The Vaping Culture in Australia vs in the US – Are We Behind?

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The Vaping Culture in Australia vs in the US – Are We Behind?

Dry herb vaping is slowly making its way into the worldwide market, including countries like the US and Australia. Although there are still many controversies surrounding dry herb vaporizers, its benefits cannot be denied. Various countries have their own vaping culture as people try to accept the use of dry herb vaporizers in public.

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It’s interesting how vaping in the US and in Australia differ from each other. Is Australia behind? Let’s have a look!

History of Vaping in the US and in Australia

Electronic cigarettes or ‘E-cigs’ were first produced in China by Hon Lik, a pharmacist who invented the device. It was introduced into the American Market in 2007 and many controversies came out about its use and possible side-effects.
In light of the speculations, the World Health Organization conducted a number of studies about e-cigs and vaping. A specific study was done by Health New Zealand and funded by Lik’s company Ruyan in 2008. This study reported that there are no questionable toxic and chemical levels found in the tested e-cigarettes.

Meanwhile, a company called “Cheating the Hangman” introduced dry herb vaping in Australia in 2006. This caught the attention of many anti-marijuana supporters. However, it’s been ruled out that only the use of cannabis with vaporizers is prohibited in the country. In 2009, the Australian Government started banning e-cigarettes with nicotine content and this is true until today.

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In 2010, the American Food and Drug Administration banned e-cigs from being imported in the USA. This started a fight resulting in lawsuits between retailers and the FDA. It also led to the formation of the Electronic Cigarette Association, which protects and upholds the rights of e-cig sellers and users.

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Modern Day Vaping in the US and in Australia

Today, the use of medical and adult-use cannabis continues to be legalized in a number of US states. This revolutionized the vaping culture in the country and gave way to the popularity of dry herb vaporizers.

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In Australia, e-cigarettes containing nicotine are banned unless you buy it from an international source for personal use. This is in accordance with the Regulations from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Act 1990. Although many critics also wanted to ban dry herb vaporizers in Australia, it’s only illegal when used with cannabis. If you’d like to read about the differences between e-cigarettes and vaporizers, click here.

Differences in the Vaping Culture

Due to vaping in the US being legal in most states, more and more people start using vaporizers.

Doctors often recommend using Medicinal Cannabis with a vaporizer, so that is another driver behind their popularity in the US.

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The legalization of cannabis and opening of head shops and dispensaries also made the whole idea of vaporizing more available to consumers. This kind of change in the American society is shaping the vaping culture today. A new data revealed that more than 9 million people vape regularly in the US.

These numbers increase daily as people transition from smoking to vaping. The increase in numbers is said to be because people believe that vaping is better for their health.

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On the other hand, statistics say that 91% of the Australian population support the legalization of medical marijuana.
Although the numbers are massive, the Australian Government prohibits the use of cannabis in the country and the medical cannabis program is very restrictive and non-functional so far. However, selling dry herb vaporizers and vaping legal herbs in Australia is deemed legal.

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Despite these restrictions, Australians still have a laid-back attitude when it comes to talking about their vaping habits. That being said, a poll shows that not a lot of people support using vaporizers and e-cigs in public places. This is opposite to its American counterpart, where vaping is openly done in states where cannabis legalization occurred.


Overall, it’s pretty safe to say that the US has a superior vaping culture compared to many other countries in the world today. This is due to the legalization of cannabis in US states and allowing the operation of head shops and dispensaries. Vaping in the US is also allowed in public places, increasing the number of people who vape regularly.

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Meanwhile, dry herb vaporizers are legally sold in Australia which also helps shape their vaping culture. However, a big part of the population does not appreciate those who openly use their vaporizers in public. The use of medical marijuana is also prohibited in the country.

So, is Australia behind? I think it’s a matter of opinion as Australians seem pretty laid-back about vaping and the use of cannabis altogether. Just like its US counterpart, the legalization of cannabis can greatly revolutionize the country’s vaping culture.

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