How Working for a Vape Company Helped Me Get Rid Off Tar From My Life

By Nexi Miller
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How Working for a Vape Company Helped Me Get Rid Off Tar From My Life

Interview with Ardian, a young Indonesian Programmer at VapeFuse

Looking for a job is such an exciting moment, especially if it’s your first time but, at the same time, it can be a quite gruelling process. When we are at this stage of our lives, we always have our own set of expectations. A job that pays well, provides flexible hours, interesting, a wonderful team to work with, and most of all do something that we really like or should I say, love! 🙂

Now, have you ever thought that a new job could also lead you to a major health improvement in your life, beyond increasing your savings and gaining more experience in your field for a proper reference in your CV? Well, I have a story to share with you that proves just that. One of the newest members of our team has just got rid of one of his worst habits and now he is enjoying a better and healthier life while having a life-work balance.

I’d say, this is truly a life changing event in our team that I’m so excited about, and I just can’t wait to share it with you.

So, I had a chat with Ardian, one of our amazing programmers, who has managed to quit smoking just in a couple of months of joining VapeFuse. In my view, it is just absolutely awesome!

Let’s learn about Ardian’s story:

Nexi: Hey Ardian, how’s your day going? Busy day?

Ardian: Hey, yep busy as always, but nothing to complain about 🙂

Nexi: Awesome, let’s get into it then. So… smoking, vaping, VapeFuse, let’s get back to the beginning. Before you applied for the programmer job at VapeFuse, did you know what vaporizer or vaping was?

Ardian: Yes for sure, I’ve known about vaporizers for a long time. Actually, when I first heard about vaporizing was about 2 or 3 years ago. I was thinking about trying out vaping before because I have some vaper friends, but I just never got as far of actually getting a vape and switch over from smoking.

Nexi: I guess you got excited about getting the chance to work for VapeFuse.

Ardian: Yeah, I thought it would be interesting. When I worked on building the VapeFuse blog, I also read some of the blog posts. And after several months of working for VapeFuse and learning about vaping, it actually made me think, this became something that I really wanted to try.

Nexi: Wow cool, so it’s really worth putting these posts up then! Do you have a favourite post that really convinced you to start vaping?

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Ardian: Yes, some articles on VapeFuse made me 100% sure about stopping my habit of smoking and switching to vaping.
This is my favourite post:

Nexi:  Oh yes, you learnt about all the nasty by-products of smoking.
Were you a heavy smoker? How many cigarettes did you smoke a day?

Ardian:  At least 2-3 packs, about +/- 40 cigarettes a day.

Nexi: Gosh that’s a lot! I guess vaping has also helped you to save some money…

Ardian: Yes, for sure. 2 packs each day of the week adds up to a bigger sum compared to just buying a bottle of e-juice for a week. So yeah, I spent more on tobacco before.

Nexi: So you have an e-cigarette, right? Do you own a herb vape as well?

Ardian: Nah, no herb vape. I’ve just got some individual parts, a mod and several atomizers. My mod is Therion DNA75 and its atomizer is Serpent Mini.

Nexi: Is it a trendy thing, having a vaporizer, or mod in Indonesia?

Ardian: Yes it is, and you can get them easily, especially in Jakarta as long as you are of legal age. Regulations, you know…

Nexi: Got it!
So, how old were you when you started smoking?

Ardian: I started smoking in my first year of college, I was about 19 years old at that time.

Nexi: That’s not too bad, I mean unfortunately it is still common these days to start smoking at a very young age, about 13 or so…which is no good.
Do you still go back and puff a cigarette sometimes?

Ardian: I tried smoking a couple weeks ago, but it felt weird so I stopped completely.

Nexi: Good job!
Have you got any vaping buddies? Or are you more so a lonely vaper?

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Ardian: Yes, a lot of my friends are vapers. My friends think it’s cool to work for a vaping company. They are so curious about what kind of vapes we sell here at VapeFuse, and how they are different to the vapes that we have here, in Indonesia.

Nexi: And you, Guys, do you vape in public or at home only? It’s always interesting many people don’t feel comfortable vaping in front of others…

Ardian: I do it anywhere. I always carry a small bag around for my vape so I can use it literally everywhere. I guess people in Indonesia just got used to it, not like in Australia. That’s why you Aussies love to visit us, don’t you? Haha

Nexi: Right on! We do love Indonesia, lucky country #2, because we are the #1 🙂
I’ve got a couple more health questions for you…
Do you feel better since you switched to vaping? Do your lungs and your throat feel better?

Ardian: Yes I do, feel like I can breath deeper and the cool thing is that I can practice my hiking hobby without any trouble of breathing and better stamina of course.

Gold Coast, Australia


Nexi: Pretty cool. I didn’t know you are into hiking, that’s nice!
Well, we’ve got a lot of people in our VapeFuse Community who just generally started to feel better after they switched to vaping. Some gained more friends (vaping buddies) and do cool stuff together, and some just feel more special. How about you, do you feel the same way?

Ardian: I don’t know about that haha… But one thing is for sure, with vaping our community got one more thing to talk about and discuss. Also, we don’t bother our other friends anymore, because a lot of them hate and can’t tolerate smoke, but now, they love the smell of the vapour haha…

Nexi: Yeah, nasty, stinky smoke.
Have you got any funny, interesting questions from people who didn’t know what you were doing when you were vaping?

Ardian: Yes, I got one from my father, he asked what it was and what I was doing with it? He was worried that these devices would explode and told me to stop using it. Because there were a couple of stories in the news about vape explosions.

Nexi: Oh yeah, there is a video on YouTube, I just hope that’s a fake video. Just make sure you get a good quality genuine vaporizer and there shouldn’t be any issues.
You mentioned your father, have you tried to convince anyone else in your family, community to stop smoking and switch to vaping instead?

Ardian: Yes, I’ve been trying to convince some of my heavy smoker friends. They seem to be interested, some of them have tried vaping, but most of them are still into smoking…

Nexi: I guess, it’s just not easy to break a habit and get out of your comfort zone. I never smoked really, but I have this issue with coffee, it’s an addiction indeed.
Is there anything that you don’t like about vaping?

Ardian: Maybe the maintenance part, it’s kinda hard to do, like cleaning or changing parts.

Nexi: That’s why we are creating so many cleaning posts and videos. Cleaning is the most annoying bit of vaping 🙂
So tell us more about your first vaping experience.

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Ardian: Well, interestingly enough the first time I tried vaping, I started and kept on coughing even though I was a heavy smoker. After that, I got used to it pretty quickly, though.

Nexi: Interesting, I’m sure you are just fine now!!
And here is my final question for you… Has it ever crossed your mind since you vape to go back to smoking? Like totally stop vaping and go back to your old habit?

Ardian: I’d say I could go back to smoking for sure, who knows, but if I stop vaping now, maybe I would never start smoking again. Because I’d feel that my effort to stop smoking and live a healthier life would just go to waste…

Nexi: Right on, health comes first!

It was awesome to chat with you, Ardian, thank you very much for your time and for your honesty. The whole team, here at VapeFuse is so proud of you to be able to kick the habit of smoking. Well done!  Congratulations and good luck on your journey. I let you get back to work now, sure some cool coding tasks are waiting for you today 🙂

#1 Takeaway: Finding a job and getting out of our comfort zone may bring more than just money, a different environment and potentially more freedom and flexibility. But a new job and new opportunity might as well just change your life.

#2 Takeaway: It is never too late to change, especially if it’s about improving on your health conditions. Time to say NO to smoking and choose a better alternative.

Are you on a journey of switching from smoking to vaping? Why not share your story with us?

We have reserved a space for you in the comments section below as we are always happy to learn more about you and your story, here in our VapeFuse Community. Vape On!

Nexi Miller

Nexi Miller

I am passionate about vaporizers, vaping lifestyle and travelling. Always up for a good laugh and aiming to look at things from their fun and bright side. Let's Share The Vaping Love Together :)

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