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Calling ALL Vape Newbies and Experts…

Please help us improve as we grow! Share your experience with our community of vaping enthusiasts.

Simply answer a couple of questions that we have put together and it definitely won’t take you more than 3 minutes. Guaranteed 100% anonymous and confidential.

We value everyone’s opinion and answers to provide us first-hand information on what really matters for both new and seasoned vapers.

Thank you for participating in our short survey.

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VapeFuse Community Survey
This survey is anonymous and 100% confidential.
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1. Gender
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2. Age
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3. Where did you find us?
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4. Your main reasons for purchasing or thinking to purchase a vaporizer? Please specify below.
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5. How often do you use/intend to use your vaporizer?
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6. What is important to you when purchasing a vaporizer? (check all that apply)
7. What other items would you consider purchasing? Please specify below.
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8. Please list the top 3 things that nearly stopped or stopping you from getting a vaporizer.
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9. Please list the top 3 things that persuaded or are persuading you to get a vaporizer.
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10. Vaporizer owners! How did you decide which product was the best for your specific needs? Please specify below.
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11. How does your vaporizer make your life better? Please specify below.
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12. How likely are you to extend your vape collection?
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13. Do you have any specific questions or concerns about vaporizers or vaporizing? Please specify below.
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14. What would be your preferred method of connecting with a vaporizer retailer?
15. Are you part of any Vaporizer Group on any Social Media channel or Forum?
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16. Would you be interested in joining and being part of a Private VapeFuse Group on Facebook, where you can ask any questions, share your own vaping experience and connect with other vapers?
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