Which Vape Pen is Right for You? – Concentrated Review

Concentrate vaping has grown exponentially over the past few years, so much so that most of the leading dry herb vaporizer brands began to develop their own lines of dab pens for wax, shatter and oil. I’ve been lucky enough to test out a bunch of wax pens over the past couple of months and have compiled this list of my top choices for concentrate connoisseurs.

Wax Vape Pen Range

My top 4 choices, most of which are pictured above, are the CloudV Platinum, the Dr. Dabber Aurora, the Vapir Vape Pen and the Stark by X Max.

These pens share a number of common traits, while also displaying a number of unique differences. One thing all of these vapes have in common, however, is that they were awesome fun to test out.

Dabbing concentrate

In order to simplify the process for you guys, I’ve compiled a meta-analysis and broken down each product into a number of categories. Then, at the end, I’ve included a summary where I compare and contrast each wax pen to help you find your perfect match!

Happy reading and happy dabbing!

Wax Pen Buyer’s Guide  – 2018

CloudV – Cloud Platinum Vaporizer

Cloud Platinum Vaporizer - Galaxy

Manufactured Since: 2013

Price: Under $100 from VapeFuse

Battery & Atomizer: The Cloud Platinum has a rechargeable battery with a single button. The battery is charged via the Micro Pin USB charger, which plugs into the bottom of the device and displays a colour-coded battery indicator light. The atomizer is CloudV’s own branded ‘Tornado Atomizer’ which features a ceramic wall and single ceramic coil.

Temp Range: The Cloud Platinum has a single set
temp of 550°C  (1000°F). Depending on what you’re
vaping, a 2-second press of the button should do the Cloud Platinum Vaporizer - Greentrick. For thicker concentrates, press a little longer.

Pros: The battery life on this thing is absolutely crazy. I’ve never had a vape pen last me so long on a single charge. I use mine for weeks at a time without having to recharge it, making it the perfect product to take away on long trips or to a music festival. Besides the disguised Cloud Vape Pen and smaller Platinum Mini, this is also the most discreet vaporizer I’ve come across.

What Makes the Mighty Vaporizer the Best Portable Vape on the Market?

It basically fits in your wallet, but if that’s not enough it comes with its own micro-wallet, which slides into any back pocket with ease. I love the shape, it’s pretty unique, and fit comfortably in your hand when you’re out and about and looking to take a discreet hit. The glass window in the mouthpiece is also a nice touch, as it allows you to see the vapor building up.

Cons: The airflow on the Platinum is quite restricted due to the tiny holes in the mouthpiece, this can get tedious when you’re dealing with thick liquids and trying to take big hits. Another issue stems from cleaning the device, which is quite fiddly as you have to take care not to break the coil when wiping it out. I generally burn it off for two full cycles and then put a dot of isopropyl alcohol on a q-tip to wipe it out.

What’s in the kit?

1 x Cloud Platinum Battery
1 x Cloud Platinum Mouthpiece
1 x Cloud Platinum Tornado Atomizer
1 x Retractable USB Charger
1 x Wall Charger
1 x Cloud Case
1 x Cloud Standard Tool
1 x Cloud Owner’s Manual

XVapes – X Max Stark Wax Pen

X Max Stark Wax Pen - out of the box

Manufactured Since: 2017

Price: Under $100 from VapeFuse

Battery & Atomizer: 650 mAh rechargeable battery, charged via the included Micro USB charging cable. The Stark features an all-quartz cup chamber with dual quartz rods that are extremely effective in vaping wax and shatter.

Temp Range: The Stark has a temperature range of between 500°C and 600°C (932-1112°F).

Pros: Like all X Vapes products, the Stark is super efficient and super affordable. I really like the snap-on magnetic cap with the glass viewing window, and
X Max Stark Vape Penthe way the glass filter limits any residual concentrate seeping through is fantastic innovation. The battery is similar to that of a box-mod liquid vape, and lasts a long time in between charges. The quick heat up time is also a great feature.

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Cons: The box and accessories aren’t as nice as those of say Dr Dabber or CloudV, and the materials the device is made of also seem to be a bit more mass-manufactured comparatively, but for its price, the X Max Stark is an absolute steal.

What’s in the kit?

1 x X Max Stark Vape Pen
1 x Dabber Tool
1 x USB charging cable
User’s Manual

Vapir – Vapir Vape Pen

Vapir Vape Pen

Manufactured Since: 2017

Price: Under $100

Battery & Atomizer: The Vapir Vape Pen runs off a universal 510 thread battery, making it compatible with almost all liquid cartridges. It’s charged via the included Micro USB cable which plugs into the base. The device comes with two atomizers to choose from; the first is a ceramic donut atomizer which works well for thicker oils and distillate, the second is a dual-rod quartz atomizer which works well with shatter and wax. Both atomizers feature a ceramic wall for even concentrate vaporization.

Temp Range: The Vapir Pen has three preset
temperature settings that are adjusted by tapping Vapir Vape Pen in a boxthe oil-slick button 4 times quickly. The temps are  175°C/350°F (green), 200°C/390°F (blue) or 220°C/430°F (red).

Pros: The pen’s chrome finish is slick and stylish, the packaging and its contents look like something out of an Apple store. And it might as well be, as the Vapir Inc headquarters in Silicon Valley, USA attribute a product a similar premium brand image. The device’s dual-atomizer vaporization system is really cool and allows you to experiment with a variety of different concentrates. It has a decent battery life, not as good as the platinum, but it provides far superior vapor so it’s a fair trade-off.

X Vape FOG vs Flowermate Swift Pro: VapeFuse Review

Cons: Fingerprints show up easily on the chrome exterior, meaning that the device can often look quite grubby even when it’s only just come out of the box.

What’s in the kit?

1 x 510 Thread Vape Pen Battery
1 x Dual-Rod Quartz Atomizer
1 x Ceramic Donut-Atomizer
1 x Slim-Tip Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
1 x Stainless Steel Dabber
1 x Mirco USB Charger

Dr. Dabber – Aurora Concentrate Pen

Dr. Dabber - Aurora Concentrate Pen

Manufactured Since: 2016

Price: Over $100

Battery & Atomizer: The device comes apart to reveal the magnetic snap-on battery underneath, which connects via magnet to the included USB charging dock. The battery is similar to that of the Vapir Pen and charges quickly. The three included atomizers are a dual-rod quartz atomizer with a quartz chamber for wax and shatter, a dual-rod ceramic atomizer with a quartz baking chamber for hash and shatter, as well as a ceramic donut-atomizer with a quartz chamber for oils and distillates.

Dr. Dabber - Aurora Concentrate Pen on charger

Temp Range: The Dr. Dabber Aurora has three preset temp-settings which are; green for low heat, blue for medium heat and pink for high.

Pros: This is arguably the best of the bunch, however it carries a price tag much larger than that of the X Max Stark, with the difference in quality being only fractional. However, the superb functionality and ability to customize the user experience make this vape a top performer in my book.

The way it comes apart magnetically and removes the need for a thread system is innovative
and simple and adds to the devices slick nature. The interchangeable mouthpieces allow you to regulate airflow in the vapor path, and the tri-atomizer system of vaporization provides for brilliant experimentation with a variety of concentrate materials. In my opinion, this vape produces the best tasting concentrate vapor of the models I reviewed, and its functionality is it’s top selling point.

The Latest Tech Innovations In The Vaping Industry 

Cons: The relatively high cost and lack of a 510 thread are my only real misgivings when it comes to this vaporizer. Cleaning can also be tedious but is made easier by regular maintenance.

What’s in the kit?

1 x Aurora Vape Battery
1 x Aurora Slim-Tip Mouthpiece
1 x Wide-O Mouthpiece
1 x Dual-Rod Quartz Atomizer
1 x Dual-Rod Ceramic Atomizer
1 x Ceramic Doughnut-Atomizer
1 x Dabber Tool
1 x Silicone Container
1 x Dr. Dabber Keychain
1 x Magnetic Charging Dock
User Manual


So Which Vape Should I Get?

There’s a whole bunch of reasons to get any of the vapes mentioned in this article. If you’re new to concentrate vaping and are looking for something simple and affordable to get you started, then the CloudV Platinum and X Max Stark are the pens for you. Both offer a discreet and ultra-portable dabbing experience and have great battery life.

If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated and upmarket, then look no further than the Dr. Dabber Aurora & Vapir Vape Pen. Both models give you the ability to customize your user experience to your liking, and both come with a variety of different atomizers, meaning your vaporizer is suitable for any and all concentrates you might come across.

Check out our exclusive range of wax and concentrate vapes at VapeFuse.com and get vaping!

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Hey! I'm Matt, I've been a member of the VapeFuse family since July 2017 and am passionate about providing customers with the highest quality vapes that are going to revolutionise the way they look at consuming herbs. Aside from vaping, I love reading and travelling and have spent a bunch of time over in Europe learning about the herb we all know and love. I'll be keeping you up to date with the latest vape news and content, drop me a line if you have a story you want to share.

2 responses to “Which Vape Pen is Right for You? – Concentrated Review”

  1. Patrick says:


    I’m looking for a cooling device (like a portable, mini, water bong) that would enable ease of carry like a vape pen with the cooling effect of a water bong. Goal is to reduce throat irritation from vaporizer heated air.


    • Vapefuse says:

      Hello Patrick,
      The challenge with small, portable water pipes or bubblers is the amount of water you can put in them. The less water you have in the bubbler or bong, the more splashy the water gets as you draw. You have to have almost an inch or so in diameter for a water pipe to function properly. This is the reason why so many wax vaporizers with built-in or attachable bubblers haven’t really taken off. The water pipe experience with a relatively small amount of water is not the same as a normal bong. At home, you can use a water pipe, however, when portable options still present the possibility of throat irritation. Dry herbs vapes are larger in size and have some options, for example, the Hydrology9 is built with a large enough water bubbler to make it function well.

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