X Max Starry

XMax Starry Vaporizer Review

A nifty little portable that’s been making waves around the world is the compact and wallet-friendly XMax Starry. It is a small, pocket-size portable digital conduction vaporizer for dry herb. Great performance at an affordable price. In this post, we are reviewing the version 2. You can find the new and improved Starry version 3 … Read more

X Vape Vista Portable eRig

Concentrated Review: Breaking Down the X Vape Vista Portable eRig/eNail

Shoutout to all my concentrate vapers! These concentrated reviews are my all time favorites to do because I get to talk to you guys about a topic that I’m super passionate about, concentrates! For those of you that are new to the cannabis scene, concentrates are ultra-refined forms of cannabis extract that have been created … Read more

X Max V2 Pro Portable Vape

Breaking Down the X Max V2 Pro Portable Vape

Hey VapeFusers, I have been testing the Xmax V2 Pro dry herb vaporizer for a few months now and One of my favorite new lines we’ve recently introduced to the VapeFuse store is the XMax/XVape series of portable vaporizers from TopGreen Technology. The line of portables includes the X Max Starry, XVape FOG and X … Read more

X Vape FOG Portable Vaporizer

The X Vape FOG Full Convection Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]

Hey VapeFusers! If you’re up to date with the VapeFuse blog you’ll know that I’ve been raving about the X Max line of vaporizers lately! They offer premium devices with affordable price tags and are totally shifting the game up a notch. Their latest release, the X Vape FOG, is an affordable powerhouse with amazing … Read more

X Vape FOG vs X Max Starry

X Vape FOG vs X Max Starry: Which One’s for You?

What’s up VapeFusers, My favorite line of vapes at the moment is the X Max and X Vape series. If you’re a price-conscious consumer that also loves quality vaporizers, TopGreen Technology has a vaporizer to suit you. The brand has a bunch of portable dry herb and wax vaporizers that you can check out in our … Read more

Meet the X Max Line of Portable Vapes

There’s almost nothing I like more than tearing the plastic wrap off a new vaporizer. At VapeFuse, I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to test every product we bring in to make sure that it’s up to our high standards. If we’re not happy with a device then you can be sure we won’t … Read more

Crafty vs Starry: Which One’s for You?

One of my all-time favorite portable devices is Storz & Bickel’s Crafty portable vape. From the manufacturer’s who brought us the amazing Volcano range of vapes, S&B has taken all of the power of its desktop predecessors into a nifty handheld unit. Since the Crafty hit the shelves back in 2014, there had been little to … Read more

X Max V-One Plus Concentrate Vaporizer Review

Hey VapeFusers, If you’re like me, you’re always looking to find the most efficient way to consume your herbs and concentrates. Generally, to consume concentrates I’d use one of my eRig’s like the CloudV ElectroMini, but recently I got to try out another amazing portable vape – and I’m hooked. Let me introduce the X … Read more