iFocus DabMini: The Most Functional Wax Pen on the Market

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VapeFuse was lucky enough to recently receive a prototype wax pen from our friends over at iFocus, the makers of the FocusVape Pro. The iFocus DabMini is easily the most functional wax pen I’ve come across.

In this post, I walk you through the many faces of the iFocus DabMini, two of which Scott and I missed entirely in our sneak peek post. If you’re a fan of our concentrated reviews, this is a post for you!

iFocus Wax Pen

The 5 Ways to Vape Concentrate with the iFocus DabMini

1) Nectar Collector

The ceramic-housed quartz crystal atomizer is perhaps the most ingenious concentrate atomizer you’re likely to come across.

It mimics the functionality of a traditional nectar collector, which is a glass pipe that’s interlinked with a heated titanium straw for atomizing concentrates on the go.

iFocus Wax Pen

Nectar collectors are awesome as they generate a tasty vapor, are easy to use on the go and are relatively wallet-friendly. With the iFocus DabMini you get one better as the inbuilt 510-thread battery supplies the heat instead of a torch.

To use the iFocus DabMini’s nectar collector function, simply remove the device’s cap, hold in the heating button for a few seconds. To hit your dab, run the atomizer’s quart tip over a pile of your concentrate while inhaling through the device’s bottom.

iFocus Wax Pen

2) Wax Pen

If you’ve ever vaped your concentrate through a wax pen like the X Max V-One Plus or Dr. Dabber Aurora, you’ll know full well how effective these pens can be.

To utilize the iFocus DabMini’s wax pen function, simply glob a dollop of concentrate onto the quartz coil, screw in the convection-heating lid and dab away! The DabMini’s chamber can accommodate up to 0.15 g of waxy concentrate.

Sneak Peek: Square Dual Mode Digital Portable Vaporizer

iFocus DabMini

3) 510-Thread Cartridge Vape Pen

If you’re living in a state or country where cannabis is legal you may very well have seen these disposable vape cartridges lying around. They are compatible with most e-cigarettes, and thanks to the 510-thread battery the powers the DabMini, they’re compatible with your device too!

To use your favorite 510-thread dab cartridges with the iFocus wax pen, simply unscrew either of the atomizers from the battery and replace it with your disposable vape cartridge.

iFocus DabMini

4) Hit the Blunt!

My personal favorite way to consume concentrate through the iFocus DabMini is a little different than most ways you’ve probably seen wax consumed before.

If you unscrew the mouthpiece on the bottom where you’d usually draw vapor in nectar collector mode, the airflow becomes 10x better and you can pull mad tokes like you would a blunt.

iFocus DabMini

5) Through the Rig: Traditional Dab

The more I use this device the more awesome features I discover. The domed nature of the mouthpiece means that the iFocus DabMini fits snuggly into any indented pipe-piece or cone piece.

If you’ve got a 14mm water pipe, the mouthpiece will slot directly into the end of your stem. With a 10mm dab rig, simply remove the top cap and slot the cylindrical wax pen atomizer directly into your chillum.

Using a water pipe to hit your dabs is awesome as it mimics the effects of a traditional dab without all of the possible dangers or the need for a torch.

iFocus Wax Pen

The iFocus DabMini is an ode to the portable wax vaper. It’s versatile, totally functional, and offers a superior quality of vapor to most wax pens on the market.

FocusVape vs FocusVape Pro Portable Vaporizer

If you liked this post, go ahead and check out the rest of our waxy reviews in the Concentrated Review archive in the VapeFuse Blog!




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