Concentrated Review: Using a Liquid Pad with Your Vape

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Concentrate vaporizers are gaining more and more popularity these days, with most vape manufacturers diversifying into the wax vapes market in order to try and keep up with the crazy demand.

The funny thing is, vaporizers have been coming equipped with hybrid capabilities for over a decade. Even Storz & Bickel’s Volcano Classic came equipped with a liquid pad for concentrate vaping!

Storz and Bickel Stainless Steel Liquid Pad

Liquid pads are actually quite a common phenomenon, especially among the Storz & Bickel line of vaporizers. The Crafty, Mighty, Plenty and both the Volcano Classic and Digit come equipped with stainless steel mesh liquid pads for vaporizing your concentrate.

liquid pad is among the Storz & Bickel line of vaporizers

These pads help turn your vaporizer from a convection vape into a conduction heating device, similar to any other dab pen. Your liquid pad is able to be used to vaporize hash, waxy concentrates, liquids & oils, and can even be used to shrink your chamber size when using a Volcano Digit.

These stainless steel liquid pads add no residual flavor to the vapor path, and they slot directly into the chamber sitting comfortably between the chamber wall and the mouthpiece.

Storz and Bickel Crafty with Stainless Steel Liquid Pad

Although, these removable pads won’t heat your concentrate as much as an eRig or vape pen could, low-temperature dabbing allows you to get the most out of your concentrates terpene profile.

Using X Vape Fog vaporizer with liquid pad

As your liquid pad soaks up with residual concentrate, vapor production will begin to be a lot more effective. Initially, I was pretty hesitant about using the pads, but as soon as the mesh got some build-up I was getting massive hits.

Be sure to glob a decent amount of concentrate over the pad before using it for the first time so you can get that initial resin build-up and enhance your vaping experience.

Storz & Bickel 40-piece Filling Set for Dosing Capsules

using liquid pad with X Vape Fog vaporizer

After you’ve placed a decent amount of concentrate over the mesh liquid pad, insert it slowly into the chamber with the concentrate side face upwards.

If you’re looking for maximum vapor production, you should definitely set your vaporizer to its highest temperature. Unlike a herb vape which you’d generally start around 180°C (356°F), you can crank your vape up as far as it can go.

Liquid Pad of the X Vape Fog Portable Vaporizer

The vapor that’s generated while you’re using these liquid pads isn’t very dense, but the flavor is phenomenal. The low-temp terpy concentrate vapor is so flavorsome that you’ll never go back to dabbing again.

Some devices like the Flowermate or the X Max Starry come with cotton-based convection waxy cartridges for use with liquid and concentrates, but you’re going to see a lot more visible vapor coming from the steel liquid pads.

liquid pads with X Max Starry and X Vape Fog vaporizers

At VapeFuse we’ve got a whole bunch of portable and desktop devices that come equipped with liquid pads for concentrate vaporization.

The Vapir Prima, X Vape FOG, Storz & Bickel Crafty, Mighty & Plenty portable vapes all have included stainless steel mesh liquid pads to fulfill your concentrate needs.

Dry herb vaporizers with liquid pad

When you’re trying to work out dosage amounts for your liquid pad, it’s good to start with about 0.1g of concentrate material spread evenly over the pad. From then on you should only need to add a normal sized dab each time.

That is, of course, true for all of your portable devices. When you’re dealing with a liquid pad as big as the Volcano Digit’s you can chuck in up to a half gram to get the first session going…

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Talk about flavor!

Using S&B Volcano Digit desktop vaporizer with liquid pad

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