Airistech Tick: World’s Most Discreet Concentrate Vaporizer

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What’s up VapeFusers?

I’ve been coming at you guys with a bunch of these Airistech wax vaporizers lately, namely the QCell Quartz-Authority range that includes both the Airistech Headbanger and the low-key Airistech Q-Tip.

Both of these devices were awesomely unique, and thanks to the patented QCell Quartz Heating Technology, they also blow some of the tastiest concentrate clouds I’ve come across.

Airistech Tick

The last concentrate vape I’m going to be reviewing from the Airistech line is the all-new Airistech Tick portable vape for 510-cartridges.

Now the Tick isn’t your everyday concentrate vape. It’s quite unlike most wax vapes I’ve come across, and like the PCKT-ONE Puff-Powered Concentrate Vape, it is strictly for use with disposable vape cartridges that are equipped with a 510-thread.

Airistech Tick

The Airistech Tick itself takes the appearance of a pocket-sized cigarette lighter or possibly a small torch but appears to look nothing like a vaporizer to the untrained eye.

While disposable vape pens are far more discreet that regular vaporizers, they can still be difficult to conceal and smuggle into concerts or festivals or the like. The Airistech tick’s discreet appearance would make it an awesome choice for those non-vapor friendly events.

Airistech Tick

Included in the Tick’s kit is the following:

  • 1 x Airistech Tick Vaporizer
  • 1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • 2 x Universal Magnetic Cartridge Adapters

With the help of some concentrate-infused vape cartridges, you can get your vape on mess-free right out of the box! For a guide on how to make your own cartridges, check out Scott’s walkthrough guide using Shatter Batter here!

Airistech Tick

The included magnetic adapters screw directly onto the thread of your cartridge and in-turn make it compatible with the magnetic battery connection that sits at the bottom of the interior cartridge chamber.

Breaking Down the Airistech Headbanger 2-in-1 Wax Vape [VIDEO]

If you’ve got a normal 0.5ml vape cartridge like the one shown above, you should generally go with the larger of the two adapters, but a bit of trial and error may be needed to find the perfect fit for your vape.

Airistech Tick

Once the cartridge is concealed inside you are good to go on your merry way without anything being the wiser as to what you’re up to.

If you’re planning on hitting the town for the weekend and don’t want to be without your vapor cartridges, the Airistech Tick is definitely the solution for you.

Airistech Tick

To use the device is as simple as pressing the button and inhaling. It has three voltage settings for use with thicker or more viscous oils, and it even comes equipped with a 15-second preheat function for long tokes!

Keep an eye out for the Airistech Tick in the VapeFuse online store and check out our awesome variety of vaporizers below to get your vape on today!

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