Vivant VLeaF Go Portable Vaporizer Review

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In this post, we are having a detailed look at the Vivant VLeaF Go portable on-demand herbal vaporizer pen. Let’s dive in and see if this might be the right vape pen for you.

You may or may not have heard of Vivant. They produced the Vivant Alternate that we have extensively tested here at VapeFuse. Just like the Alternate, the VLeaF Go is priced very competitively. After all, 70 bucks for an on-demand convection vape with a replaceable heating element and a powerful 900mAh battery, doesn’t sound bad.

The Design of the Vivant VLeaF Go Portable Vaporzier

As opposed to many vaporizers at this price point, the VLeaF Go is quite well designed. Firstly, it is small and lightweight. That is to say, it is only 5.5 inches tall and weight less than 70 grams.

Despite the small body, the VLeaf Go houses a 900mAh battery to power you through your sessions. In addition, the VLeaf Go features a replaceable ceramic heating element.

VleaF Go on demand portable vaporizer

The convection heater is made out of grade 316 stainless steel mesh housed in Zirconia ceramic. This allows for safe on-demand heating and enhanced flavor.

Not bad for a small vape pen. All you have to do is take the cap off and twist the scooping top part anti-clockwise. You can see the thread in the below picture.

heating element access on vaporizer

Usability of the Vaporizer

Vivant also put quite a lot of thought into usability.

For instance, the VLeaF Go has an angled top that can be used as a scoop to fill your chamber. As a result, the otherwise small chamber became quite easy to pack. The mouthpiece cap, called ‘scoop’ can be used as a packing tool to further enhance your chamber packing experience.

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Besides, the mouthpiece design is compatible with most water pipes. You can simply insert the mouthpiece into the down stem of your favorite bong and draw your vapor through water.

VleaF Go on demand portable vaporizer with water pipe

What’s in the Box

Vivant is quite generous with the accessories they pack into the box with their vaporizers. The VLeaF Go also comes with a generous kit, making sure you don’t have to buy anything extra for some time to come.

In the box, you’ll find the VLeaF Go vaporizer, a micro USB charging cable, a large cleaning brush, a packing tool, a silicone mouthpiece cover, a spare air cooler with mash and mash ring, an o-ring for the chamber (wide ring) and two o-rings for the scoop), a replacement chamber, a scoop seal and a user’s manual.

Vivant VLeaF Go vaporizer kit

On-Demand Dry Herb Vaporizing

Many of us got used to on-demand vaporizing by using wax pens or 510 oil cartridge vaporizers. On-demand dry herb vaporizers on the other hand are not as easy to make. There have been attempts from Haze (the Haze Square Pro) and from Ghost (the MV1), however, none of those ended up making it.

Being able to pick up a dry herb vaporizer, press a button and get instant vapor is no small task. The Grasshopper promised to do that and then after all the wait … you still have to pay for it … at a quite different price point than the VLeaF Go.

The VleaF Go offers on-demand dry herb vaping. In other words, you can simply press the power button to inhale vapor. Let’s have a look at how.

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How to Use the VLeaF Go

We always recommend putting your brand new vaporizer on the charger before the first use. Charge it for about a couple of hours or more to condition the battery for a long lifespan.

Vivant VLeaF Go on the charger

Always use the supplied micro USB charging cable for charging. It takes about an hour to fully charge the battery, but for the first time, I suggest leaving it on for longer.

You can access the heating chamber by removing the mouthpiece cap. Pack your chamber with ground herbs.

VleaF Go on demand dry herb vape

Once your baking chamber is packed, put the mouthpiece back on the device and turn it on. Press the power button 5 times in a sequence to get it going.

Selecting Temperature Settings

Toggle the button twice in a row to select your preferred temperature setting. There are 3 options to chose from, green being the lowest temp, orange is the middle temp, and red is the highest temperature.
Vivant does not disclose the exact temperature for these settings, so I am not sure what exactly they are. I like to start with green and progress up to orange and red as I go through my session.

On-Demand or Session Mode

There are two ways you can use your VLeaF Go.

On-demand vaporizing

You can simply press the button to fire up the heating element and hold it while you draw. Press the button and enjoy the vapor. How cool is that!

Session mode

In addition to the on-demand mode, there is also a session mode on the VLeaF Go. Press the button 3 times in a sequence and your vaporizer starts a 30 seconds session, without you having to hold the button. This is perfect if you are using a water pipe for example and don’t want to keep your finger on the button while you are drawing.

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I did get some burnt spots initially, however after playing around with how I pack the chamber, I was getting less and less of it.

VleaF Go vaporizer avb


I was quite impressed with the Vivant VLeaF Go, most especially considering the price tag.

I love modular vaporizers and the VLeaf Go is very impressive on that front. Being able to change the heating element is such a cool feature. You can extend the life of your vaporizer by quite a bit by being able to replace the heating element when you need to.

The vapor quality is pretty good, although the vapor tends to get a little hot. Obviously, the vapor path is very small due to the size of the device. As a result, the vapor and mouthpiece tend to get hot, especially after a few minutes of use.

Using the VLeaF Go with a water pipe helps to cool down the vapor without any accessories to buy or carry. The provided silicon mouthpiece cover is needed most of the time to keep the mouthpiece cooler for your lips.

It is a very good dry herb vaporizer for microdosing cannabis.

I believe Vivant packed a huge amount of value into the VLeaF Go and it is definitely worth the price.

If you’d like to pick up one of these beasts for yourself, you can do so here.



I have been vaporizing herbs for many years and working for VapeFuse in Australia and Europe. I try every vaporizer and fortunate enough to have this as part of my job. I feel like I am living the dream. I love to hear from other vapers, so always feel free to comment on my posts. Keep on vaping.

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