First Sesh: Airistech Q-Tip QCell Wax Pen

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First Sesh: Airistech Q-Tip QCell Wax Pen

Since the publishing of this post, the Airistech Q-Tip has been replaced by the Airis Quaser. You can read my review on the Quaser here or keep on reading if you are specifically interested in the old Q-Tip.

I’ve been having a field day as of late testing out these new Airistech Quartz-Authority QCell wax vaporizers that we recently copped.

The quartz-crystal atomizers are definitely my new favorites. They provide a great terpy flavor and are super economical!

Airistech Q-Tip

Airistech are known for compact vapes that perform as good, if not better, than their larger counterparts. We recently reviewed a number of their products including both this Quartz-Authority line of wax vapes as well as the Airistech Herbva compact herb vape.

While my personal favorite in the line of concentrate vapes is most definitely the Airistech Headbanger which I recently reviewed, their entry-level model the Airistech Q-Tip is also a wax pen that’s making waves!

Airistech Q-Tip

Designed in the style of a disposable vape pen, the Airistech Q-Tip’s black ceramic mouthpiece is definitely one of the things that help set it aside.

Most wax pens come equipped with either glass or plastic mouthpieces which are more or less effective, however, there are also some limitations here.

Glass is obviously more fragile than either ceramic or plastic and can be a hassle to keep clean, plastic on the other hand is prone to melting, can’t be soaked in isopropyl, and can affect the taste.

Airistech Q-Tip

The Airistech Q-Tip comes equipped with two (2) glass and quartz-crystal atomizers that are used to heat and vaporize your concentrates.

These atomizers are quite unique in appearance and are capable of holding up to 0.1g of waxy concentrate at a time.

It is highly recommended that you burn off your vaporizers atomizer before loading it with dabs and having your first session. A guide on burning off your vape can be found here.

Airistech Q-Tip

Based on my Headbanger review I already knew that the atomizer would produce sweet clouds of vapor, so I went with the maximum loading amount of 0.1g for my first sesh.

It actually quite simple to load the Airistech Q-Tip. Easier at least than it would be with a coil! Just get a dollop of wax on your tool, insert the end into the chamber, and gently twist as you remove the dabber.

Airistech Q-Tip

If you’re looking for a mess-free way to consume your concentrate that’s easier to load on-the-go, the Airistech Q-Tip doubles as a 510-thread cartridge vape for use with all of your dab cartridges.

Don’t have access to a dispensary or don’t have the time to pick up your own cartridge? You can check out my DIY guide on Shatter Batter and make your own dab cartridges here!

Airistech Q-Tip

To use your Airistech Q-Tip and hit some clouds, simply replace the glass window and mouthpiece, hold down the button for 2/3 seconds and inhale while still pressing.

The Q-Tip has a seven (7) second timeout function so that you can perfectly dose each dab for that consistent hit.

Airistech Q-Tip

If you’re on the lookout for a wax vaporizer that blows huge, tasty clouds of concentrate vapor, then the Airistech Q-Tip is definitely the vape for you!

With its sleek design, optimized quartz atomizers, powerful 510-thread battery, and user-friendly interface, the Airistech Q-Tip is the ideal vape for concentrate novices and connoisseurs alike.

Keep an eye out for the Airistech Q-Tip in the VapeFuse store and check out our awesome range of portables below to get vaping today!



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