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Crave have been on fire lately with their portable line of vaporizers, bringing out three new portables in the last six months alone!

I’ve been lucky enough to cop both the Crave Cloud and the all-new Crave Onix to test out before they hit the shelves, and have been loving the progression the Melbourne-based vape gurus have been having.

I recently conducted my first sneak peek of the Crave Onix and blew some clouds in my first session post, you can check it out here.

Crave Onix Portable Herb Vape

If you’ve been reading up on our concentrated reviews lately you would know that wax pens are a phenomenon that’s taking the dabbing world by storm!

Gone are the days of having to fill your torch, heat your nail, wait for it to cool and then finally hit your dab. These days there are a bunch of handy little concentrate vaporizers on the market that are ready to get you dabbing at the push of a button.

‘Which vape pen is right for you?’ was a full comparison we conducted on some of the hottest wax pens on the market, you can check it out here.

Crave Quantum

Crave’s pilot concentrate vaporizer, the Crave Quantum is impressive both in and out of the box. It’s the first wax pen I’ve come across to come with an additional aqua-bubbler which is an awesome feat in itself.

Obviously having a big glass tube sticking out the end of your vape isn’t ideal and affects portability a little, it’s an awesome touch for someone looking for something discreet to use at home or safely on the go.

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Crave Quantum

The device itself is a little reminiscent¬†of the X Max V-One Plus, which is my personal go-to concentrate vaporizer. With the glass mouthpiece, you’re getting an ultra-pure concentrate vapor, similar to that of a traditional rig.

With a weighty feel to it, the Quantum is a device of a super high quality. It’s discreet enough to slide into any pocket or small bag, yet powerful enough to produce some huge clouds of vapor.

Crave Quantum

The Crave Quantum’s aqua-bubbler helps to cool down the vapor and provides for a more pleasant vaping experience.

It is roughly the same size as the vaporizer itself and slots directly over the atomizer. Proper care must be taken to ensure that the aqua-bubbler doesn’t come into disrepair, but our vape maintenance guide should help with this.

Crave Quantum

Keep an eye out for the Crave Quantum in the VapeFuse store and check out our awesome line of wax vapes to get your concentrate on!

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