Top 5 Vapes for Microdosing your Weed

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Micro-dosing and vaping go together like PB & J. By removing combustion from the mix, you are able to get so much more out of your herb, meaning you can attain a solid high even though you’re microdosing your weed!

In some of Scott Green’s Cooking with AVB posts we explore the benefits of consuming your vaped cannabis, so even after your herb has been toasted you can still reap the rewards. Vaping is just the gift that keeps on giving!

Now, while purchasing a vaporizer can often be a bit of an investment, the benefits that you get from making the switch to vaping and microdosing your weed are phenomenal.

Microdosing Your Weed

You can save money on herb, say goodbye to late night convenience store trips for Backwoods or a lighter, and most of all, you’ll be doing your body a huge favor! 

Below I’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Vapes for Microdosing Your Weed so that you can kick the smoking habit and find your vaping nirvana today!

Microdosing Your Weed Crave Cloud

5. Crave Cloud Portable Vape – RRP$139 ($AU199)

Easily the greatest vape to ever come out of Australia, Crave Vaporizer’s sophomore release, the Crave Cloud Portable Vape, offers premium quality vapor at an affordable price.

With its quick heat-up time, compact size, and tiny bottom-loading ceramic baking chamber, the Crave Cloud is the perfect device for someone looking to vape discreetly on the go without sacrificing vapor quality.

Thanks to the removable glass mouthpiece straws you can expect large hits of extremely sweet herb vapor that’s been magnificently cooled by the extended vapor path.

Using the Arizer Extreme Q with Essential Oils
Microdosing Your Weed

In terms of microdosing your weed, the Crave Cloud Portable Vape’s chamber fits roughly 0.2g of ground dried herbs, which gives you roughly a ten-minute session. 

The Crave Cloud’s chamber size is roughly half that of the DaVinci IQ or Storz & Bickel Crafty, which is fantastic for its as you don’t have to toke on the same chamber that you’ve already half-vaped.

Starting with a fresh chamber every session is always preferential as it allows you to get the full-spectrum effect of the cannabinoids, as well as all of those initial terpenes and flavonoids. 

If you’re looking for an expert-level vape for microdosing your weed, the Crave Cloud Portable Vape is going to be your new best friend. You can check it out here.

Vapir Oxygen Mini Microdosing Your Weed

4. Vapir Oxygen Mini Desktop Vape – RRP$89 ($AU129)

One of my all-time favorite desktop vapes is the compact and powerful Vapir Oxygen Mini Desktop Vaporizer.

While this appears to be a portable, the tiny size gives the device an element of discreetness, making it the perfect device for vapers who are looking to keep their hobby on the low-down. 

Aside from its compact body, the Vapir Oxygen Mini has also got a pretty tiny chamber, but it utilizes a full-convection method of producing vapor, so it’s perfect for microdosing your weed. 

vaping hash Microdosing Your Weed

Like the PUFFIT X Portable Vape, the Vapir Oxygen Mini features an embedded brass heating element that generates an immaculately pure form of herbal vapor.

Inside the Oxygen Mini’s brass-encased chamber is a cylindrical stainless steel chamber screen that helps to regulate the temperature and keep the herb away from the hot chamber wall. 

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With this screen included, the chamber can hold roughly 0.15/0.2g of ground herbs, depending on how fine your grind it. This is an optimal size for the great desktop, giving you roughly 12-15 minutes of great quality herb vapor.

The flavor is phenomenal, and as good as both the Arizer V-Tower and the Zephyr Ion in my opinion, with a price tag nowhere near as staggering.

This is pretty much the ideal vape for someone that only wants to get discreetly baked at home,  which is no mean feat with the huge Volcano Digit vape!

With this super-small investment you can be saving money and microdosing your weed in no time! Scoop up the Vapir Oxygen Mini here

Wow Portable Vaporizer by Ald Amaze Microdosing Your Weed

3. Ald Amaze WOW Portable Vape – RRP$89 ($AU129)

Up there with the FocusVape Pro as our all-time best selling portable is the affordable and underrated Ald Amaze WOW!

The WOW has been a VapeFuse classic for years now, and with the included stainless steel dosing capsules, it’s perfect for microdosing your weed.

Wow dosing capsule Microdosing Your Weed

With its wide-set ceramic baking chamber, you can really go one of two ways with the Ald Amaze WOW.

Either pack it chock-a-block with bud and have a massive session of thick vapor, or go with the dosing capsules for a more economical approach. 

These dosing capsules hold roughly 0.15g of dried ground herb and actually help to improve the quality of the vapor by regulating the chamber heat and delivering sweet blasts of hybrid convection/conduction vapor.

The Ald Amaze WOW has been blowing us away for years, and a number of usability upgrades like the new pull-apart mouthpiece and upgraded display, have made this the perfect time to get your WOW on!

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Check out the Ald Amaze WOW in the VapeFuse online store and get your vape on today!

ArGo Microdosing Your Weed

2. Arizer ArGo Portable Vaporizer – RRP$239 ($AU330)

Arizer Tech latest ultra-premium herb vape is the ArGo, or Arizer Go, aptly named for its super portable nature!

The ArGo is its my go-to weed vape right now, both for its powerful output, compact size, and the amazingly pure vapor that Arizer Tech is known for.

If you’re looking to get started with microdosing your weed but don’t want to skimp on vapor quality, then the Arizer ArGo is going to be a match made in heaven for you!

Arizer ArGo Cloud Microdosing Your Weed

With the smallest Arizer Aroma Tube to date, the Arizer ArGo only requires around 0.15g of dried ground herb to get a session on. 

This vape leaves you arguably the most baked out of the whole line-up here, however, the cost is also significantly greater meaning that you’re getting out what you put in to start with at least. 

Microdosing your weed has never been tastier than with the Arizer ArGo, with each session giving you roughly 12-15 minutes of terpene-rich herb vapor. 

If you’re in the market for a device that’s big on flavor and small on herb consumption, scoop up your own Arizer ArGo Portable Vape and get your vape game on point.

DynaVap "M" 2018 Microdosing Your Weed

1.  DynaVap M 2018 Edition Portable Vape – RRP$69 ($AU99)

The newest addition to the illustrious DynaVap USA family of manual dry herb vaporizers is the user-friendly DynaVap M 2018 Edition Portable Vape. 

DynaVap’s latest model is the epitome of a microdose vaporizer, with a super-compact chamber that holds a mere 0.1g of dried ground herbs.

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For microdosing your weed this device is great, as it requires heating before every toke, meaning that your herb isn’t stuck on a continuous heating cycle like with other portable vapes. 

DynaVap Microdosing Your Weed

This vaping phenomenon has to be seen to be believed, but you’ll be absolutely astonished how much tasty vapor a measly 1/10 of a gram of weed with bring you!

The DynaVap line of portables all feature a temperature-sensitive VapCap that is heated with a torch and clicks to notify you when it’s ready to be hit. 

Check out the full review and first session on the DynaVap M 2018 Edition below!

All of the vapes featured in this Top 5 Vapes for Microdosing your Weed buying guide can be found at the VapeFuse Online Store. 

When selecting a portable vape it’s always important to check out some reviews and seek advice, so if you want to know anything about the devices in this post feel free to drop me a line below. 

This has been another vape buying guide, courtesy of the herb vaping experts at 

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