Haze Square Pro Portable Vaporizer: VapeFuse First Look

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Haze Square Pro Portable Vaporizer: VapeFuse First Look

One of 2018’s hottest anticipated vape releases was without a doubt the quad-chamber Haze Square Pro Portable Vape from Atlanta, Georgia-based company Haze Technologies. 

Micro-dosers and lovers of dosing capsules will rejoice; this device, like the DynaVap “M” 2018 Edition, is known as an ‘on-demand’ vaporizer which means that you have to preheat the chamber for each toke. 

The four separate baking chambers that the Haze Square Pro offers means that dosing capsules are now a thing of the past.

Just load up four chambers of herb and concentrate and you’re good to hit the road, four sessions in-queue!

Haze Square Pro Box

True to its name – the Haze Square Pro Portable Vape does, in fact, take its form from the familiar four-sided shape. A shape that has rarely been used in the production of vaporizers may I add. 

With the design of their Haze Square Pro box, it appears as if Haze Technologies have drawn some inspiration from Apple!

Their all-white packaging, adorned with a simple light-box product image, looks super professional and gives the buyer an accurate impression of the high-tech vaporizer that lies within. 

Haze Square Pro Portable Vape

The Haze Square Pro Vaporizer itself is a lot bigger than I’d have imagined. It’s a little brick actually!

While the width may appear to be quite thin, it sits at roughly 3 cm (1.2″), which is super-wide considering the length is a mere 7cm (2.75″). 

Haze Technologies first new-release since the Haze V2 and V3, the Haze Square Pro, has a similar size to the original dual-chamber vaporizer, but a few elements such as hybrid dry herb/liquid vaping functions remained the same. 

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The Haze Square Pro Portable Vape has a concealable black ceramic mouthpiece that slots directly into the top of the device and is concealed in a small hole in the back left corner when travelling. 

Haze Square Pro back

With the switch on the back of the device’s aluminium shell-casing you can separate the Haze Square Pro into two parts; the heating element and battery side and the chamber side. 

To reattach the two parts is super simple – just line up the two halves to that they are sitting in the usual square shape, press the button in, and rotate. 

After a bunch of sessions there can be a bit of a resin build-up that forms on the chamber and screens within; with a simple alcohol wipe you can solve this issue instantly!

Haze Square Pro chambers

As mentioned a number of times, the Haze Square Pro Portable Vape does, in fact, come equipped with four (4!!!!) individual baking chambers for vaping your dry herb and liquid. 

On the right is the main electrical component which contains both the device’s inbuilt battery and the heating coil.

This device is supposed to generate a convection heat, however, I find that it generates a hybrid convection/conduction vapor like most portable vapes.

Haze Square Pro Chambers

Removing the outer-lid of the baking chamber section reveals the four chamber inserts within. 

Out-of-the-box the Haze Square Pro Portable Vaporizer has two dry herb chambers and two concentrate chambers ready to go, but you can set a ratio that you’re happy with before loading up your herbs or liquids. 

The stainless steel screens pictured top-left work in unison with the heating coil to generate a hybrid convection/conduction vapor, with higher temps bringing in higher ratios of conduction-heated vapor. 

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Haze Square Pro Chamber insert

Like a lot of the elements in its chamber, the Haze Square Pro’s chamber inserts (or material pods) are constructed from aluminum.

This is a super-lightweight metal that helps to keep the temperature consistent and won’t impart residual flavors. 

If you don’t purchase the additional chamber filling aid with your Haze Square Vape, a quick and simple loading solution is to remove each individual pod and pack it firmly directly from your grinder

Haze Square Pro Liquid Pad

Like a lot of portable vapes these days, the Haze Square Pro comes equipped with dual dry herb/concentrate vaping capabilities

With the help of the included stainless steel liquid pads, you can enjoy sweet clouds of low-temp concentrate vapor through your Haze Square Vape!

Liquid pads work great in a pinch if you are unable to procure a concentrate vape or dab rig of some sort, but they are really only for getting an accurate taste of the concentrate more than actually getting a dense cloud. 

Haze Square Pro Kit

Included in the Haze Square Pro Kit is:

1 x Haze Square Pro Vaporizer
1 x Wall Charger 
1 x USB Cord
1 x USB-C Cord (only with pro version) 
4 x Chamber Inserts (Material Pods)
2 x Stainless Steel Liquid Pads
2 x Silicon Lids
1 x Cleaning Tool
1 x Packing Tweezers

I’m going to be testing out the Haze Square Pro Portable Vape and blowing some clouds in the coming days, so keep an eye on the VapeFuse Blog to stay up to date with the latest in herb vaping news and content! 

While you’re at it, why not check out the Haze line of portable vapes here! 



Hey! I'm Matt, I've been a member of the VapeFuse family since July 2017 and am passionate about providing customers with the highest quality vapes that are going to revolutionise the way they look at consuming herbs. Aside from vaping, I love reading and travelling and have spent a bunch of time over in Europe learning about the herb we all know and love. I'll be keeping you up to date with the latest vape news and content, drop me a line if you have a story you want to share.

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