Dr Dabber Boost vs CloudV ElectroMini – Concentrated Review

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In arguably the biggest wave to hit the cannabis community in recent history, the dabbing culture has skyrocketed recently, with new and innovative consumption technology being developed each year.

Although cannabis derivatives like Hashish and Honey Oil have been widely available for millennia, the technology is only really catching up now. Traditional consumption methods included brass pipes, tobacco joints smeared with resin and, most recently, heated nails connected to a glass water-pipe.

The past three years, however, have brought us a number of fascinating developments in the world of concentrate vaping; two of which I’m going to be breaking down today.

Cannabis flowers, cannabis concentrate and cannabis leaves

The first product on display, the Boost by Dr Dabber, has been around since late 2015, and was featured in a High Times Magazine article which claimed it was the first e-recycler to deliver an “authentic dabbing experience.” 2017 brought us the Boost ‘Black Edition’ which featured a matte black hexagonal box and slick new finish.

The Dr Dabber brings the power of a torch-heated rig to a handheld device no bigger than a standard beer bottle. And it rips like crazy.

Boost Dabber by dr.dabber

2017 also brought an upgrade to an old classic; namely the CloudV ElectroMini, which was re-released with improved usability functions and full-spectrum temperature control.

The ElectroMini features an all glass vapor deliverance system which mimics a traditional flat nail rig to produce super-high-quality vapor, efficiently.  That’s one of the things I love about these e-rigs as opposed to vapor pens; they save you so much on concentrate! And the way these things look and operate is just awesome to see.

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CloudV ElectroMini E-Nail

Check out my reviews below and see for yourself.


Dr Dabber Boost – Black EditionDr Dabber Boost – Black Edition

Manufactured since: 2017

Price: $184 USD ($235 AUD as of 06/02/2018) 

Battery: 2500 mAh – Removable Lithium Battery 

Temp Range: White – 270°C (515°F)
Blue – 320°C (610°F)

Pros: This vape is ultra light-weight comparatively. The three interchangeable nails is a really cool feature that appeals to the connoisseur vaper in all of us. The removable battery means you can take your sessions with you for days at a time, with the help of some additional batteries.
The battery itself lasts long enough to take up toDr Dabber Boost – Black Edition with the box 30 dabs off a single charge. This is however due to
the relatively low-temperature range. 

Cons: The Boost’s ceramic wick is quite delicate and when nudged it can be bent quite easily, which can make screwing on the nails quite tedious.
The magnetic carb tool sits extremely close to the nail and is quick to develop a film of resin, this can be dealt with using the included alcohol wipes. Only other shortfall, relative to the ElectroMini, stems from the lack of a digital display and subsequent battery indicator. It can be quite frustrating when the battery runs out if you don’t have another one charged and ready. 

What’s in the kit?

Dr Dabber Boost – Black Edition in use

– Boost Black Edition Vaporizer
– Glass Aqua Bubbler
– Titanium Nail (Threaded)
– Ceramic Nail (Threaded)
– Quartz Nail (Threaded)
– Magnetic Carb Cap
– Magnetic Loading Tool
– Medical Grade Silicon Storage Container x2
– Micro USB Charging Cable
– Limited Edition Dr. Dabber Keychain

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CloudV ElectroMini – Temperature Controlled

CloudV ElectroMini E-Nail with wax containers and dabbing tool

Manufactured Since: 2017

Price: $229

Battery: 3300 mAh – Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery

Temp Range: 290°C (550°F) – 540°C (1000°F)

Pros: This is as good as it gets in terms of concentrate vaping. The screw-on titanium and quartz nails are extremely sturdy and fit perfectly every time. The spill-proof aqua bubbler delivers clean, impeccably smooth clouds of sweet concentrate vapor, perfectly mimicking the effect and delivery of a torch-heated dab rig. The battery lasts for a solid 15 dabs off a single charge and is quick to recharge.
The broad temperature range allows for experimentation with a variety of differentCloudV ElectroMini E-Nail with carb tool off concentrates.

Cons: The all-glass vapor delivery system
(carb tool, to nail, to aqua bubbler) is
aesthetically pleasing, however, is quite fragile
and has to be treated with care to ensure it all
remains intact. The device is quite weighty,
and can’t support its own weight without the
charging base. That being said, mine is nearly five months old and I’m yet to experience any issues with the base falling off during use.
Err on the side of caution with this model, portability is compromised a little by the fragility.

What’s in the kit?

CloudV ElectroMini E-Nail in use

– 3300mAh ElectroMini Battery
– Spill-Proof Aqua Bubbler
– Carb Tool
– Charging Base
– Charging Cable
– Charging Adapter
– CloudV Pro Tool
– Quartz Nail
– 16mm Titanium Nail
– User Manual



Why Choose One or the Other?

It depends on what you’re looking for. I couldn’t choose between either so had to end up getting both; however, I love being able to switch it up between the two depending on what I’m doing.

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If I’m traveling somewhere locally or to a mate’s place, I’ll take the Dr Dabber Boost, as it’s comparatively lightweight and less likely to break due to the lack of a glass carb tool.

Not to discount the ElectroMini though; I find that the larger glass aqua bubbler delivers smoother, richer clouds of concentrate vapor, which is why I tend to use the CloudV ElectroMini as my ‘at home’ model.

Whether you’re new to concentrate vaping, or a seasoned concentrate connoisseur, the Dr Dabber Boost – Black Edition and the CloudV ElectroMini (Temp. Controlled) are right for you. With an e-rig you’ll be saving money of torches, butane and nails, conserving your concentrate and doing your lungs a favor!

Dr Dabber Boost vs CloudV ElectroMini

Check out the CloudV Electro Mini in the VapeFuse online store and stay tuned for the most up to date news from the world of vaping technology and content.  

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