Top 10 Insanely Cool & Discreet Vaporizers to Take to Music Festivals

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Top 10 Insanely Cool & Discreet Vaporizers to Take to Music Festivals

Why Discretion?

For extremely public venues such as concerts, festivals, carnivals, and more user may want to be discreet about their vaping, for a number of reasons like unwanted attention, fear of stigma or judgment, and so on.

Discreet vaporizers are becoming more in demand and every year we see cooler, covert portable vaping devices hitting the shelves.

Here is a look at the top 10 models currently available today.

Top 10 Models

  1. PUFFiT
  2. CloudV Pens
  3. Indica Vaporizer
  4. Arizer Air
  5. Volcano Portable Vaporizers
  6. Wispr/Iolite Original
  7. Davinci
  8. The Haze
  9. VapirNO2
  10. Vapor Cup

Honourable mentions are owed to a few other brands such as the Arizer Solo and Vapir Oxygen Mini.

Why These Designs Are Insanely Cool



The PUFFiT looks exactly like an ordinary, everyday asthma inhaler, but has the complete functionality of a portable vaporizer and fits conveniently in your pocket.

This device has 4 temperature stages: 1 – 170 Celsius, 2 – 185 Celsius, 3 – 195 Celsius, and 4 – 220 Celsius, along with the luxury of changeable batteries makes this one of the hottest vaporizers on the market.

2. CloudV Pens

Phantom Mini Portable Vaporizer

CloudV pens have a look like an electronic cigar or new age inhaler, with a variety of models like the Terra, Galaxy, or Phantom customers are sure to find a CloudV vaporizer pen that fits their needs.

These devices are so easy to use, quick to heat up and easy to pack away. You cannot find a more simple, high-quality device that a CloudV vape pen.

3. Indica Vaporizer


The Indica vaporizer is a sleek, pocket size vape that looks like a traditional zippo lighter, packed with 5 heat settings: cyan = 171 °C (430 °F), blue = 181 °C (358 °F), green = 191 °C (376 °F), purple = 201 °C (394 °F), and red = 211°C (412 °F), LED indicator, and quick heat up the Indica is sure to trick anyone.

4.  The Haze


The Haze has a brilliant design, having been based off a hip flask, it fits easily in your hand and pocket. It certainly doesn’t attract much attention!

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So overall this device has a solid dual heating chamber vaporizer that offers user the luxury of an external battery.

The Haze comes with 4 temperature settings, LED heat up indicator, and 10 year warranty, customers are sure to love this vaporizer.

5. Arizer Air

Arizer Air Silver With Seagulls.

The Arizer Air is one of the top portable vapes on the market and has a compact simple design. It also comes in 3 different colours to choose from which is super cool.

This device allows users the freedom of changing the battery on the go instead of having to charge it. All they need is a spare battery and your vaping power can continue for twice as long! The silicone case also provides another line of discretion plus helps reduce damage while partying.

6. Storz & Bickel Portable Vaporizers


Storz & Bickel portable vaporizers come in 2 styles, the Mighty, and the Crafty. The Mighty is the larger of the two and the least discreet while the crafty is hand size and pocket size. Of course, the Mighty will give you a longer lasting experience however it all comes down to how discreet you need your device to be. Overall both designs have a similar look and overall discrete enough to not attract attention.  

In regards to using the devices, the Mighty allows users full temperature control with LED display on the device and it vibrates when the temperature is ready. The Crafty is the smaller version and it does not offer LED display, instead, it has two unique ways of operation. You can click the button once to heat it up to its preset temperature of 180 degrees Celsius and if you like it hotter then click it twice to vape at the booster temperature of 195 degrees Celsius. Users can also download a free smartphone app, that will allow them to complete temperature control via Bluetooth.

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7. Wispr

row - nozzle up

The Wispr portable vaporizer is a sleek, compact square and has a unique design on the casing. It also comes in a variety of colours allowing you to choose the colour to suits your style most. Overall, it looks more like a Bluetooth speaker than anything else. 

This device offers users complete control over your dry herb experience thanks to its high-tech features and its 60-second heats up time.  Keynote about this portable vape is that it operates on gas not batteries which many prefer. 

8. Davinci


The Davinci vaporizer is a compact device that is so discreet most people have no idea what it even is. The Davinci offers complete temperature control, dry herbs or wax, and comes in a variety of colors.

9. Vapir NO2


The VapirNO2 is a cool lightweight portable vaporizer and even though it’s on the slightly larger side of a portable device, the fact that it looks like a water bottle ensure it made it onto this list!

This device is feature-rich and high quality. It comes with an internal rechargeable battery so you can take it with you anywhere. As a matter of fact, this product is one of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market.

10. Vapor Cup


Even though the Vapor Cup is a bigger device than most on this list, it offers a cover casing that looks exactly like an ice coffee cup or travel mug.

It has an LCD display on the front, the temperature control below, 2-hour battery life, and auto shut-off. This ‘out of the box’ vaporizer is sure to fool any onlookers if you take it out with you! 

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No More Setbacks

With amazing brands like CloudV, PUFFiT creating insanely cool vaporizers, vapers from all over can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with utter ease and discretion, allowing them the best vaping experience.

Which model was your favourite /most want to try? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

If you haven’t decided which vaporizer to get, check out our vaping guide for more useful information.

Samantha Eden

Samantha Eden

Samantha Eden is a journalists who specializes in alternative medicine, medical cannabis, and holistic beauty.

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