VapeFuse First Look: Hydrology9 Premium Portable Vape

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VapeFuse First Look: Hydrology9 Premium Portable Vape

What’s up VapeFusers,

For the second time in a week, we’ve got a brand new portable to unveil! The Hydrology9, from US designer Cloudious9, is the pinnacle of aqua-enhanced vaping technology and is the creme de la creme of the portable world.

The packaging is Apple-esque and super sleek. With the white and green theme being utilized for both the device and its optional accessories, its clear Cloudious9 has put a lot into the aesthetics of their pilot portable.

Hydrology9 - box and carry case

Shown above with the optional leather carry case, this isn’t your traditional herbal vaporizer. It looks more like a hybrid between a space-aged pepper grinder and a bong.

I actually had a chance to try a mate’s Hydrology9 before getting in contact with Cloudious9 to get them in stock and I was visibly shocked by both the amazing quality and density of the device!

Hydrology9 - parts

The Hydrology9 is modular in an other-worldly way. All of the pieces pictured above fit together to construct the puzzle, and with each additional component available for purchase on the side, maintenance becomes a thing of the past.

With a borosilicate glass exterior and full-porcelain baking chamber, the device produces some of the purest vapor you’re ever likely to experience.

I could relate the vaping experience to that of the Arizer Solo II. Thick dense clouds, economic herb consumption, and a next-level flavor!

Hydrology9 - charging

Featuring a bottom-loading 13-pin porcelain baking chamber (that’s a first), the device can fit up to 0.4g of dried herb, which is enough for about two sessions.

On the bottom, in a feat of pure genius, the Hydrology9 comes equipped with an interior herb stirring tool that can be used to twist your blend around mid-session (that’s also a first).

The Use of a Dry Herb Vaporizer for Cannabis Consumption

Hydrology9 on charger

Equipped with Micro-USB charging capabilities, meaning it can be charged via any USB port, the Hydrology9 is the perfect device to take on the road for long trips.

With the included carry case you can conceal the device’s true nature by disguising it as a simple thermos, and the thick leather exterior will keep the Hydrology9 free from any potential damage.


The future of precision herb vaping is here, and the Hydrology9 is going to revolutionize the way you look at consuming your sticky green.

If you’re used to smoking from a water pipe and are looking for something a lot tastier and easier on your lungs, pick up a Hydrology9 and get vaping!

We’re super excited to get the new portable vape in stock, but if you’re itching to grab one simply drop me a line below and we can add you to the preorder list!

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