X Max V-One Plus Concentrate Vaporizer Review

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X Max V-One Plus Concentrate Vaporizer Review

Hey VapeFusers,

If you’re like me, you’re always looking to find the most efficient way to consume your herbs and concentrates. Generally, to consume concentrates I’d use one of my eRig’s like the CloudV ElectroMini, but recently I got to try out another amazing portable vape – and I’m hooked.

Let me introduce the X Max V-One Plus – the master of portable concentrate vaping.

XMax V One Plus Concentrate Vaporizer

The device is ultra-sleek and reasonably compact, it’s definitely discreet enough to sneak into any movie theatre or music festival, and the tough design appears to be a lot more similar to an eCigarette than most other concentrate vaporizers I’ve seen.

Usually, I only use a concentrate pen if I have to, as I find they’re far less frugal than an eRig, however the ceramic doughnut-atomizer heats to a consistently perfect temperature inside the ceramic baking chamber to mimic the effect of a ceramic nail on a traditional dab rig.

XMax V One Plus Concentrate Vaporizer in use

The XMax V-One Plus is an elite concentrate vape for a number of reasons. I find that the chamber allows the perfect amount of air to enter the vapor path, as usual with vapor pens I can feel like I’m sucking cement through a straw.

The device is just over 12cm (4.7in) in length and has a width of about 2cm(0.8in). It fits comfortably into your hand, bag, or pocket and is ultra-durable thanks to its sturdy frame. I’ve knocked mine over a couple of times and it hasn’t appeared to have had any negative impact on the tough glass, however, take caution.

XMax vaporizers from Topgreen Technology

The device is the latest in our range of vape pens and is part of the esteemed X Max vaporizer series from Topgreen Technology. In this category, we’ve also recently added the Stark, which features a dual quartz rod system of concentrate vaping, as well as the V2 Pro: a master of dual herb and wax vaping.

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Whether you’re new to concentrate vaping, or a seasoned vaper like myself, the X Max V-One Plus combines ultra-simplicity with extremely high performance. That, coupled with the affordable price tag, are my biggest purchase incentives for this awesome portable vape.


X Max V-One Plus Concentrate Vaporizer


The vaporizer features a single button method of
operation; with 5 clicks switching the power on
and off, and a single press begins the heating process.
When held down the device will heat until the button is released.



The all glass mouthpiece is unique for this type
of X Max V-One Plus Concentrate Vaporizer with mouthpiece offvaporizer, and features an innovative inbuilt glass
filter which shields your mouth from any excess
The atomizer is able to be easily maintained via
the use of cotton wipes and isopropyl alcohol,
with the metal ring on top of the chamber
unscrewing to make cleaning even simpler.



X Max V-One Plus Concentrate Vaporizer with mouthpiece and atomizer off


The atomizer is able to be unscrewed from
the battery, which leaves a battery adapter
and the final o-ring. This gives you the
option to purchase an additional atomizer
to delay the urgency of cleaning.



X Max V-One Plus Concentrate Vaporizer with mouthpiece, atomizer and base off

This atomizer base unscrews to reveal a
510 thread, meaning that the battery can power
most liquid tanks for mod vaporizers.
This is an awesome little feature and turns
the device into a hybrid concentrate and
liquid vaporizer.




X Max V-One Plus Concentrate Vaporizer with mouthpiece, atomizer and base off with silicone insert

Finally, a feature which I find awesome,
the base of the battery is able to be
unscrewed. The threaded container has
a silicon insert and gives you the ability
to store up to a gram of concentrate
material for on the go dabbing.

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The device coming apart into 5 different pieces, or 6 if you count the ring that screws into the atomizer chamber, makes it super easy to clean – which is generally one of the major downsides of a concentrate pen. Other wax vapes that utilize a coil system become clogged and worn a lot quicker than the X Max V-One Plus’ ceramic doughnut-atomizer; which can be burnt off to near new even after a bunch of sessions.

X Max V-One Plus Concentrate Vaporizer in the box

X Max V-One Plus Concentrate Vaporizer inclusions

What’s in the Box?


Included in the kit:

1 x X Max V-One Plus Vaporizer Unit

1 x Dab Tool

4 x Replacement O Rings

1 x USB Cable

User’s Manual


XMax V One + dab pen

The X Max V-One Plus is a true performer and a must-buy for anyone that’s into on-the-go concentrate vaping.

If you’d like to purchase an XMax V One Plus wax vaporizer, you can do so here.

XMax V One Plus Banner





Hey! I'm Matt, I've been a member of the VapeFuse family since July 2017 and am passionate about providing customers with the highest quality vapes that are going to revolutionise the way they look at consuming herbs. Aside from vaping, I love reading and travelling and have spent a bunch of time over in Europe learning about the herb we all know and love. I'll be keeping you up to date with the latest vape news and content, drop me a line if you have a story you want to share.

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