Vaping Concentrates: DIY Dab Cartridges with Shatter Batter

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What’s up VapeFusers!

The time has finally come to bust open that Shatter Batter I copped a couple of weeks back and try my luck at making some cannabis distillate.

With the help of this handy base liquid, you can liquify your cannabis and consume it the same way you would eLiquid through an eCigarette.

Shatter Batter

In a post last week we explored the notion of liquifying cannabis and it’s actually quite a simple process.

Unlike edibles, there is little to no smell associated with mixing concentrates so this procedure can be undertaken even in the smallest of kitchens.

Vaping your concentrates is a safe, mess-free way to get your bake on, and is also going to save you a lot of time and money.

Never again will you have to rush to the store to grab a can of butane or risk burning your hand on a hot nail. With the VapeFuse guide to DIY dab cartridges, you’ll be putting your glass away in no time!

dab cartridges shatter batter

All you’re going to need to make this happen is the following:

dab cartridges shatter batter

I went with a gram of Locomotion (Blueberry x NYC Diesel) from my local dispensary for the base concentrate. It is super terpene-rich and has flavors of tangerine and blue cheese.

When choosing your base concentrate it’s good to go with a wax that’s perhaps a little more viscous than its counterparts. That extra viscosity (how liquidy it is) will help to infuse the concentrate with the shatter batter a lot faster and minimize the risk of losing terps in the process.

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dab cartridges shatter batter

Shatter Batter comes in a variety of different flavors, however, when I’m mixing I only like to go with the natural base liquid. This way none of the plant’s terpenes or flavinoids are affected and you’ll get a more natural tasting end product.

There are a number of other dab cartridge base liquids on the market, but Shatter Batter is the only one that I’ve found which won’t overly affect the flavor of the blend.

dab cartridges shatter batter

To begin the infusion process, add 3ml of the Shatter Batter base liquid to your concentrate. At this stage, you should heat up a small amount of water in the saucepan and place the shot glass inside to make sure that you’re not adding too much.

Carefully note: the shot glass can be prone to rattling if the water is too hot so please ensure that you keep a good eye on the glass and turn the burner off accordingly. It would be a massive shame to have to try and extract the mix from a pan full of water.

dab cartridges shatter batter

One of the utensils that I failed to include on the list was a handheld thermometer. While not essential, it is useful to have so that you can get an accurate interpretation of how hot your water is.

To ensure that the maximum amount of cannabinoids remain present in the dab cartridges you should keep the temperature below 85°C (185°F).

dab cartridges shatter batter

It’s a beautiful thing to see the amber concentrate dissipate into a pale gold. The whole infusion process occurs in under three minutes as long as you maintain a constant stirring motion.

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You’ll know when the infusion is finished and the liquid is ready to transfer into your dab cartridges when it remains at a consistent viscosity and color.

dab cartridges shatter batter

At this stage, you should prepare your dab cartridges for filling. You can either use your old top-loading cartridges or purchase some empty 510-thread cartridges from your local vape shop.
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After mixing vigorously with the blunt tip of the syringe or your stirring tool, suck up all of the cannabis distillate and proceed to fill up your dab cartridges.

dab cartridges shatter batter

You’ll end up with a lot more cannabis-infused vape juice than you would’ve initially anticipated. One gram of concentrate amounts to just over 3.5ml of liquid which is enough for roughly seven 0.5ml dab cartridges.

Before you start to consume your homemade weed vape juice, you should let it cool for up to an hour so the proper combined level of viscosity can be achieved.

dab cartridges shatter batter

If you’re looking to increase the strength of your concentrate-infused dab cartridges, simply reduce the amount of Shatter Batter you put in from 3ml to 2ml. This will affect the viscosity and result in a thicker oil, but there is definitely a terpier flavor and stronger effect.

Want to save money on expensive pre-packaged weed vape juice and do the environment a favor by reusing your old vape carts? Grab some concentrate and some Shatter Batter and get to making your own dab cartridges today!

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