The Beginners’ Guide to Vaping: What is an Atomizer, and How Does it Work?

By Alison White
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The Beginners’ Guide to Vaping: What is an Atomizer, and How Does it Work?

To have a safe vaping experience, learn more about your vape device which will not only be helpful to your vaping experience, but it is extremely important as well.

Understand your device’s critical anatomy and make sure that you are making the most of every vape by maintaining and using it properly.

Here in this article, I am bringing to your knowledge a description of atomizers, what they are and how do they work.

What is an atomizer?

So you want to become a more informed vapor and amaze others with your tips and tricks!

Then get an upper hand by learning more about your atomizer’s critical components, how they work and how you can custom design your personal experience by playing with different atomizer options. You can visit – Peace River Vape Gear for more information about it.

The atomizer is the backbone of your vaporizer. Yes, you read it right because, without the atomizer, your device is just a useless box with a battery inside.

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In technical term “atomizer” is used for any device that transforms the liquid into a mist. In the vaping world, it is that critical component of your vaporizer that is responsible to create the smokeable vapor by heating e-juice.

The atomizer is connected to all the other components of an e-cigarette, including the tank, battery, and mouthpiece.

How does an atomizer work?

As significant as an atomizer is to your vaporizer, it functions in a very simple manner. When your vape device is turned on, it activates the battery, distributing power to the other components of the device.

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This is where an atomizer begins its job. The heating coil (or coils) or heaters will start to heat up as they receive power.

Wicks, made of cotton or any other material is located above the coil and are soaked in your e-liquid. The liquid begins to heat up as the wicks come in contact with the heat from the coils.

Once the proper temperature is attained by the vape juice, it turns into vapor.

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What atomizer type is right for you?

Now let me tell you about different types of “atomizer” that you can choose from depending on your experience:

– Disposable atomizers: These are generally suggested for beginners, and often most of this type of atomizer comes with vape starter kits. They are fairly inexpensive and easy to find.

– Replaceable coil head atomizers: These contain replaceable coil heads inside and are probably the most commonly used atomizers. They are a bit costly than disposable atomizers but include other features for you to create your own unique and customized experience.

– Rebuildable atomizers (also referred to as RDAs): These atomizers give exceptional control over your vape allowing you to build your coils. Typically, this type is used by more experienced vapers, simply because it requires your time and knowledge to control it.

So when you are choosing an atomizer, consider your expenses, experience level, desire to modify your vape and the amount of time you are putting into the process.

Fresh vapers might like to begin with a disposable atomizer until they get a hand on experience about their preferences and then move up to a bit more advanced level, like replaceable coil head atomizers or even an RDA.

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