🙁
  • Vapor Quality – to achieve your preferred vapor hit or density, it takes practice. Having direct access to the chamber where the vapor is coming from, you have full control as to how much vapor you inhale. Now, that is an advantage but there’s a learning curve in this process. A quick draw gives you less flavor but if you take your time by slowly inhaling, you are allowing more time for the hot air to work on the materials and you get a strong, dense flavor. This aspect of whip vaporizing takes practice but as you get used to the method, you learn to pick up the speed that works best for you during inhalation to get that desired flavor and aroma out of your blend.
  • Amount of Vapor – you can enjoy unlimited vapor depending on the proportion of materials you loaded into the chamber and as long as it doesn’t reach yet that state of being over toasted then the fun goes on.
  • Setup – less waiting time since the whip tube is directly connected to the chamber. Once the desired temperature is reached, then you can start taking your draw.


  • Mobility – you have the freedom to consume the vapor wherever you want without having to carry the heavy vaporizer around and don’t forget the power cord too. Enjoy the vapor at your most convenient location and position.
  • Vapor Quality – by utilizing forced air convection technology, your blend is effectively vaporized, producing a smooth flavorful vapor that gets into your balloon bag. And you get the same high-quality vapor from the first inhalation to the last. Although vapor can stay longer in the balloon bag, we highly recommend that you consume it fresh and not later.
  • Amount of Vapor – limited to the capacity of one balloon bag at a time. But well, you can always run a second, a third, or even more balloon from the same chamber or have another balloon bag filled while you use up the first one, right? The balloon bag is also great for vaping with a couple of friends.
  • Setup – as you need to fill the balloon bag with vapor, this calls for a little more waiting time after the vaporizer has reached the desired heat level.


VapeFuse First Session: Crave Onix Portable Herb Vape

Brands to Choose

Those are basically the things that differentiate a whip to a balloon inhalation method. Have you decided on which one to go?

If you have your eye on a whip vaporizer unit, then you may check out the Arizer V-Tower Digital Herbal Vaporizer if you want a digital unit. However, if you prefer a traditional setup then Da Buddha Herbal Vaporizer that comes with an analog rotator will work for you fine. These units are solely for whip vaporizing.

But if you are after a balloon desktop vaporizer, then you are sure to enjoy the Volcano Classic or Volcano Digit desktop vaporizer by Storz and Bickel. These units are a bit pricey but worth every penny.

Now if you are still torn in between, why not go for a dual system? Yes, you got it right, experience both methods all from one device. Here are some leading brands in this category:

Fortunately, thanks to our ever-advancing vape technology, we have another desktop vaporizer that offers a unique inhalation method and produces the smoothest of vapor.

The VapeXhale ECO comes with an aqua bubbler that offers water filtration to the vapor as it passes through it and makes the vapor cooler and adds moisture.

This process makes the vapor more soothing and delightful for your mouth and throat down to your lungs. If you are one of those who are sensitive to dry herbal vaping, then this will make the experience a lot better and more relaxing for you.

Owning a desktop vaporizer is a vaper’s ultimate dream. Make sure you get the right unit that works best for your need and lifestyle.



I have been vaporizing herbs for many years and working for VapeFuse in Australia and Europe. I try every vaporizer and fortunate enough to have this as part of my job. I feel like I am living the dream. I love to hear from other vapers, so always feel free to comment on my posts. Keep on vaping.

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