Airis Turboo New 510 Thread Cartridge Vaporizer by Airistech

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Airistech has been releasing some new vaporizers early in the year and we have been trying to keep up with testing them as they are coming out.

Last week we published a post about two new herbal vaporizers from Airistech, the Switch and Herborn.  This week I am sharing my experience with you about their brand new 510 thread cartridge vape, the Airis Turboo.

510 thread oil cartridge vaporizers are getting very popular in the legal US states and for a good reason. They are very discreet and convenient to use.

Discretion seems to be a major factor in design for Airistech. They brought out the Airis Tick last year, another 510 thread cartridge vaporizer, that looks like a lighter.

The Airis Turboo is also very discreet, it looks like a car key of some sort when it’s closed up.

Airis Tick and Turboo 510 Thread Cartridge Vaporizers by Airistech

The Turboo comes in a small, well designed white box as you can see below.

Airis Turboo 510 Oil Cartridge Vaporizer Box
There isn’t that much to the box, this is a really simple vape. You have the Turboo vaporizer itself, a synthetic leather key holder and a USB charging cable.

Operating the Airis Turboo 510 Oil Cartridge Vaporizer

Operating the Turboo is quite simple.
You need to press the button 5 times in a 2 seconds timeframe to turn the device on.

Once your Turboo is on, you can preheat it by pressing the button twice in a sequence. You’ll see the LED around the button turns to red, then orange and gradually to green to indicate the progress of the heating process. You can press the button any time during the preheat cycle and start drawing.

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If you don’t want to preheat, you just simply need to press and hold the button while you are drawing on it.

If you’d like to change the voltage, press the button 3 times and you’ll notice the LED around the button fleshing. The LED will be flashing either green, blue or red.

Here are the voltages that correspond to those colors:

Green – 3.4V
Blue – 3.7V
Red – 4.2V

Airis Turboo 510 Oil Cartridge Vaporizer open

There isn’t that much more to it, this is how simple it is to use the Airis Turboo oil vaporizer.


I have found the Airis Turboo vape to be very simple to get up and running with and to operate. It has been working reliably and I had no trouble with it what so ever.

We have tried it with very thick, almost waxy cartridges and by using the preheat function it worked very well.

Let me list some pros and cons for you to help to decide if this vape might be for you.

– It is really discrete. If you put it on your keyring, hardly anyone going to notice what it is.
– It is really super simple to use, with one single button.
– No extra adapters or anything, the cartridges simply screw into the 510 thread on the device.

– While the single button operation is simple, it doesn’t have a function, like the PCKT for example, when the device automatically turns on as you draw on it.
– It feels a little ‘cheap’ with the plastic cover.

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