Vaping Vocab: 10 Terms You Need to Know

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Vaping Vocab: 10 Terms You Need to Know

If you’re new to vaping and are looking forward to exploring this world, you’re probably a bit confused with all the terms you see online and hear people around you using.

Over the past few years, vaping has become one of the preferred activities for previous tobacco smokers but also for those who would like to see what the fuss is about.

If you’ve already purchased the best vape pen, here are the terms you’ll need to learn to expend your vaping vocab.

#1 Atomizer

An atomizer is the heating part of the vaporizer which produces vapor. You will find plenty of different atomizers on the market, from materials to heating styles.

The ones for e-liquids usually consists of a coil with a bit of cotton which is wrapped around it. This helps to absorb the juice and it enhances the entire vaping experience as well.

For dry material vaporizers, atomizers will usually include a ceramic coil which heats up a holding chamber.

vaping vocab - chamber

#2 Cartomizer

When you pair an atomizer and a cartridge, you will get a cartomizer. This combination can be found in a place where usually the filter of a tobacco cigarette is located.

It has the heating element inside the poly filling and it also contains the water-based solution which is vaporized. The blank part of it is the one with filling material but without any juice. This enables you to control what comes in your cartomizer.

They can be refilled a number of times before the atomizer or even poly-fibre starts to give out.

#3 Battery

This is the part of the vaporizer which resembles the tobacco filled portion of the tobacco cigarette. The bats come in different sizes and shapes so they can fit different needs of people who enjoy vaping.

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FocusVape Battery

It is a protected lithium-ion battery which can be recharged over and over again for further usage.

#4 Drip Tip

A drip tip is the part of the vaporizer which you put in your mouth and inhale through it. It can be removed and replaced on your vaporizer very easily.

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A drip tip is utilized with the atomizer to allow the vaper to drip e-juice through it and directly on the atomizer. Some people will decide to drip directly through the drip tip, however, always blow the drip tip so the e-liquid gets to the atomizer first.

#5 Propylene Glycol or “PG”

We already mentioned e-liquid or e-juice, but what is it made of? The vital component of e-juice which is used in e-cigarettes is Propylene Glycol or shorty PG.

So far, there have been numerous studies conducted regarding the inhalation of vaporized PG and how it affects the health of a person. The conclusion of these studies is that you should purchase high-quality PG and your health will not be harmed in any way.

Propylene glycol has been known to the wider public from the 1940’s when it’s been used in medical devices like asthma inhalers.

#6 Vegetable Glycerin

Besides propylene glycol, you will hear a lot about vegetable glycerin, or shortly VG. It is 99,7% pure, and the rest of it is just water (0,03%).

If you wanted to taste it, you would notice is really sweet, but it is metabolized quite differently than sugar. Therefore, it doesn’t raise the blood sugar level in any way.

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Glycerin is commonly used in foods because it’s low in carbohydrates to keep the food sweet and moist.

#7 E-liquid or E-juice

Tobacco smokers inhale the tobacco smoke, but the vapers will inhale the e-juice which vaporizes from their personal vaporizer.

This is a water-based solution used in the vaporizer that contains distilled water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycol, flavoring and nicotine.

All you need to mix your own nicotine-rich e-Liquid

You will also notice different nicotine levels, from 0mg to 24mg. It’s best if you start with a lower level if you’re not a previous tobacco smoker.

On the other hand, those who were enjoying cigarettes before will probably choose the ones with higher levels to satisfy their needs.

#8 Combustion

Combustion is something every vaper wants to avoid. It’s a term used to describe the way a person conventionally smokes legal herbs or tobacco, for instance, with pipes or rolled cigarettes.

Moreover, it can happen if your e-juices, oils or dry material in your personal vaporizer becomes too hot and lights on fire. That can cause damage to your vaping product or even yourself.

That’s why it’s crucial that you are responsible when vaping to ensure you’re avoiding any form of misuse.

#9 Convection Heating

The convection method works by passing the heated air in the vaporizer over the dried herbs and into the delivery system which provides efficient heating. This way, the direct contact with the heat source is completely avoided.

These heating elements used for convection vaporizers are mostly made out of ceramic because it retains heat very well, but you will also find them made out of stainless steel or other metal types.

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#10 Milliamp Hours (mAh)

Milliamp hours, or shorty mAh, is actually a rating for the storage capacity of your personal vaporizer’s battery.

If your mAH is higher, it means your battery should last longer, so when searching to purchase a battery, make sure you buy one with a higher number of mAh.

Keep in mind that pushing the limits of your battery might lead to damage caused to your vaporizer or even cause a fire that might hurt you or others.

In other words, always be responsible when it comes to vaping!

Hope these terms will help you to expand your vaping vocab. Let us know in the comments below if you there are any other terms that you’d like to add to our list.

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