Hemp Health and Innovation (HHI) Expo & Symposium 2017

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Hemp Health and Innovation (HHI) Expo & Symposium 2017

The Hemp Health and Innovation Expo (HHI) is just around the corner. Following its first successful and remarkable event in 2016, the HHI EXPO & SYMPOSIUM 2017 will kick off this Saturday 9AM at Rosehill Gardens in Sydney.

The HHI EXPO is an educational event that aims to update participants/ visitors with today’s booming medical cannabis industry, get to know this gift of nature and learn about this miracle plant, Hemp.

The Expo will guide you through the Hemp’s history and showcase the diverse use of the plant through a wide variety of products as well as symposium.

“Hemp Hemp Hooray!”

Hemp in General

Hemp is a versatile gift of nature due to its huge number of uses ranging from food, textile, medicine and much more, making it a highly valuable plant dating back in ancient history.

Popularly known as Industrial Hemp, it has an estimated 50,000 commercial uses including everyday products that we use. To name a few:

  • Hemp hurds are mixed with lime and water to make hempcrete that makes a sturdy foundation along with other building material.
  • Hemp fiber from the bark is processed and made into classic and stylish clothing.
  • Hemp fiber is also infused to make biodegradable plastic.
  • If you are a huge fan of protecting our forest, the hemp fiber can be used to make paper instead of cutting down trees.
  • Oil from pressed hemp seeds can also be made into biodiesel fuel.
  • Hemp was also used in history for its medicinal value. Medical patients can highly benefit from the Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) oil.
  • Fruits from Hemp plant or better known as hemp seeds can also be consumed and a known superfood due to its high protein content and the perfect balance of Omega 3 and 6 which are essential nutrients for the body.

While hemp seeds and its products (Hemp Seed, Hemp Oil, or Hemp Protein) are already legal for consumption in some parts of Europe, Canada and US, it is just recently that it’s been approved for human consumption here in Australia and New Zealand, which makes the HHI Expo such a timely event for everyone to attend and learn about this amazing plant.

The new regulation will kick off the end of this year, which means we are not far from buying and consuming Hemp food products legally. Expect these products to be on the supermarkets’ shelves for purchase by November this year.

If you are skeptical about the goodness of Hemp being part of the Cannabis Sativa family and you may worry that it may actually get you high. The answer is no. Hemp Seeds contain no less than 0.3% of THC – the psychoactive component of cannabis plants. That means you don’t have to be afraid of getting high from consuming this amazing superfood. All you have to do is just enjoy its nutty taste and aroma while you get the health benefits it provides.

Want to learn more about the health benefits of hemp seeds? Check out this comprehensive post called Everything about hemp.

Hemp Health and Innovation Expo 2017

This is going to be the second year for this event here in Australia. The first leg is scheduled in Sydney this weekend – 27th & 28th May. The second leg will be held in Melbourne on the first weekend of December 2017.

The Expo aims to showcase the huge variety of products that can be made out of Hemp Plant.

There will be close to 100 stalls, featuring Hemp Foods, Biofuel producers, Health Associations as well as vaporizer manufacturers.

Talking about vaporizer manufacturers, Crave Vaporizers will have a stall at the Expo as well showcasing their cool looking vapes. On the side note, new Crave products are now on their way to our warehouse, so stay tuned and keep an eye on our website.

For the full list of exhibitors of the HHI Expo and floor plan, click here.

The Symposium

With medical marijuana now legal in Australia but only for the chronic and seriously ill patients, the HHI Expo and Symposium will feature several speakers who are considered to be heroes behind the Australia medical cannabis movement  such as Jenny Hallam, a compassionate cannabis oil supplier in South Australia, Fiona Patten, Victorian MP,  leader of the SEX Party in Australia and Ben & Michael Oakley, Ben suffers from Stiff Person Syndrome and the only medication is Cannabis Oil that helps him to ease the symptoms.

If you know of someone or maybe a part of your family who can benefit from hemp and medical cannabis then this event is a must attend to.

This two-day weekend event is packed with exhibitors and highly passionate speakers to enlighten everyone’s notion on the miracle plant.

Only a few more days before the first leg of this year’s HHI Expo, make sure to secure your tickets and be in Sydney when it happens this weekend. You can check out the 2016 Expo Gallery to get a glimpse of what happened last year if you haven’t been there.

If you cannot make it this weekend, you can schedule the second HHI Expo this year which will be held in Melbourne on 2nd & 3rd December 2017. Reserve your seat now.

Planting Seeds & Growing Minds!

VapeFuse at the 2018 Sydney Hemp Health & Innovation Expo

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