VAPING DEMEANOUR: The Smell of Truth About The Vaporizers’ & Vapor’s Scent

By Christine Ivana Deduyo
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VAPING DEMEANOUR: The Smell of Truth About The Vaporizers’ & Vapor’s Scent

Vaporizing is gaining popularity due to its convenience and effectiveness. On top of that, more and more doctors around the world recommend vaporizers for application of botanicals, including medical Cannabis (in those parts of the world where it is already legal).

One frequently asked question in our VapeFuse community switching from smoking to vaporizing is whether or not a vaporizer’s odor is less than a combustion odor; whether or not the vaporizers leave a malodorous scent.

Cannabis Vapor

The answer is that vaporizers may smell to a small degree. Nonetheless, I do not say that all kinds of vapor released are foul-smelling. It’s just that I have seen people being hoodwinked by the thoughts of ‘there is no smell at all’ or ‘it’s just like a burnt popcorn’…however, in my opinion, vaporizers are not completely odorless.  Scroll down to find out the answers to our most frequently received questions regarding ‘smell’.

Do Vaporizers Smell?

We often get asked if the inhalation device itself smells. In any case, it varies on the material of the vaporizer. Even so, the odor of the product itself is not that distinct. After all, it will all be up to your chosen dry herb.

Do Dry herb Vaporziers Smell?

Does Cannabis Vapor Smell?

As briefly mentioned above, they do smell a little bit, but noting like smoking cannabis would.

Dry Herb Vapor

Whilst in the event of combusting cannabis (in states and countries where its consumption is legal) it is the tar that rustles up smoke glues to our hair, breath, clothes, car, and skin. Vaping doesn’t let loose any tar so this isn’t influencing the total scent.

The Differences Between Vape Pens & Portable Vaporizers

We’ve sighted that in smoking, the odor of the ash (especially those inside a stationary ashtray) and tar can leave a spun-out scent that could protract for at least several weeks. Since smokers practically smoke everyday…then should I say it leaves a foul odor for the rest of their lives?

Smokers would not notice such since they got used to its smell. But as for the visitors, the scent would be somewhat provoking.

Vapor is much lighter than combustion, so it disperses more rapidly and doesn’t instigate the smell to stick around.

How can you get rid of the smell of cannabis vapor?

If you are concerned about the little smell that vaping cannabis produces, you can relax. There are carbon filters that are specifically designed to help you get rid of odor from smoking or vaping. We have reviewed the Philter Pocket and Phlip personal filters here on the VapeFuse Blog. They are both very effective at eliminating any smell from your exhaled vapor.

Philter Personal Smoke and Vapor filters

How Discreet It Is to Vaporize in Public?

This is another question that we get asked often.  And it is a great question, as staying discrete while vaporizing in public is a sensible thing to think about.

Fortunately, vaporization has a well-organized means to produce hardly any smell compared to the regular combustion methods. In general, any vaporizer you purchase will be more subtle and restrained than combustion.

With a personal vaporizer on hand, you can even stay indoors without affronting people or having to cope with the all-consuming pungent smoke-ish odor. Furthermore, opening a window and exhaling it out there will guide the aroma outside.

If you’re in a place where you are not permitted to open the windows, use your vape at a lower temperature, take trifling hits, and flicker them. Sploof use, opened windows, a turned on the fan will help retain the odor.

Click here to learn about the topmost discreet vaporizers that you can use.

Will People Know I Vaping Cannabis?

Cannabis has a very unique smell, so only those who are familiar with it will notice. As I’ve said, it takes one to know one! Using a sploof can help but vape at your own risk especially in public places. Jeopardizing yourself is not that worth it, trust me.

In a Nutshell…

You can’t trust your own nose after huffing on your vaporizer. In a short span of time, you’ll get used to the smell that your brain cannot perceive anymore.

In the same way that we don’t “feel” our shoes most of the time, we don’t get irritated with the typical sounds we hear every day at home.  Just because you can’t sense it doesn’t mean others would have a similar sentiment as you.

Indulge with your vaporizer but be wary of your surroundings. If the scent is a major concern for you, vaporization is the paramount selection and will assure you minimal odor production. If even the smell of vapor is an issue, use a Philter personal carbon filter to fully eliminate any smell. 

You’ll still be able to relish a long-lasting vape in the presence of your family or friends, and they’ll even be pleased with your thoughtfulness.


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Christine Ivana Deduyo

Christine Ivana Deduyo

Registered Nurse. Helping sick people to get better. Passionate. Altruistic. Bringer of comfort. Anti-smoking advocate. Fan of Vaporizers. Empowering change. Hoping to transform this world into a smoke-free society.

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  1. Hi guys,just wondering if anyone out there has any knowledge on effects vaping has on throat cancer. I know it has to be better than smoking but are there any risks. Have been a survivor now for 5yrs. Stopped smoking after op, but still enjoy “herb”. Any thoughts or advice.


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