Best Vape Pen Battery for Your E-Cig or Box Mode

If you don’t want to end up with a dead vaporizer when you most need a puff, you need the best vape pen battery.

Luckily, there are quite a few excellent choices. Vaping products brands including Aspire and iJoy propose a wide range of cells from 510 threaded batteries for CBD oil and wax pens to high-performance lithium-ion batteries.

Furthermore, global brands like Samsung, Hohm Tech, and Efest also have series of batteries praised by the vaping world.

Pen batteries come in various sizes, from the popular 18650 ideal for dual or triple battery mods to the newest 20700 and 21700, which have increasingly become the preferred vape batteries.

Wondering which oil vape pen battery to pick? Check out the selection below.

1. Aspire

Aspire INR 18650

Aspire is one of the biggest names and also a pioneer in the vaping world that impresses with its always innovative wax pens, dry herb, and vape pen devices. Their range of products includes a selection of cells for pens and mods praised for their reliability and durability.

The most acclaimed battery from the brand is undoubtedly the Aspire INR 18650. It is available in variants between 1800mAh and 2900mAh designed for vaping mods as well as other electrical devices.

Like all INR batteries, Aspire’s have high capacity and safety potential alongside high energy output developed to give you thick vaping clouds at each inhalation.

2. iJOY

IJOY INR 18650

Present in five continents and over 30 countries, iJOY is synonymous with state-of-the-art design, premium quality, and innovative functions.

Besides a selection of box mods, pens cartridges, and sub-ohm tanks, the brand also manufactures variable voltage cells and other vaping accessories.

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A popular choice from the brand is the iJOY INR 18650. This 30A 2600mAh high-drain cell is similar to the Aspire. It is compatible with many pens and mods, and boasts safe charging and discharging thanks to its internal protection sheets.

You will surely like the wide operating discharge temperature as well as the stable performance.

Another excellent choice is iJOY 21700 3750. Deemed the best battery for a vape pen by its users, this cell has continuous discharging capabilities and a 3.7V nominal voltage.

Long battery life is ensured by the 3750mAh so you’ll never risk running out of power in the middle of the day.

3. Hohm Tech

Hohm Tech Sherlock Hohm 20700

Hohm Tech is another name you can’t ignore if you’re looking for the best vape pen battery. Regardless if it’s for vaping oil or flowers, the brand might have just the right cell for the device you need.

Hohm Tech Sherlock Hohm 20700 2782 is a battery originally developed for automobiles but reformulated, reinforced with a proprietary EPTC ring for enhanced safety, and adapted for use with e-cigs and vape mods.

From all batteries produced by the brand, Sherlock impresses with increased tolerance to amp loads, increased cell life, cooler operation, and voltage sustainability under load.

Ideal for those who want both capacity and amps, Hohm Tech Grown 26650 4307 is another extraordinary choice, perfect for anyone eager to get thick clouds.

Still talking about this brand, the Hohm Tech Life 18650 3077 is also hard to ignore. This battery could be perfect for a starter kit as well as for a dual or triple battery vape cartridge.

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No doubt, this cell can easily feed even the most power-hungry devices.

4. Samsung

Samsung 40T 21700

If there is one name that recalls technological innovation and quality batteries, that must be Samsung. The brand is renowned for its high-quality devices and long-life batteries.

Among a wealth of models, the brand also produces the Samsung 40T 21700.

While not designed specifically for vape devices, this high-drain battery fits perfectly an array of high-amp vape mods, including models that utilize an oil cartridge.

This lithium-ion battery works at a nominal voltage of 3.6V and has a high nominal capacity of 4000mAh.

5. Efest

Efest 20700
Another noteworthy brand, Efest, produces rechargeable lithium-ion batteries compatible with a myriad of devices.

Their most popular model among vapers is the Efest 20700. This high-performance cell fits the compatibility bill with many vape devices; it’s safe, powerful, and allows for continuous discharge at 30A.

While some pre-filled devices use a 510 threaded battery, there are also numerous high-drain box mods and pens running on hybrid lithium-ion batteries.

If you have a high-drain device, we hope you now know which are some of the best brands and models to choose from.

Melrose Aguilar

Melrose Aguilar

Mel is a passionate vape enthusiast with interest in dry herb vaporizing as well as e-liquid vaping. Mel has been part of the VapeFuse Publishing Team since 2016 as an editor. More recently she has been writing on various vaping related topics and reviews as well.

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