Vaping in the Car: How to Deal with a Plaque on Glass?

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Let’s remember the benefits of vaping. First, it is 20 times more harmless than smoking, according to a popular British study.

Secondly, quite often e-cigarettes can be used in places where, for whatever reason, one cannot or does not want to smoke. For example, some people refuse to smoke at home or in the car so that the smell of tobacco smoke does not penetrate the furniture or upholstery material of the car.

Vapor tends to smell pleasant, so there is nothing stopping you from using an e-cigarette in the car interior.

However, if you vaporize intensively, some surfaces can get a buildup of vapor. The effect is not long, easily eliminated by a directional jet of air conditioner, but it is better vaping in the car with a slightly open window, especially if you rent a car at

But why does this happen and how to deal with it, we will tell you in this article.

Why Does This Happen?

As a rule, lovers of large clouds of vapor face the problem of plaque. To get them, such vapers choose a liquid for electronic cigarettes, where the glycerin content exceeds 60% of all components.

In addition, not unimportant is the place where a person is vaping. If it is a small room or inside of a car, the likelihood of plaque formation increases.

It especially becomes noticeable contamination on the windows, not because of the film itself, but due to the fact that it attracts moisture and all the dust in the cabin.

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What to Do When Vaping in the Car?

Glycerin, like propylene glycol, is perfectly soluble in ordinary water. Therefore, to remove it, it is enough to simply wipe the contamination with a rag moistened in warm water.

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As for the film on the car window, this film consists not only of glycerin but also of everything that is drawn into the cabin through the air filter. So here you can’t do with just water, you will also need a detergent in the form of a spray or special wipes.

Some vapers noted that they can solve the problem of plaque on the windows by using vinegar. Be careful, if you decide to resort to this method, cleaning should be carried out with gloves, otherwise, it can have a bad effect on the skin of your hands.

Glycerin buildup not only attracts dust but also takes moisture from the air. Therefore, in cold regions, some vapers add alcohol to the detergent to prevent icing on the inside of the window.

In addition, after cleaning the glass, you should dry it thoroughly with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.

It is also important to reduce the level of humidity in the cabin. Long socks and dry pet litter are useful for this. Just fill the sock with the filler, tie it up and leave it inside the car.

No matter where you put it, it will absorb moisture even when hidden under the seat. From time to time, filler socks should be changed for dry ones.

Some car enthusiasts wind up with a liquid for the car where glycerin and propylene glycol are equal or PG predominates. Others advise using a liquid with distilled water in its composition. Also, most vapers use e-cigarettes only in a ventilated cabin.

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Do Not Leave Your Device or Liquid in the Car

At low and high temperatures, the composition of the fluids begins to change, which can cause the device to leak and the fluid itself to deteriorate. Especially liquids with high VG (glycerin) content are subject to expansion.

It would seem to be a good idea to use fluids with a lot of PG (propylene glycol) as it does not expand as much as glycerin. But it’s better to just not leave them in the car.

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Be Creative in Choosing Where to Put Your Device

While you’re driving, a lot of unforeseen situations may happen, to say the least. Most car manufacturers have not provided places to put your device in an upright position.

And as we know, this can be a serious problem, because liquid tends to leak out of the duct holes when our device is in the horizontal position.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that vaping is a relatively new niche, we can only hope that someday, ashtrays will be replaced by holders for vapor generators and liquids.

But What’s Inside Us?

The skeptics who surround vapers here and there might ask the legitimate question, “If your vape juice is settling on your windows like that, what’s going on inside you?”

We have an answer for them. Everything is fine inside, as everything in the body is wetted by some liquid, consisting mostly of water, which dissolves glycerin.


Don’t be alarmed if after vaping in the car you suddenly find a sludge on some surface, it is easy to remove. You just need to do it regularly: the more often the better.

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If you’re bothered by the buildup in your car, you should change your cabin filters regularly and switch to a liquid with a lower glycerin content.

If you have any questions or comments you like to share about your experience vaping in the car, please share them below!
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