Arizer Air vs Solo Portable Vaporizer

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Arizer Air vs Solo Portable Vaporizer

Vaporizer Size

One of the most obvious differences between the Arizer Air and the Solo Portable Vaporizer is in their size. The Arizer Solo is a bit chubby, while the Arizer Air comes with a slim design.


Weight of the Air is 110g, which is half of the Solo (217g).
Dimension wise, the Air is about 120mm x 30mm diameter, while the Solo is 113mm x 46mm diameter.

Temperature Settings

The Solo comes with 7 different preset temperature settings, while the Air comes with 5 temperature settings.


Wider scale of temperature level is more convenient for those who prefer vaping different herbs with different vaping temperature.

Due to having less temperature settings on the Arizer Air it takes a bit shorter to heat up the unit to the desired temperature.

Solo                                               Air

Level 1 50°C / 122°F                    Level 1 (Blue) 180°C / 356°F
Level 2 185°C / 365°F                  Level 2 (White) 190°C / 374°F
Level 3 190°C / 374°F                  Level 3 (Green) 200°C / 392°F
Level 4 195°C / 383°F                  Level 4 (Orange) 205°C / 401°F
Level 5 200°C / 393°F                  Level 5 (Red) 210°C / 410°F
Level 6 205°C / 401°F
Level 7 210°C / 410°


If you LOVE the Arizer portable vapes and you own one of them already, then the good thing is that the button combinations are basically the same. Not much new to get used to.

Press both the up and down button to turn on and off the vaporizer. Then use the arrows to change the temperature settings.


Do you want to recall your previous temperature setting? Just press the up arrow once. If you want to turn on or off the beep function, all you need to do is to press the down arrow and it’s done. Easy as that.

The Air comes with basically one button only, which makes it simple to jump between temperature levels. Very easy to maneuver through the settings.


Also both of the devices come with a built in glass screen. There is no mesh included in the Solo and Air kits.

arize-glass-stem Some people love the fact that there is nothing but glass in the mouthpiece. Others would rather have a metal screen. Well, I leave it with you to decide, however, you need to make sure not to grind your herbs too fine. Always use coarsely ground dry herbs, as small pieces may pass through the glass screen easily.

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The Solo comes with a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. While the Air is functioning using a Lithium Ion removable rechargeable battery. The difference in the battery may be the major reason why the Solo is larger.


Solo‘s battery lasts for about 1.5 hours of use (up to 7 x 12 minutes sessions), regardless of which temperature setting you use. While you can enjoy vaping with your Air for about an hour (5 to 6 x 10 minutes sessions) before you need to swap batteries or put it to the charger.

But the great thing that I like about the Arizer Air is the replaceable battery. You just simply unscrew the cap at the bottom of the Air to take the battery out,

 replace it and it’s ready for more vaping.

Air batteries are very inexpensive. In my opinion, it is definitely worth having a spare one or two handy, especially if you are vaporizing a lot on the go.

While the Solo requires a screwdriver and a bit more skills to replace the battery. The cost of the Solo replacement battery is significantly higher as well. As far as their batteries concern, to me, the Air is definitely leading the way.


Charging the Battery

When the LED turns Red on both the Solo and Air you can start looking for your charger or grab your replacement Air battery. As the battery is getting flat, it’s time to charge your beloved vaporizer.

Both the Air and the Solo work with pass through charging mechanism, which means you can use your portable vape while it’s charging.

If you own an Air, you need to partially charge your battery first. So you will need to wait about 20 minutes before you can continue your vaping cycle.


If you are a Solo owner, then you can just use the device straight from the charger even if the battery is fully drained.

Having said that, I prefer using my vapes while they are off the charger, just for safety reasons and to make sure I preserve the battery’s life as much as I can.

When your Air or Solo is flashing green it means the unit is charging and once it turns to solid green, then the vaporizer is fully charged.

If you are like me and keep forgetting shutting off your vaporizer, then don’t worry. Both the Air and Solo comes with auto shut off feature, which means the Solo will turn off after 12 minutes and the Air will shut off after running for 10 minutes.


A very good thing about the Arizer portable vaporizers is that you can easily swap the glass stems between the Solo and the Air.

The Solo kit includes both, a curved and straight glass stem.

They are all handmade, so be aware that they can slightly vary. If you broke one no drama, you can get a new genuine Arizer glass stem from VapeFuse. They are quite inexpensive.

A slight difference to the Solo is that the Air comes with shorter glass stems. Therefore the vapor temperature could be slightly warmer as it gets into your mouth.

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It is somewhat harder to draw while using the longer Solo stems. With the tighter airflow the quality of your vapor improves. It also cools down a bit more by the time it gets into your system.


An additional benefit to the draw resistance, that it also helps preserving your battery. It is a lot easier to keep a steady vaporizing temperature when the airflow going through your device is controlled.

If you own a Solo and you are used to take a sip from a curved glass stem, then I suggest you get an extra curved mouthpiece for your Air. If you prefer a small 60 or 70mm long glass stem with or without a mouthpiece tip, no problem. You can get a spare one for your Solo easily.


By the end of the day, it really depends on your preference which stems to go with. Having said that, both the Air-small and Solo-longer stems are interchangeable and can be used with both Arizer vapes.



Another differentiation point between the two Arizer models is that the Air comes with a silicone skin protective case in the box.

It actually turns out to be a quite handy addition to the device, as it serves two useful purposes. Firstly, much like your phone, your vaporizer is a cherished device, so you want to protect it from accidental drops.


As you can see in the picture, the silicone case is not a heavy duty case, but still gives your device some level of protection.
Secondly, it also insulates heat. So you are less exposed to the increased temperature while you are vaporizing or putting into your pocket after you are done with your session.

Vapor Quality

They produce the same, excellent quality vapor, that you would expect from an Arizer device. Both, the Air and the Solo comes with stainless steel chambers and glass mouthpieces. So it would be very hard to tell which one is the vapor from, unless you see the device.


There is no real difference in taste and vapor quality in my experience. This also seem to be the general opinion in our community as well.


Due to its weight and slimline design, you would most likely prefer to carry an Arizer Air rather than an Arizer Solo.
arizer-air-black-vaporizer The Arizer portable vapes do not come with dosing capsules. (Dosing capsules are becoming a very popular feature among other portable vape brands, and we recently published a post about them here). Dosing capsules basically would make reloading your chamber on the go a lot more convenient. However, you can use the stem caps included in each kit and store some dry herbs in the glass stem for later use.

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Also, you may worry about the fragile glass parts…Well, the Arizer Air comes with a carry case, which saves your vaporizer from elements. And still has some room in the case for your glass stem as well.


With the Solo, the long straight and curved glass stems are more susceptible to damage. So if it’s about portability, I prefer taking a small glass stem.


The Arizer Air and Solo portable vapes are hands down two of the easiest units to clean among other portable devices available on the market.


Due to the dry herbs loading straight to the end of your stem, the heating chamber of the device requires very minimal maintenance. All you need to do is to flip the device over after each use to make sure there are no vaporized materials left in the chamber. And it also pays off to wipe your chamber clean every now and then.


The part that needs more regular cleaning is your glass stem. Depending on the frequency of your use, you’ll need to clean the glass stem once it starts discolouring. Having too much resin built up will compromise your vaping experience. The easiest way to clean your glass parts is to soak them in isopropyl alcohol. Then give them a good rinse and wipe. The isopropyl alcohol can dissolve plastic, so make sure you are only soaking your glass parts in it.


Both devices come with lifetime warranty on the heating elements and with 2 years limited warranty covering defects in materials or workmanship. The Solo battery is also covered by a 1 year warranty.


Final Thoughts on the Arizer Air vs Solo Portable Vaporizer

These are two fantastic portable vaporizers that we have been supplying for many years and hardly have any warranty claims on. While they are both portable vaporizers, as you can see they are not necessary built for the greatest portability and discretion.


There are lot of other portable devices on the market which are much easier to carry around and provide you with more discretion. The real strengths of the Arizer Air and Solo come down to their excellent vapor production, taste and their ease of maintenance.

By the end of the day, they are both very solid and reliable devices. It only comes down to your personal preference and hopefully the above will help you with making the decision.

Are you still hesitant which vaporizer to get and need a hand with finding an AWESOME Vape for Your Lifestyle? Check Out Our Vaping Guide and let us help you to choose the best vape for you.


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Please let us know below in the comments section if you have any personal experience with the Arizer Air or Solo. We are always happy to hear from you.
Also feel free to let us know if you have any questions.



I have been vaporizing herbs for many years and working for VapeFuse in Australia and Europe. I try every vaporizer and fortunate enough to have this as part of my job. I feel like I am living the dream. I love to hear from other vapers, so always feel free to comment on my posts. Keep on vaping.

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