Is Vaping Water Possible – or Even Alcohol?

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Is Vaping Water Possible – or Even Alcohol?

Are you amongst the ones new in the world of vaping? For first-timers, it’s quite an exciting experience as you think about the cloud of vape, the excitement of trying something new and numerous vape flavors.

Beginners find it quite intimidating, and they can hardly stay away from their newfound love for long. First-timers always try to find out new ways of vaping in the hope of exploring new flavors. Amateurs are often too excited and always on their toes in the initial days of their vaping.

It is usually found that first-timers have weird questions in their minds as they get more and more familiar with it. The most common question asked is, can you vape water?

Some are found to be confused about whether there is water vapor in electronic cigarettes? Many people would be interested in vaping alcohol.

Vape liquid mostly comprises VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol), which are much safer options.

Many people believe that water is a natural element and can be drunk, so it is also suitable for vaping. There might be some sort of E-Cigarette specially designed to be compatible with water.

Vaping pure water can and leaves you with a burnt mouth or serious injuries. Water is not appropriate for vaping as you will neither get a thick smoke nor the experience of ideal vaping.

stay hydrated

Don’t put up too much thinking in the water

Water is sometimes used for concentrated VG juices. Adding water cuts down the high viscosity of the liquid, thereby making it suitable for comfortable wicking.

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Usually, VG is very viscous, which cannot be handled by all tanks if the juice is not diluted with any solvent. It also applies to individuals who suffer from PG allergies. They are often found to be using distilled water to cut heavily concentrated juice according to their preferences.

If someone is too interested in the idea of smoking water, the following are the essential things to follow.

What are the likely outcomes of vaping water?

Only water vapor

When you try to vape water, only water vapor is released, and nothing more can be found or experienced. However, when the vapor is inhaled, it starts to condense inside the mouth.

Since water can hold very high heat, some probabilities may burn the mouth, tongue, or lips. In some cases, it may also burn the pharynx.

At the moment it reaches the lungs, the temperature will drop to body temperature, so no harm is caused to the lungs or alveoli. However, the actual results are hard to guess.

No flavors

You might consider adding some sort of flavor to the water before vaping a great idea, but it would merely be a waste of your efforts.

Flavors don’t work out well with water unless highly concentrated. You might only get a slight whiff of the taste and nothing more.

Many are found to be taking things a few notches higher when they consider using alcohol in place of vape concentrate.

There is no fun in it

Vaping is all about releasing large clouds of thick smoke and enjoying. But when you put water inside the vaporizer, clouds are not formed. The moment water vapor is inhaled; it immediately condenses and turns back into its liquid state.

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Vaping water can be hugely disappointing for first-timers as nothing comes out except colorless odorless steam.

Is vaping water possible - or even alcohol?

Is vaping alcohol sensible?

The idea of vaping alcohol might be outrageous, but this has a few advantages as you do not require a tank. That might seem even more unreal because alcohol is inhaled using instruments like a vape shot.

It works in the following manner: alcohol is heated, and then its fumes are inhaled. A person must have gotten bored of the usual way of sipping the drink and try out new means of having it.

Apparently, vaping of alcohol-based drinks is possible, but added precaution is needed. You must only use small portions of it while vaping.

When alcohol vapors are inhaled, it comes in direct contact with the alveoli that results in the absorption of alcohol directly into the blood. When consumed in liquid form, it reaches the liver first, where it is broken down in the purest form, which causes less harm to the body.

Alcohol vapors will give you a quick buzz and impromptu high. However, there is some health risk that is always associated with alcohol fumes. Possibilities of an overdose are much higher as most people are habituated with drinking alcohol in liquid form. Since there is no specific amount of alcohol vape, one starts to feel high when an excess amount of alcohol is inhaled.

It is a common practice to vomit out excess alcohol when an overdose is observed, but vapor cannot be similarly eliminated from the body. When inhaled, alcohol stays longer in your system, causing an easy collapse.

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Regular consumption of vaped alcohol increases the chances of getting addicted significantly. Inhaled alcohol dries out the nasal passage, which in turn causes infections. It is also responsible for causing nerve damage, dementia, and brain swelling

Getting drunk, however, a much easier option is for you considering the fact that it takes too much effort put in order alcohol for vaping. You can just simply gulp it down in its liquid form within minutes.

Although you must consider vaping alcohol over vaping water as it is excessively hot, painful, and messy at the same time.

Final Word – Drink water and alcohol (in moderation) but vape only on PG & VG

What is the difference between vaping and e-cigarettes?

From the above discussions, it’s pretty clear that vaping water and alcohol is possible, but it doesn’t make much sense considering the outcome. Indeed, it will not give you the feel of actual flavored vape juice. It neither gives you Psychological satisfaction nor the taste of vaping.

You must at all costs restrict yourself from vaping either of the two. Whatever is experienced while vaping water also applies to alcohol as well, it takes too much effort even painful due to high heat.

There is hardly any reason for vaping water of alcohol when results in nothing good. Continue vaping shots of PG and VG juices that will give you the ultimate feel and excitement. It is entirely worth the money and effort.

Always use authentic VG and PG juices for vaping. If your preference is the Smoking non-nicotine product, you can choose to use natural CBD best vape liquids.

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You also have the choice of experimenting with various strengths and then buying the one that suits you the best. If you are not satisfied with your liquid, then you can opt to add essential oils based products to your wish-list. It will surely take things up a couple of notches higher.

Some of the essential oils have anti-inflammatory characteristics and help in curing sore throat caused as a result of conventional smoking or illness.

Essential oils aid in similarly relieving anxiety as inhaling a scent or balms. Particular vape juice has sterile properties, and consuming them lessens infections within the respiratory system.



I’ve been avidly using CBD to deal with my anxiety, and have been fortunate to do so successfully. I started blogging to share my vaping experience and knowledge with as many people as possible.

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