dab cartridges shatter batter

Vaping Concentrates: DIY Dab Cartridges with Shatter Batter

What’s up VapeFusers! The time has finally come to bust open that Shatter Batter I copped a couple of weeks back and try my luck at making some dab carts. With the help of this handy base liquid, you can liquify your cannabis and consume it the same way you would eLiquid through an e-cigarette. … Read more

AVB Canna Cups

How to Make DIY Canna Caps with Your AVB

I’ve been scanning through r/Trees and the FuckCombustion forum recently in an attempt to find inspiration for new and exciting ways to consume AVB! Like most of you savvy vapers already know, AVB (or already vaped bud) is the browned herbal remnants that fall out of your vape’s chamber after a session. One of the … Read more

Shatter Batter

Sneak Peek: Shatter Batter Base Liquid for DIY Cannabis Vape Juice

Disposable vape pens are taking over the legal cannabis market in America for a whole bunch of reasons. They’re relatively cheap, there’s no ‘herby’ smell, and they taste great! Cartridge vapes like the PCKT ONE Portable Vaporizer that I recently reviewed are popping up all over the shop! This new craze is taking the world by … Read more

Best Way to Grind your Herb

Herb Vaping 101: Best Way to Grind your Herb

What’s up VapeFusers! One question we get asked pretty often from a beginner herb vaper is: “How finely should I grind my herb?” This question is super simple to answer, but there is naturally a lot of confusion due to the many different types of grinders available on the market. While many cannabis connoisseurs still … Read more

Cannabis-infused chocolate

Cooking with AVB: DIY Cannabis-Infused Chocolate

What’s up VapeFusers! Are you after a totally yummy way to get rid of all of that AVB (already vaped bud) that you’ve got lying around? VapeFuse has got you covered! If the state you’re living in doesn’t allow you easy access to cannabis edibles, making your own cannabis-infused goodies may be the only way … Read more

Disposable Vape Cartridges

PCKT ONE: The Best Vape for Disposable 510 Vape Cartridges

This a review of the PCKT One Vapor Unit 510 threaded oil cartridge vaporizer. Since this review, PCKT has launched the PCKT One Plus, that you can check out here. Disposable vape pens are slowly but surely taking over the legal cannabis market. As many of the mid-priced disposable vape cartridges are made from monster … Read more

iFocus Wax Pen

iFocus Dab Mini Portable Wax Pen: Concentrated Review

What’s up VapeFusers, Scott here keeping you up to date with the latest cannabis vaping content! The concentrate scene here in Denver is huge, and I’ve been lucky enough to cop a bunch of new wax pens recently, just in time for Summer. One of my favorites is the iFocus Dab Mini tri-brid wax pen, 510 … Read more

Hash Vaping

How to Vape Hash with Your Vaporizer: Vaping Hash 101

Ah…the age-old question. Will I ruin my $200+ herb vape by putting sticky, resinous hashish inside of it? The answer is not always a simple one. Can I Vaporize Hash? The short answer is yes, you can and it is a better way of consuming hash than smoking it. Funnily enough, there are very few … Read more

Infused Kombucha

Making Cannabis-Infused Kombucha with Your AVB

Cannabis and Kombucha: 2018’s hottest trend-setting beverage! Got a funny ring to it, doesn’t it? Believe it or not though, the evergrowing acceptance of adult cannabis use is bringing forth some truly amazing concoctions! When I first moved to Denver back in 2014, the legal cannabis scene was only really kicking off. These days there … Read more