Are You Ready to Switch this New Year?

New Year’s resolutions are like mountain peaks, they offer majestic views, but difficult to reach. Here is the brand-New Year and this is the perfect time to make a new set of New Year’s resolutions, favoring better health. While some are leaning towards eating the right food, hitting the gym every day or lacing up to … Read more

The 5 Best Reasons for Smokers to Switch to Vaporizing

Vaporizing has been known to be a lot safer and a healthier alternative to smoking. Vaporizer devices have been hitting the mainstream for the past years and increasing number of users seem to love the health benefits it offers. Vaporizing involves heating of dry herbs and concentrates at lower temperatures without combustion. Given that no … Read more


A Closer Look at Herbal Vaporizing

In the turn of the millennia, vaporizers (including that of the herbal vaporizing space) have been attracting more and more users, offering portability, ease of use and features of modern technology in the vaping industry. Vaporizers are devices that use heating elements to convert dry herbs and concentrates into vapor. The vapor is then inhaled by … Read more

What if Everyone Stopped Smoking and Started Vaping?

Smoking has impacted our world on many levels such as public health, our safety and intensifying poverty. So why won’t everyone just stop smoking already, right?

With so much damage, it has lead us to believe that the solution to many of the issue from individuals through to world issues is by simple ‘stop smoking’. It is of course easy for people to say who don’t smoke but there is an alternative to aid those who are quitting and it’s called vaping!

Now, that we have advancements like vaporizing and electronic cigarettes, what would our world look like without smoking?

Our goal at VapeFuse is to help 1 million people by 2018 to get rid of TAR from their lives by making the switch from smoking to vaporizing.

In this article we take a look at how smoking damages the world and how we can change it if everyone stopped smoking and started vaping instead. (And what a wonderful world it would be!)

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5 Main Reasons Why People Vape

Vaporizing has become an increasingly popular worldwide trend since 2004, but why people vape can vary vastly.

Information and clinical studies reached an all-time high from 2014-2016 with numerous publications emerging about the positive aspects of vaporizing, especially versus traditionally tobacco cigarettes.

So why do people choose vaporizing?  There are five main reasons why people vape or usually take up vaping as an activity…

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[Infographic] The Difference Between E-Cigarettes and Vapes

There seems to be a bit of confusion on the difference between e-cigarettes and vapes. Both of the said devices use vaporizing as a method to inhale materials. E-Cigarettes and vapes can even look very similar at times however they are in still different from each other. So we came up with an Infographic below to … Read more

What Recent Studies Are Uncovering About Vaping vs Smoking

With the popularity of electronic cigarettes rising each year, issues like impact on health and safety are also becoming hot topics. As we review recent studies there is a clear varying of opinion from those who are in favor of vaping to those who are against it. But, who’s right?

By doing our own research we have been able to pull together many studies and information on the topic. Many are FOR vaping, and we outlined their arguments below and the truths they uncovered.

Why not take a look for yourself and make up your own mind?

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16 Truths About Vaping & E-Cigs

The Good, The Bad, and The Wrong

A lot of information out there about vaporizing and electronic cigarettes are cropping up. But how much of these are true? How many headlines are actually misleading? Because of this, VapeFuse decided to take a closer look at all the studies out there and compiled a list of eye opening, informative facts for vapers and non-vapers.

16. E-Cigarette is a Term Often Used to Describe 3 Completely Different Product

In the media, you’ll often hear the term e-cigarette used to describe personal portable vaporizers. While they have similarities they are truly different products.

E-Cigarettes – these look like a standard tobacco cigarette and the unit is one solid piece. Usually only a one time use with the battery lasting a couple hundred to a thousand puffs. Available in a variety of flavouring with or without nicotine.

E-liquid Vape Pens – are larger units composed of multiple pieces like rechargeable battery, e-liquid chamber, mouthpieces (tips) and sometimes coils. Customer refills it with e-liquid and charges battery to suit their needs.

Dry Herb Vape Pens – are exactly like e-liquid vape pens, except that the chamber usually contains some type of hot-plate or bowl for dry herbs and extracts.

Some devices can support both liquids and herbal materials, sometimes even waxes!

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How Can E-Cigs, E-juice and Herbal Vaporizers Help Me Quit Smoking?

Vaping has now become a big trend and gaining momentum worldwide as a method to hopefully quit smoking. With that development, a lot of newbies are asking questions on the different types of materials people use in their vaping devices. So to help you guys out we laid it all out for you in this post.

The key thing to know about vaping is that it is not limited to nicotine and tobacco only. A variety of materials are now available for vaping and in fact, many of these have some great benefits for you and your lifestyle.

In this article, you will find out,

  1. What e-Juices are and the ingredients they contain
  2. About e-Cigarettes and what they are used for
  3. Herbal Vaporizers and how they benefit people
  4. And how vaping can help you quit smoking

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Vaping Marijuana vs Smoking

Why Vaping is a Better Alternative to Smoking

Smoking has been on the decline for a very long time now. If you’re a cigarette smoker, you might feel as if you’re one of an extinct species nowadays. Solid scientific research around cigarettes and smoking has uncovered the harmful effects of a long-term smoking which is common knowledge. Thankfully, that is why there are fewer people who take up the habit and many are trying to quit it.

Vaping has shown to be an alternative to those who want to break the habit, and there are MANY pros about switching to vaping.

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Vaping Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

With the trend of vaporizing on the rise, many users have developed what is called ‘vaping etiquette’. These are respectable behaviours both publicly and socially when vaping.  In this article, we look into the do’s and don’ts guide for vapers of all types.

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How Replacing Smoking with Vaping May Improve Your Workout

Did you know that by replacing smoking with vaping it may actually help you get that ripped body you have been trying to achieve?

How You Ask?

Well, most people would think that smoking anything and exercising aren’t a good mix. And, to a great extent, that’s true because the two activities typically have opposite impacts on our health. Vaping, on the other hand, is a whole new kettle of fish.

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