HELP! My Vape Stopped Working…Common Storz&Bickel Warranty Claims

By Nexi Miller
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HELP! My Vape Stopped Working…Common Storz&Bickel Warranty Claims

I’m desperate! My vaporizer stopped working… 🙁

Have you been in that same situation?

Like all electronic devices, the vaporizer is one that can just simply stop working one day unexpectedly. Worst, when it was still working in the morning, but just can’t make the night session anymore…

In desperation, you start looking for the instruction manual, but who knows where it is. You run to your best friend, Google for some help… most of the time you find some troubleshooting advice, and if you are savvy and lucky enough you can fix your toy or better get it replaced IF still covered by the warranty.

Faulty dry herb vaporizer

But what if there is no info out there, and you have absolutely no clue where to go and how to get fixed your one and only…

But wait… Worry no more! VapeFuse is here to help, we have collected the most common Storz and Bickel warranty claims for you that we’ve encountered in the past years of serving vapers just like you. If you are someone who is struggling to find info on how to go with bringing your vaporizer back to life, or just want to be fully prepared for the worst-case scenario, then keep reading. >>

Storz and Bickel

The Storz and Bickel desktop and portable vaporizers are well known for their decent vapor quality and robust design, however, there are some common issues that arise every now and then.

Luckily, since we’ve been supplying the Volcano and Plenty desktop vapes from the time we started, there hasn’t been any warranty claim regarding these durable devices, however, the portable brothers, the Crafty and Mighty vapes may stop working from time to time. You know, heroes get tired too sometimes. 🙂

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Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer

The great thing though is that all Storz and Bickel vapes, such as the Volcano Classic, Volcano Digit and Plenty vaporizers are covered by three (3) year, while the portable Mighty and Crafty are covered by two (2) year warranty and the Germans are pretty cool with replacing or fixing the faulty units, so if you come across with any of the below issues, then you can be assured that you’ll be covered.

So if your portable device is still under warranty, then they’ll get it fixed or replace it for you, depending on the level of malfunction.

Well, we do love the Storz and Bickel vapes just like you, because they are freaking awesome, but please don’t take it personally if your Crafty or Mighty gives up on you for the 3rd time in a row… yep, it can happen…, always make sure you have the serial number on hand, so you can speed up the warranty procedure and lodge your warranty claim.

Storz and Bickel Mighty and Crafty Portable Vaporziers

Before you scroll down and start reading on the different issues, just a note: It is also possible when your beloved vape stops working, you post it back to the store for checking, and voila… your vape is working again by the time it gets to the warehouse… the postie just fixed it for you on the way. Miracles do happen…so be prepared. 🙂

Crafty – Flashing Red & Orange LED

This is probably the most common reason for lodging a warranty claim for the Storz and Bickel Crafty. Regardless of the battery is fully charged, the vaporizer won’t turn on, and the LED will just start flashing red and orange.

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There is nothing really you can do about it. There is no way of troubleshooting, so you have to get in contact with your seller and get your vape fixed or replaced. Vape replacement can take a couple of business days after the unit is received by the seller.

Crafty – Flashing Blue LED

When the Crafty is charging, the LED will be flashing blue, which is totally normal. However, there are cases when turning the device on instead of starting up the heating process the LED will be flashing blue and then switches off.

Crafty – The Vaporizer Is Not Charging Anymore

Another common case is when you try to charge your Storz and Bickel portable vaporizer and instead of the LED starting to flash blue, nothing happens.

In this situation first, you need to check if the issue is with the charger or with the vaporizer.

Storz and Bickel Crafty Charging Cable Damaged

If you have a phone charging cable that is suitable for your Crafty then you can test your vape with it. Alternatively, you can send it back to your seller for checking, both the device and the charger. After inspection, either the charger or the Crafty itself will get fixed or replaced, as long as it’s still under warranty.

Mighty – Digital Screen Stopped Functioning

Mighty faulty digital display

This is a very rare case I should say, but as you can see in the image it can happen. If you have great eyes, well… then nothing to worry about. 😉 Otherwise, the ‘broken’ display can be fixed and is covered by warranty, if you are still within the 2 year warranty period.

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Mighty and Crafty – The Power Button Does Not Function Anymore

This is a common issue with the Storz and Bickel portable vapes. The power button just stops working, and you cannot switch the device on regardless of the battery being fully charged.

This issue is covered by warranty as well, get in contact with your retailer for further advice.

Storz and Bickel Crafty Vaporizer

Before we wrap up, here’s a story worth sharing from one of our dear customers.

This customer tried to fix his Mighty by himself, and voila! He was very successful… and indeed his Mighty started working again, like if it was new… at least for a while…

“The mighty has been GREAT. I dropped it one too many times and the power button had broken. As it was my only vaporizer, I couldn’t do without it and didn’t want to send it in for warranty.

I was able to fix the power button by resoldering something I made on my own so that I could power on the unit (was great for about 4 months).

Now it’s completely dead, giving me an “ERR 004” error. From what I’ve read, it means that the unit is faulty.

It’s now resting in peace.”

Well, I just love our customers, love to see them trying to save their precious devices and bringing them back to life.. 🙂 But remember…

“Unauthorized service performed voids all warranties (customers trying to disassemble or repair a unit without being advised to do so constitutes unauthorized service).”

I totally appreciate you can’t live without your toy, but as the saying goes “patience is a virtue”. Be a bit more patient and get in contact with your seller for help when things like these happen to your own device.

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And one more thing… make sure you give your vaporizer a proper clean before you send it back for service. Remove all debris from the chamber, use a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol to clean it up a bit. If you are about to send a Crafty or Mighty vape back, keep the Cooling Unit and all other bits and pieces, only post back the unit itself and the charger.

Once again, please, make sure the chamber is empty before you pack up and send your vape back… The below image is a clear illustration of how you do not want to send the unit back for repair 🙂 >> true story…

Mighty vaporizer chamber with used herbs
*For more information regarding warranty and liability, please check the Crafty manual p. 32-34, the Mighty manual p. 28-30.


Storz and Bickel Portable Vaporizers


Nexi Miller

Nexi Miller

I am passionate about vaporizers, vaping lifestyle and travelling. Always up for a good laugh and aiming to look at things from their fun and bright side. Let's Share The Vaping Love Together :)

8 thoughts on “HELP! My Vape Stopped Working…Common Storz&Bickel Warranty Claims”

  1. S&B is ripping of Crafty users there is a video on internet showing a 2usd fix for the red/yellow light error, dont be sheep….


  2. I’ve been extremely happy with my Storz-Bickle “Mighty”. I’ve had mine for about 4 years and use it daily. I haven’t had any issues with it .

    • lucky mine shat out on me yesterday after a year and 2 months. Wont charge, and by 6 months in my battery life was only 30 minutes tops

    • Hello Antonio,
      The alternating red and blue LED is an indication of the battery temperature being either too high or too low. Unless you are out in very cold, it is most likely to be too hoot. Putting it on the charger is not the best idea at that point as it will take longer to cool down. The best is to leave the vaporizer for 15 to 20 minutes (or even longer if possible) before using or charging it. I hope this helps.

  3. Hello, my battery charges however when I press the power button to turn it on, it does not turn on. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hello There,
      Sorry to hear that your vape doesn’t turn on. It might be the button itself but it might be caused by a few other things, so the best might be to contact Storz and Bickel and see if they can help. Hopefuly your vape is still under warranty. All the best.

  4. Digital Screen Stopped Functioning and it is out of warranty. Has anyone tried fixing this issue and if so is it fairly straightforward.


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