8 Beginner Cannabis Strains for Vaping or Smoking

By Melrose Aguilar
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8 Beginner Cannabis Strains for Vaping or Smoking

Did you recently try cannabis and loved it? Are you charmed by the euphoric realms that cannabis gives to?
It’s not uncommon.

Smoking or vaping cannabis in a safe and responsible manner can be rather beneficial for you. For someone who is just starting, selecting the right strain can be a daunting experience.

You might be clueless, but you don’t have to worry. I’ve tailored this list just for beginners; it’s a selection of beginner cannabis strains that are safe for newbies, and they can enjoy the best of them.

While I understand your desire to take up smoking cannabis, it is important to be safe.

Remember, it is fun to take risks, but you ought to take them after calculating the consequences. When used in large doses, almost all the strains have side effects.

These side effects include paranoia, nausea, blanking out, and dry eyes etc.

1. Blue Dream

Beginner Cannabis Strains

Blue Dream is a hybrid strain with a relatively high quantity of THC in it. The amount of CBD is relatively low in it, about 2%. People don’t use it merely to get high – in fact; it is excellent for treating chronic pain. It was made by crossing Blueberry and Haze.

Another name for this popular strain is Azure Dream. This strain was first bred in Santa Cruz. DJ Short perfected it later. If you have anxiety disorders, I recommend that you don’t use this strain. That’s because it can exaggerate your condition, especially if you’re new to smoking pot. Blue Dream has become a very popular strain around the world. You are as likely to find it in a Cannabis Club in Barcelona as in a dispensary in Canada.

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2. Kalashnikova

Kalashnikova is a combination of AK-47 and White Widow. It’s an Indica-based strain that can get you super high, but at the same time, it won’t push you to sleep. The aroma of this strain is tangy, a bit like lemon with a tinge of sweet honey.

It’s a safe strain for beginners because it doesn’t have side effects like paranoia, headache or dry eyes.

However, it does cause dry mouth to a significant degree. It will require you to drink a lot of water. There are three delicious flavors of this strain: spicy/herb, sweet, and pine. Users claim that the effect of this strain is almost psychedelic.

3. Sticky Beast

This strain is an Indica-dominant, auto-flowering plant. The roots of Sticky Beast can be traced back to OG Kush and Bubblegum. The highest test results show THC levels of about 16%. The buds of this strain are medium-sized. If you’re heading to a party, this is the strain you need to smoke.

People claim that this strain makes them sociable and talkative. It sparks creativity, so you can also smoke it while brainstorming your entrepreneurial ideas. It is easy to grow as well because it is auto-flowering with a cycle that lasts about 7-8 weeks.

Not sure where to find it?  You can head to www.lotuslandclub.com.

4. White Strawberry Strain

This strain is a perfect hybrid with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. Genetically, it is related to Swiss Erdbeer. It is also used for medicinal purposes because it is considered excellent for stress relief. I like to think of this strain as an all-rounder. It has an incredible aroma, and its taste is pleasant for the palate.

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Upon smoking it, you can taste strawberries and cream melting in your mouth with a bit of earthiness. The high of this strain starts from the body, but eventually, it gets to your head. And boy, does it last long. Usually, it takes 9 weeks for this strain to flower.

5. Cannatonic

This strain is a popular one that you might have come across already. It is a cross between a male G13 Haze and an MK Ultra female. The reason I chose this strain is that its high is relatively short-lived. Therefore, it is perfect for beginners who can’t seem to get it all together yet when they smoke pot.

The flavor of this strain is mildly citrus and somewhat sweet, and the odor is earthly. It is also safe because the psychoactive effects of this strain are minimal. Potheads do not even consider it a recreational weed because of the short duration of its high; you’ll be able to find it easily because it is used widely for medicinal purposes.

6. Compassion

This strain is a product of the Dutch Passion Seed Company. It is a feminized strain usually grown indoors and used for medicinal purposes. The plant takes about 10 weeks to flower. It is a Sativa dominant strain. Therefore, the best time to smoke it would be during the day.

The highest result for THC in this strain is about 8%: in fact, it has a THC to CBD ratio of 1:1 which is unique to medicinal strains. The high content of CBD along with a low amount of THC ensures that beginners do not suffer from side effects like paranoia. Users also report an anti-anxiety high after smoking this strain.

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7. Royal Highness

Bred by the Royal Queen Seeds, it’s the 3rd place winner for the Best CBD Flower award at the Colorado Cannabis Cup 2016. Like Compassion, it has a perfectly balanced ratio of THC to CBD. The buzz of this strain is active and obvious, but it won’t mess with your head. Patients of chronic pain, anxiety, and depression use it to alleviate their symptoms.

The lineage of Royal Highness is traced back to Dancehall. You can enjoy the sweet, pear and berry-like flavor of this strain on your palate as soon as you take the first drag. The best part about smoking this strain is that it doesn’t cause a couch lock. You’ll find yourself motivated to finish those incomplete tasks right away, instead of dozing off.

8. Bubblelicious

Nirvana Seeds created this impeccable strain from Indian Bubble Gum, and since the 1990s it is being refined and perfected in the Netherlands. The taste and aroma of this strain are precisely like a piece of bubble gum. Occasionally, you might see the flowers take up a pink hue which only suits the name further. It takes about 7-9 weeks to flower.

The flavors of this strain are sweet, earthy and berry-like. This strain is primarily used for medicinal purposes; however, it is equally popular among the newbies because it doesn’t cause paranoia or anxiety. For regular pot smokers, it is the kind of strain that can be smoked all day.

Did you enjoy reading this article with our list of beginner cannabis strains? Let us know in the comments below!
Melrose Aguilar

Melrose Aguilar

Mel is a passionate vape enthusiast with interest in dry herb vaporizing as well as e-liquid vaping. Mel has been part of the VapeFuse Publishing Team since 2016 as an editor. More recently she has been writing on various vaping related topics and reviews as well.

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