iFocus Dab Mini Portable Wax Pen: Concentrated Review

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What’s up VapeFusers,

Scott here keeping you up to date with the latest cannabis vaping content! The concentrate scene here in Denver is huge, and I’ve been lucky enough to cop a bunch of new wax pens recently, just in time for Summer.

One of my favorites is the iFocus Dab Mini tri-brid wax pen, 510 battery, and nectar collector. My initial skepticism later turned to awe as I began to realize the full capabilities of this little dab pen.

What I took for a strange new coil turned out to be a quartz crystal-dusted ceramic tip atomizer with a drip hole for economic concentrate consumption.

For those of you that aren’t aware of what a nectar collector is, it’s basically a heated dab nail on the end of a glass pipe that you can use like a straw to suck up sweet concentrate vapor.

iFocus Wax Pen

This atomizer, referred to in the user manual as a Quartz Crystal Atomizer, screws directly into the battery and utilizes a red-hot conduction heating method to vaporize your concentrate.

When using the nectar collector function, you inhale through the bottom of the device. Did I forget to mention a dual-airpath? That’s right. You can hit this bad boy from mouth to south.

iFocus Wax Pen

If you’re looking to take a tiny dab and micro-dose your concentrate, simply scoop a small amount of concentrate onto your dabber and hold the button in while inhaling and pressing the atomizer against the tip of your dabber.

If you’re looking to take lung-busting dabs, create a small pile of concentrate within a heat-proof dab container and go wild.

Personally, I like to create a snake in my container and run the tip along it until the concentrate was vaporized away to nothing.

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iFocus Wax Pen

If you’re living in a country with liberal cannabis laws, you can even make your own mixed up cannabis-infused eJuice or use your pen with a concentrate cartridge from your local dispensary.

Simply screw the 510-thread compatible cartridge into the end of your pen and get puffing. The Dab Mini wax pen even comes equipped with a 1.85v pre-heat function, the perfect temp for disposable dab pens.

iFocus Wax Pen

The third function is that of a traditional wax pen. With the included quartz-dusted ceramic coil atomizer, referred to as the Vapor Tip Atomizer, you can load up a dollop of your favorite wax for on-the-go toking.

It has a screwable cap to stop the concentrate from leaking, and a ceramic chamber wall to accommodate larger amounts of concentrate.

iFocus Wax Pen

When you want to take a low-key dab, just unscrew the top cap and load a small or large amount of concentrate into the cup of the atomizer. This process can be assisted by a quick press of the button.

Make sure not to overload the coil, as too much of a viscous substance could result in a tiny leakage. It’s best to add about 0.1g of concentrate max at a time to your wax pen.

iFocus Wax Pen

The iFocus Dab Mini is one of the tastiest concentrate vapes I’ve come across, and it’s definitely the most multifunctional wax pen on the market.

With the nectar collector function, you’ve got an awesome at-home wax pen, while the 510-thread battery and preloadable cup atomizer make for ultimate on-the-go concentrate vaping.

It has a super terpy flavor similar to that of the Crave Quantum or X Max V-One Plus, as is the ideal wax pen for an on-the-go concentrate vaper.

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iFocus Wax Pen

Keep an eye out for the iFocus Dab Mini
Tri-brid wax pen in the VapeFuse online store!


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