5 Tips on How to Pack Your Vape’s Chamber

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5 Tips on How to Pack Your Vape’s Chamber

Enjoying a good session from your vaporizer starts with the chamber. If you don’t pack your vape’s chamber correctly you certainly won’t be getting the most out of your herbs!

The chamber is basically your vape’s fuel tank. It’s where you put your herbs or concentrate, and generally includes a heating element or a metal screen. 

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This will differ depending on whether you’re using a convection or conduction vaporizer. Conduction vapes, which are usually for liquid or oil, have an embedded heating element to atomize the dabs or eJuice within. 

Dry herb vaporizers utilize a convection heating or hybrid heating method to generate a vapor, which calls for the heating element to be separate from the herb chamber so that it won’t cause combustion. 

In this guide, we have put together five steps that will help you to pack your vape’s chamber perfectly time and time again. Check it out below!

5) Use Dosing Capsules

Dosing capsules are tiny metal containers that are used to evenly dose dry herbs for a consistent vaping experience. 

The Storz & Bickel Dosing Set (pictured above, box) contains 40 stainless steel dosing capsules for use with the Storz & Bickel Crafty & Mighty Portable Vaporizers.

I know a bunch of people that swear by these dosing capsules, as it allows you to change your vape’s chamber quickly and in a mess-free fashion. 

Aside from making dosing and chamber swaps a breeze, these dosing capsules ensure that you are not putting too much or too little herb into your chamber. 

By using a dosing capsule you’re sacrificing session length due to not having as large a chamber, but ultimately you’re prolonging the life of your vaporizer tenfold.

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If you are having trouble figuring out how to pack your vape’s chamber, have a look in the VapeFuse store to see if we stock any that are compatible with your device.

4) Don’t Overfill or Underfill

The biggest problem we see from people having issues with their device stems from over-packing or under-packing their vape’s chamber. 

Under-packing is obvious. If you’re not putting enough ground herb into the chamber you’re going to have trouble pulling dense clouds of visible vapor through.

A good rule of thumb is to cover the entirety of your device’s screen so that each tiny bit of air that’s being pulled through is coming into contact with the herb. 

It’s good to pack your vape’s chamber firmly, but not aggressively. If you’re having to force it in, chances are you’ve tried to over-pack your vape’s chamber which will result in a restricted draw and limit the airflow.

The same can be said of liquid pads, which are stainless steel chamber inserts used to atomize small amounts of concentrate.

These liquid pads can be great for generating some flavorsome low-temp dabs, but if you’re not adding enough concentrate you’re not going to get any visible vapor.

To be sure that you’re using your liquid pad efficiently, you’re going to have to spread a thin amount of concentrate over the entirety of the small metal pad so that it can have some chance at atomizing.

Haze Square Pro Chamber insert

3) Spread Your Mix Evenly

Spreading your herbs evenly when you pack your vape’s chamber is en par with not over-filling or under-filling the device. 

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If you’re using a lumpy herb mix, air pockets can form in the chamber which result is less vapor and more oxygen being pulled through. 

If you take a look at the Haze Square Pro’s chamber inserts above you’ll see the huge amount of air holes present in the chamber at any given time, and all of these will have to be accounted for with herb.

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By spreading your dry herb mix evenly when you pack your vape’s chamber, you’re insuring for a consistent stream of tasty vapor and a longer session.  

This practice counters any potential ‘hot spots’ that may be present in the chamber that will char your herb and impart combustion-like flavors into the vapor path.

2) Use Your Vape’s Filling Aid

Most vaporizers these days, but especially the ‘sidewinder‘ portable vapes like the Storz & Bickel Crafty & the Vivant Alternate (pictured above) all come equipped with filling aids.

A filling aid is usually a funnel-shaped device that slots directly over your vape’s chamber and assists with the packing of your herbs. 

The filling aid helps to increase the size of the opening of the chamber and reduce spillage and annoying build-up around the chambers opening. 

While it is quite simple to overfill with the filling aid when you pack your vape’s chamber, it’s way easier to rectify as you can simply scrape the excess out onto the lip of the funnel. 

Using a filling aid will result in a perfect chamber pack, and that’s especially true when you combine the filling aid with a good quality herb grinder.

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1) Grind your Herb

All of the above tips are only applicable if you grind down your material! By using ground herb as opposed to whole herb, you’re ensuring for an even draw, flavorsome visible vapor, and a long session.

Herb grinders come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to do your research before investing in a grinder

Best Way to Grind your Herb

The best grinder for use with a vaporizer is the GrindeROO 4-piece Herb Grinder with aluminum alloy and zinc teeth for optimized crushing power. 

With the GrindeROO 4-Piece Grinder, you have a product that will deliver you a consistent ground material time and time again. 

This is essential when learning how to pack your vape’s chamber, as it removes the risk of hot spots and possible combustion. 

Airistech Herbva

Like I said, a good session starts with a good chamber. If you abide by these guide lines you’re going to enjoy the best sesh of your life! And that’s a VapeFuse guarantee. 

Fancy yourself a vaping expert? What’re your top tips on how to pack your vape’s chamber?  Tell us about your packing hacks below!

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What’s your #vapepackhack? Drop us a comment below with your favorite packing style so the world can know your secret!



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