Dry Herb Vaporizers VS Bongs – Which is Better?

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Dry Herb Vaporizers VS Bongs – Which is Better?

It would be hard to say that the cannabis industry hasn’t come leaps and bounds from what it once was. Heck, cannabis was a substance that was once looked down upon and classified as illegal.

Luckily this isn’t the case anymore. Sure, there are some states where the substance is still illegal, but there are more and more states that are legally recognizing the potential of the substance.

All that aside, there are several ways that one can go about consuming the substance. Of course, smoking is the most popular, but when it comes to smoking there are still different sub-categories. You can smoke blunts, you can smoke joints, or you can smoke with a bong.

Despite all the smoking methods available, it probably is the dry herb vaporizers and bongs that are the most popular, but which is the best?

Understanding Vaporizers

The first thing that you need to understand is that vaporizers have been around for a while. In fact, quality head shops like Big Daddy Smoke have been selling these items for years and years.

It really wasn’t until the modern models designed for vaping got popular before the industry started seeing recognition.


Modern vaporizers work by applying heat to a liquid. This liquid is then heated into a vapor where it will then be inhaled by the smoker.

Dry herb vaporizers are somewhat similar, but they work on a different premise. Instead of heating a liquid, you will be heating dry herb.

When smoking with dry herb vaporizers you will not need to purchase additional liquid cartridges. No, you can just simply load in your dry herb and you will be ready to go.

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Understanding Bongs

Bongs are another popular option when it comes to consuming marijuana. And, really what makes this genre of smoking so popular are the outlandish designs.

Have you looked at some of the bong available today? These things range from your traditional beakers to huge, 3-foot designs.

These designs are not only unique and popular, but they are useful when smoking in larger crowds. Bigger bongs come with bigger spouts, which give you the ability to load in tons of herb for a crowd.

Just because most of today’s bongs are outlandish it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to purchase one like this. There are some stylish and simple models available that will more than appease.

Vaporizers vs Bongs

The Convenience

Convenience should always be a thing when it comes to smoking. Smoking herb shouldn’t be a hassle. And, this is one area where dry herb vaporizers excel.

These models not only easily fit in your pocket, but they can easily be concealed. Just simply pull out your pen, light it up, and take a hit.

Just be careful not to blow the smoke in someone’s face or anywhere near them because more than likely they will know you are not vaping e-liquids.

Bongs are not concealed at all. Unfortunately, even the smallest models will not be concealable in your pocket like a pen vaporizer would be. Check out Big Daddy Smoke Dry Herb Vaporizers to see the modern models that are available today.


One of the biggest differences between vaporizers vs bongs is the price. Bongs have been around for longer and they’re less high-tech. Therefore, you’re going to spend less for a bong than you would a dry herb vaporizer.

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Both are great for smoking herb but many people will be eager to save money. If you fit into this category, you’ll want to stick with a bong. It might not be as smooth as the vaporizer but you’ll end up saving money.



When it comes down to it, you will find that bongs are more popular than the alternatives. They tend to be cheaper and this has something to do with it.

Nevertheless, both of these products can be used for the same purposes. You can use vaporizers and bongs to smoke herb.

It is important to understand that vaporizers are in their infancy. Therefore, there is a good chance that their popularity will grow in the years to come. Still, the higher price tag will convince a lot of people to stick with conventional bongs.


At the end of the day, you should know that one is not better than the other. Bongs and dry herb vaporizers are great.

Both can achieve the same goals. However, you should know that both have unique perks. Therefore, you have to find out what your preferences are. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a much easier time discovering which product is going to serve you best.

If you want to save money, you should go with a high-quality bong. If you want a better experience and don’t mind spending more, you should go with a dry herb vaporizer.

And if you want to find out how you can use your bong with a dry herb vaporizer check out this post.

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Vaporizers vs Bongs – What is your personal preference? Let us know in the comments below!

Todd Stuart

Todd Stuart

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  1. An important reason for choosing a dry herb vaporizer over a bong is health.

    When you light your herb with fire (bong), you’re combusting (burning) the flower — that’s not healthy!
    A dry herb vaporizer doesn’t burn your flower… in fact you can use the remains in edible recipes. You can’t do that with burnt ashes.


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