Cannabis Vaporizers and Dry Herb Vapes: What You Should Know

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Cannabis Vaporizers and Dry Herb Vapes: What You Should Know

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As you may or may not know, a herbal vaporizer is a device that heats up marijuana to the extent that it transmits its active ingredients without actually burning it. The flower’s natural aroma is accentuated by high-quality devices.

Vapes are available in several sizes and shapes. The two main types of vaporizers are portable vapes and desktop vapes.

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What are Cannabis Vaporizers?

Electronic devices that heat up your green herb and concentrates without really burning them, thereby providing you with a clearer high, are called cannabis vaporizers.

They don’t combust to activate all the essential material. On the other hand, cannabis vapes make use of an internal heating element to begin a convection or conduction current which transfers heat around or through the cannabis ingredients.

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CBD and THC are released in this process. The device either runs on battery power or A/C- depending on the type of vaporizer selected by the user.

The heat is kept between 350°F- 400°F (175°C-205°C) in the best vaporizers, often allowing the user to regulate the temperature according to their own preference.

Vapes conserve your cannabis and are also healthier for your throat, lungs, and mouth. What used to be a massive investment is now becoming more and more reasonable as vapes continue to get cheaper!

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Types of Dry Herb Vapes

Portable vaporizers

These are convenient to use while you’re on the go. There are various styles of the portable vapes. While some have the option of internal batteries, others can be activated by using a push-in battery.

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Pen Vaporizers

Vape pens are a type of portable vapes. They are best used with waxes or essential oils. Easy to carry, they resemble e-cigarettes and pens.

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They utilize conduction currents as their atomizers or heating elements heat the cannabis ingredients directly.

The heating chamber is heated into a rechargeable battery. It is usually activated by pressing a tiny button on the side.

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Desktop Vapes

Whip-style vaporizers

These vaporizers plug into an outlet. A convection current is created by using a nichrome heating element in the compact box shell.

This method is very precise, as you are continuously pulling the vapor through the whip, while at the same time new vapor is being generated in the chamber.

The size of the hit can easily be regulated. The intensity of inhalation decides the amount of air that is pulled over the herbs inside the wand.

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Forced-air vaporizers

A forced-air vape contains an inbuilt fan that sends the filtered air through the internal heating area over all the herbs, into a sort of a balloon bag or else whip for direct inhalation.

These are more suitable to be used at home because of their large ‘tower’ style.

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