How to Get a Girlfriend to Quit Smoking and Start Vaping Instead?

By Alison White
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How to Get a Girlfriend to Quit Smoking and Start Vaping Instead?

Smoking is not only an outdated but also a very harmful habit. Nowadays, there are many other methods, how to deliver nicotine into the body if you feel addicted to it.

Have you ever thought about what to do when you retire? Definitely not smoking, right? Because if you are a smoker, then chances are high that you won’t live long enough to see your retirement.

Smokers smell terrible, and they literary kill themselves with this habit, so of course, you want your girlfriend to stop smoking.

But starting a conversation with her about the harm that cigarettes cause is a great mistake. This conversation will only insult her. Instead, you tell her about some other options that may substitute smoking once and for all.

Before doing so, you should understand that vaping is not magic, and it won’t substitute smoking without any withdrawal effects.
Unfortunately, it is not that easy to substitute smoking with anything else.

Some people try to do it with small sweets, but usually, they fail, because nicotine addiction causes a very powerful withdrawal syndrome. Because of this syndrome, your girlfriend may feel very sad and irritated. She may even have depression.

Vaping vs Smoking

So, what should you do?

As you may know, cigarettes are filled not only with nicotine but with many other components that also may lead to addiction.

The best option is to buy her a vape with different flavors of e-liquids to choose from. Note, the amount of nicotine in those flavors should be a little bit lower than in her regular cigarettes.

Is it Better to Smoke, Vape, or Consume CBD?

With time, gradually decrease the amount of nicotine in her flavors. Thus, she will deal with her nicotine addiction, and in the end, only pleasant and non-harmful things remain in her life.

If you are interested to find out how to relieve the longing for nicotine and to tackle withdrawal symptoms using a natural solution check out this article on how to stop smoking with a help of CBD (cannabidiol).

Her body will hate her

For some people, the first two weeks after switching to vaping are very difficult.

Don’t try to make your girlfriend to quit smoking immediately. Let it be a gentle shift from a bad habit to a pleasant hobby. Otherwise, her brain may break her will, and she will put her vape aside and will go back to smoking cigarettes.

Don’t worry, this period won’t last long, but at this stage, you need to support her as much as you can.

This reaction occurs due to the fact that tobacco companies come up with and change their cigarette recipes in such a way that the body gets used to them and constantly requires these chemicals.

She will begin to cough

This is another stage on which she needs your support. The coughing is the natural process that helps to clean the lungs from debris. She may also wheeze just a little bit. In the end, she will avoid cigarettes and tobacco at all.

Get a Girlfriend to Quit Smoking

Support her motivation

When we are quitting smoking, our emotional conditions may be very unstable, and, at this time, we can face problems with motivation.

Iolite Original Gas Powered Portable Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]

Sooner or later, she will probably tell you that she wants to go back to conventional cigarettes. When this happens, you should be the voice of reason and just let her know that she is not alone in this.

Reading various forums about smokers and vapers together with her will help you to persuade her to keep trying to get rid of this deadly habit.

Also, at the beginning of the journey, avoid chasing flavors that can produce huge clouds of vapor. Those flavors usually tend to contain a lot less nicotine compared to regular cigarettes. As a result, she may be disappointed in vaping and will start smoking again.

If you have any experiences with helping your girlfriend to quit smoking share them with us in the comments below!
Alison White

Alison White

Alison is a free spirit who is most passionate about writing. She has been working for the vaping industry as a freelance copywriter for quite some time. Alison White can dabble writing while traveling because she is just simply super.

1 thought on “How to Get a Girlfriend to Quit Smoking and Start Vaping Instead?”

  1. I applaud anybody’s effort to quit smoking cigarettes, however I think advocating e-cigarettes may not be the best alternative.

    In this same blog there are excellent posts on vaporizing tobacco — the kind of loose leaf tobacco that “roll your own” smokers buy. Used with a dry-herb vaporizer, your tobacco is not burned, therefore you don’t get the nasty smoke byproducts (just natural vapor from the plant).

    Considering the unknown risks with prefilled cartridges, I think this is the ideal way to begin a smoking cessation goal.


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