Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini Portable Vaporizer User’s Review

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Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini Portable Vaporizer User’s Review

The Flowermate Mini Pro is the latest in the V5 range of the Flowermate series of portable vaporizers. I have been testing this little portable vaporizer for a few months and keen to share my experience with you.

First Impression and Design of the Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini

The first thing you notice holding it is its small size and lightweight.

It is really tiny, 84mm high, 44mm wide and only 19mm wide and weigh less than 90gramms.

Due to its lightweight, it feels a little ‘cheap’ for the first impression.

After some use, I got used to it, however going back and forth with other vaporizers, I always notice the light weight of the Flowermate.

On the positive side, being so small and light makes it extremely portable. Easily fits into your pocket and it is really easy to carry around.

With the 2 USB ports, it looks a bit like a power bank or an external hard drive, so it is quite discrete.  

The plastic sliding caps on the top and bottom are made out of light plastic and contribute to the ‘cheap’ feeling, I was talking about above.

Having said that, overall, it is great value for money and considering the price of the unit, it surely is well built in its price category.

Digital Display

The V5.OS PRO Mini comes with an adjustable OLED display on the side of the unit.

It displays the battery level and the actual temperature.

In my view, it is a great feature to have a digital display on such a small device.

Temperature Control

It is quite impressive to have a full range of temperature from 40°C (104°F) to 230°C (446°F) on a small vaporizer such as the V5.OS PRO Mini.

This temperature range enables you to vaporize most herbs you may ever want to vaporize.
On the top of that, you can adjust the temperature by the degree, giving you a very precise temperature control. Very impressive for the price.

Depending on your preference you can swap between Celsius to Fahrenheit by pressing the + and – buttons (the two identical buttons towards the bottom) simultaneously.

How the Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini Portable Vaporizer Works

Using the Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini is super simple.
As a first step, take out the glass mouthpiece from the device. You have to slide the airflow adjusting plastic cap all the way open to do that.

Next, place a larger screen (there are two kinds in your box) into the bottom of your chamber.

The vaporizer comes with dosing capsules, also called ‘pods’ or ‘canisters’. You can choose to use your vaporizer with or without the capsules.

I am personally a huge fan of the pods and use them with every device has one available.

This Flowermate comes with two filling canisters, one for dry herbs and one for concentrates. The pod for concentrates comes with a little piece of organic wool inside.

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Regardless if you use the dosing capsules or pack straight into the chamber, it is best to pack your herbs ‘loosely’. Just like any other vaporizer, overloading the chamber results in limited airflow and uneven vaporizing of your herbs, so try to avoid it.

Once you have your herbs loaded, fire up your vaporizer by pressing the power button 5 times. When you’ve done that, hold the same button for 2 to 3 seconds to start the heating up process.

The Flowermate vaporizers heat up rather quickly. This specific one heats up in about 30 seconds depending on your temperature settings.

Before you realise, your Flowermate Mini Pro is heated up and ready for you to use.

As you take your first draw, you’ll realise that the device hasn’t got much airflow resistance at all. I personally like a little tighter resistance on the airflow, so I was hopeful for the adjustable airflow feature, that I really got to like on the FocusVape Pro.

Having said that, the adjustable airflow on the Flowermate here isn’t working as well as the one on the FocusVape. As the plastic cap isn’t airtight, adjusting the sliding cap seems to make a very little difference, if any at all.

Smart Features

The Flowermate vaporizer has an auto shut-off mechanism to go into ‘sleep’ mode after 5 minutes of being turned on. You can press and hold the power button for 2 seconds or so to get it back on again.

If you’d like to shut your device off, press the power button 5 times in a row, just like you did turning it on.

When you do turn your Flowermate Mini Pro on again, it will ‘remember’ your latest temperature setting and heat up to that.

The glass mouthpiece is great and convenient. One tip that I learned the hard way is this. While hot, always screw off your mouthpiece by grabbing the top of the glass and stay away from touching the stainless steel bottom bit.

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I intuitively grabbed the steel part and burnt my fingers. It has “caution hot” written on it, however I still intuitively went to the bottom to screw the mouthpiece off. Only for the first time though, I learned my lesson very quickly.

The glass mouthpiece combined with the ceramic coated heating chamber and stainless steel screens provides a ‘clean’ vapor path.

Vapor Quality of the Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini Portable Vaporizer

Vapor quality is above average and certainly good for a vaporizer at this price point.

It is a small vaporizer with a short vapor path, so the vapor is quite hot and the glass mouthpiece gets hot as well. These are all expected from a small device like this though.

The vapor also has a little taste from the device, that I did not expect considering the clean vapor path. It is the same taste and smell that you can feel if you sniff the device. Not a major concern as the vapor path is clean, however it is there for a while when you use it initially.

Overall, the vaporizer does the job and produces decent vapor quality and well above the average considering its size and price.


The Flowermate Mini Pro comes with an internal, rechargeable lithium battery.

Internal, also called built-in battery, means that when your battery dies, you need to replace the entire device. Due to that reason, I prefer the devices with replaceable batteries, however, it is not a huge issue.

High-end devices, like the Storz & Bickel Crafty and Mighty also come with built-in batteries.

This Flowermate isn’t designed and built for everyday use, more so for occasional vaporizing. Considering that, even with the internal batteries, they should last and serve you for years.

It is a small battery that these devices have and they last for about 6 to 8 vaping sessions.

The device charges with a standard USB micro cable which I like. It is good to be able to charge your device with any standard USB cables, even if you forget to take your charger.

Remember to condition your battery when you charge it for the first time. You do this simply by leaving it on the charger for 3 to 4 hours. For any subsequent charging, you don’t have to leave it on the charger for this long. It is only for the first time, so the battery gets ‘conditioned’ and lasts longer.

For later charges it takes about 2 hours or so to fully charge the unit.

The Flowermate Pro Mini cannot be used while it is on the charger. Just like many other devices (most of the CloudV Vaporizer Pens), the batteries they come with are not designed to receive and give energy at the same time.

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With the Flowermate V5.OS Mini Pro does start up while on the charger, however using it may result in surges to the battery that can damage it and decrease its lifespan.

Using the Flowermate Mini PRO as a Power Bank

The power bank function is excellent, it helps to make the device even more discreet if that is helpful to you.

In terms of charging your phone, iPad or other devices on it, it is not really big enough for that. You may get a little charge on such devices, however it is not like a full charge.

I still believe that it is smart that it can be used as a power bank and if you ever run out of power on your phone and can get some life into it from your Flowermate, you’ll think the same.

What’s in The Box

  • V5.0S Pro Mini Vaporizer
  • Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
  • Liquid / Waxy Chamber
  • Medium Stainless Steel Pod
  • Stainless Steel Screens (5pcs)
  • Packing Tool and Dabber
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Warranty Information Card
  • User Manual

Cleaning the Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini Portable Vaporizer

One big advantage of this vaporizer is that it is very easy to keep it clean. I am a big advocate for vaporizers that are designed in a way that they are easy to maintain and clean.

With this one, all you need to do is give the chamber a little clean with the supplied brush after every use and clean the mouthpiece as needed. Apart from that, give it a thorough clean every now and then, depending on how frequently you use it.

Just like with any other devices with the stainless steel drilled plate screen, (such as the Vapir Prima, or FocusVape), you will notice when it is time to clean the device, as it becomes hard to draw.

When it is time to clean, simply pull the mouthpiece out of its stainless steel base and take the screen out. All these steel and glass bits, including the bottom screen from the chamber as well as the dosing capsules can be soaked into isopropyl alcohol.

While those bits are soaking, give the chamber a bit of a rub with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol.

Make sure you rinse everything properly to ensure there is no alcohol residue on the parts.

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Once all parts are dry, you can assemble the mouthpiece, put the screen back to the bottom of the chamber and you are good to go again.

Who is the Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini Portable Vaporizer for?

This vaporizer is for you, if you are looking for a reliable device that produces good quality vapor, that you plan to use casually.

In my view, this device is not for everyday use, more so for occasional use on the go. It is very discreet and easy to use while you are out, especially with the dosing capsules.

They are reasonably priced and more affordable, than other higher end portable vaporizers, so if your budget is limited, this might be a good option. Certainly great value.


As a conclusion, I do think the Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini is a great entry level portable vaporizer and does the job well. I have personally recommended this device to friends and members of our community that vape occasionally.

They wanted clean vapor and had a budget. The Flowermate is a perfect vaporizer in these situations.

Here is the summary of the pros and cons you may want to consider:


– Clean vapor path with only stainless steel and glass parts

– More affordable compared to Storz & Bickel or Arizer portable vaporizers

– Wide range of temperature setting

– Very portable and discreet, easy to use on the go

– Works as a power bank if you really get stuck

– Very easy to clean

– Standard USB charging cable makes charging hassle free

– Heats up very fast by any standards

– Good value, provides clean vapor on a budget


– No pass over function while charging, meaning, you can’t use the device while it’s on the charger. If this is your only vaporizer, this can be an inconvenience.

– Inbuilt battery limits the life of the device to the life of the battery

Do you like what you’ve seen and just found out about the Flowermate V5.OS Pro Mini portable vaporizer? Check it out at VapeFuse.com

Are you still hesitant which vaporizer to get and need a hand with finding an AWESOME Vape for Your Lifestyle? Check Out Our Vaping Guide and let us help you to choose the best vape for you.

Flowermate Portable Vaporizers



I have been vaporizing herbs for many years and working for VapeFuse in Australia and Europe. I try every vaporizer and fortunate enough to have this as part of my job. I feel like I am living the dream. I love to hear from other vapers, so always feel free to comment on my posts. Keep on vaping.

2 thoughts on “Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini Portable Vaporizer User’s Review”

  1. Hi,

    Quick question, why is it that you think the device is not for daily use? I’m looking for something I can use maybe 3-4 times a week, so not that heavy, but still nearly daily. Would you recommend this unit? Budget is kind of a big deal for me..

    • Hello Dan,
      The main reason for saying that it is not for daily use is that for very regular daily use, you are best off with a desktop unit, so you are best the best vapor quality and cooler vapor as well. Desktop units using a balloon collection system or even a whip will deliver a lot cooler vapor, which is better with regular, multiple times a day use.
      The Flowermate Pro Mini is a very good unit overall, not my personal favorite portable, however many folks in our community have been using it for a long time and very happy with it. I have used the Pro Mini many times and would not hesitate to recommend it to you. You get a great value for your money overall, so yes, I would go for it.
      Let us know if we can help with anything else.


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