Are You Ready to Switch this New Year?

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Are You Ready to Switch this New Year?

New Year’s resolutions are like mountain peaks, they offer majestic views, but difficult to reach. Here is the brand-New Year and this is the perfect time to make a new set of New Year’s resolutions, favoring better health.

While some are leaning towards eating the right food, hitting the gym every day or lacing up to run, many are looking into quitting smoking, as one of their New Year’s resolutions. And trying to quit smoking is one of the most challenging one to fulfil.

quit smoking

It requires strong determination, a reliable system to follow to keep you going, and loads of motivation to stick to it for good.

With the growing popularity of vaporizers, these devices have become the best alternative for people, who want to quit smoking.


Vaporizers have been in the mainstream for several years and users consider them to be the best healthy alternative to smoking, due to the absence of harmful byproducts when smoking tobacco.

Why Vaporize?

The main reason why a lot of people decide to quit smoking is to have better health.

Smoking causes respiratory ailments, brought by the carcinogens and tar released from burning tobacco during smoking. And this goes the same with the effects of second hand smoking to people surrounding smokers.

Some people uses patches, gums and lozenges to help them quit smoking. But most people who tried these things end up going back to their habit after a while.

The common reasons are difficulty in handling withdrawal symptoms, lack of motivation and too strong addiction to smoking, making it almost impossible to quit.

When to Stop Vaping

So, Why Quit Smoking?

You can have both worlds, vape and be healthy at the same time! With the advancements in technology, the best vaporizers have become popular to provide users with the satisfaction that we get from smoking, but eliminating its dangers. Most people today quit smoking by transitioning from smoking to vaping.

Vaporizing is the easiest and the most effective way to remove the dangers of smoking, but not having to actually quit it.


Unlike smoking, vaporizing does not involve combustion of herbs. Thus, it does not give out carcinogens and tars that pose health risks to users. In vaporizing, the herb materials are heated at their specific vaporizing point, which enables the herbs to give out vapor instead of smoke, and this is done without burning the herbs.

Without these unhealthy byproducts from smoking, vapers only inhale the very essence of the herbs, providing higher potency and much better flavor. It also eliminates the nasty odor that smoking gives, due to the absence of combustion in vaporizing.

Making the Big Switch and Keeping It

Nowadays, a lot of people are wanting to kick their unhealthy smoking habit and transition to vaporizing. However, most of the smokers are clueless on how to get started with vaporizing. Due to lack of information, some would end up getting back to their old habits.

In carrying out the transition from smoking to vaporizing, first, you have to choose the best vaporizer that would suit your needs.


When choosing the best vaporizer to match your preference, always balance the satisfying experience and ease of use. This way, your chances of enjoying vaporizing would be higher and possibly be keeping it for good.

16 Truths About Vaping & E-Cigs

So what vaporizer you should get?

To make it easy for you, we put together a comprehensive vaporizing buying guide, that you can check out here.  It walks you through step by step all major areas that you need to consider before choosing the perfect vaporizer, that not only suits your personal needs but your lifestyle as well.

Once decided on what device to use, you have to bear in mind that vaporizing is different from smoking. Vaporizing may not give that same satisfying kick of smoking, but will definitely make your health better.


A strong motivation is needed to keep your desire to quit smoking and transition to vaporizing. And accept the fact that vaping needs some “getting used to” because it’s totally different from smoking.

To keep your interest in vaporizing, trying out different herbs will help. There are wide varieties of herbs that you can use with different effects. Some are calming, energizing and have healing effects. You can check out these dry herbs and choose based on your preferred effect and flavor.

quit smoking

Switching to vaporizing can be done gradually. Coming from one pack a day of tobacco to none is not easy. That’s why most people transitioning to vaporizing don’t completely stop from smoking when they start.

For some, this method helps them to fully transition to vaporizing, without beating themselves up too much in quitting smoking.

How To Get Started With Vaporizing

For people who wants to quit smoking, especially those who are having difficulties keeping their commitments, vaporizing is the best alternative. It’s healthier and gives a satisfying taste that can be at par with what smoking provides.

ECIG: What Vaping e-Cigarette Does to Your Body?

You can choose from Balloon and/or Whip, Desktop and Portable vaporizers.

Balloon Vaporizers. These are all-in-one vaporizers that suit both beginners and enthusiasts. The Balloon Vapes are easy to use, which produce flavorful vapor stored in a food grade plastic balloon. Storing vapor inside the balloon allows it to cool down to the desired temperature before it is inhaled.


Whip Vaporizers. This is a way of drawing vapor from desktop vaporizers with the use of a silicone tubing. The whip vape is the perfect device for vapers who prefer direct inhalation of vapor with the ability to control its density.

Desktop Vaporizers. These are non-portable vaporizers designed for home or office use. With their massive power and high build quality, desktop vaporizers are the perfect devices to own to achieve an unprecedented vapor production.

Portable Vaporizers. These are on-the-go vaporizers, handy and easy to use, lightweight devices packed with power, that can be used anytime, anywhere.


After choosing the perfect vaporizer that would suit your needs, you can choose the type of herbs you want to indulge yourself into.

Smoking has been part of many peoples’ lives for so many years. And trying to quit smoking is a very difficult New Year’s resolution to keep.


But with the best vaporizers available in the market today, quitting tobacco smoking has been made easy.

All you need is the determination to break the habit of tobacco smoking and to get Your preferred vaporizer.

A new year gives us hope and a new beginning. Are you ready to start 2017 and start vaping? Tell us your story! 

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Alison White

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